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  • Sure seems like the Black Bears were reading their own press clippings before lacing up against the Eagles – or maybe already thinking about those big Thanksgiving plates of grub back in Orono. Kudos to you – BC. You not only beat us – you pounded us. I hope that Tim and our boys will realize that with those two lack luster performances, we’ve already been served some early holiday turkey. Good thing we have a couple of weeks off to get ready for Providence.


      Lackluster performances? I watched fridays game on the internet and I will agree with you there, but you are wrong about the second game because I was actually at Sundays game and Maine outplayed and made BC look completely inferior to them. Just about doubling there shots on net, Maine was more physical and just looked dominating, controlling the play. John Muse stole the Eagles a win on Sunday but Maine came to play and there was nothing lackluster about it.

  • FireWhitehead

    This beatdown had nothing to do with press clippings. Tim Whitehead cannot and will never win in HEA. He is simply not in the class of a York or Parker, and certainly not of a Walsh, who routinely whipped Whitehead’s butt when he coached Lowell. He did a good job after Coach Walsh passed, but it’s time to bring in a real coach. Just look at what Dean Blais and Jeff jackson have done with programs that have never been elite. Nuff said….

    • Anonymous

      @FireWhitehead – so who do you suggest they go out and get?