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  • WildcatFan

    Is New Hampshire invisable? They beat the defending champs in their building, went 2-0 on the weekend and have played the toughest schedule to date. I don’t want them crowned champions but a little press would nice.

  • Same old story – UNH has played the #4, #7, #8 and #21 ranked teams in this weeks poll, going 3-1-1 against those schools. However, because there is no “Boston” associated with their school name – they will not get the respect they deserve. We need to face it – if you play in HE and are north, south or west of metropolitan Boston – you are just a sub-story. BU – the #1 team in the country – get real! The reporters love playing the “health issue with Parker” card, but shouldn’t they judge rankings solely on game performance, and not “great story value”? The fact is – UNH and Maine have both played tougher schedules than BU, Oh – but wait – BU has more “potential” so maybe that is why they are ranked #1.

    • Bobbym112

      do u really care who is number one in november? what’s the difference unh can’t win games in march and april anyways

    • black bears 8

      It might have something to do with BU being undefeated?

  • Tom

    Why bother covering UNH? Their story in March always has the same ending….

    • Friarsfinally

      Tom has it right on the money. for years I’ve been trying to tell Hendrickson that.

  • And UNH was winning on the Road !!! Yale 4 home games no ranked opponents, BC losing to Merrimack UNH and Notre Dame I think..come on voters wake up and
    look at the schedules – its like Auburn playing Chattanooga last weekend, how can playing such an inferior opponent – one who should be an exhibition game at best – help them in their rankings?? Same crap goes on here way too often

  • LtPowers

    No AHA team has more than one non-conference win; eight have exactly one. Why does Robert Morris alone out of those eight teams merit poll selection despite building its record primarily on AHA competition so far?

    • CG

      There are only 54 teams to choose from. Besides, regular season top 20 polls mean NOTHING in .NCAA hoops & hockey

  • Topshelf

    Not sure how you place NoDak ahead of Maine…unless you were out of the country when the Sioux played at Alfond.