• Bronco

    Actually, Ben Warda didn’t score any goals last year. He transfered from MSU to WMU and had to sit out a year. Check your stuff Paula.

  • Nanookfan99712

    Alaska totally smoked Michigan on Friday night with tenacious forechecking and a tenacious defense. The Alaska goaltender was very good as well.

    Saturday night was a different story, as Michigan did the same thing to the Nanooks. Michigan’s forwards controlled their offensive zone and choked off the Nanook’s offensive attack in the neutral zone.

    The final score was 5-2… of Michigan’s goals went of a skate, one went off one of the chest of one of Michigan’s forwards, and one was an empty net goal at the end. Michigan was the better team on saturday, but Alaska deserved a better fate. They played with heart and determination, but the hockey gods dealt Alaska a bad hand with respect to the final score

  • Bill B

    Lazy blogging. Minnesota State starts the second half by winning a tournament that both WCHA bloggers said they had no business winning and all they get is 3 sentences. That’s too bad. But at least the Gopher’s tournament got plenty of ink.

  • Bob

    NoDak fans are fat, drunk, and stupid – good job!

  • LtPowers

    God damn do I have my fingers crossed.  If 3, 19, and 20 all come true, that would be beyond epic.  I might have to go out drinking or something.

    You don’t have a jinx curse associated with you, do you?