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  • Bob Bitchen

    My pics for 10/29: Dartmouth 4-2 Princeton’s Tony the Tiger starts partying at 2pm with Bill The Cat, and passes out 1/2 hr before opening face off. New Hampshire 4-3, Cornmeal runs out of “Big Red”, and has to chew sugar free Trident. Yale 4-1 Bruno’s picnic basket had only 1 wish sandwich. St. Cloud 5-4 in game #1, Pics for 10/30 Union 4-2 as RPI forgets to pack their protracters. Dartmouth 3-1 Bears picnic basket stolen by Yogi, and Boohoo. COLGATE still playing home games in a barn 7-1 come on alums build a new rink. Cornsmell 3-0 in a real stinker over RIT. Yale 7-6 wins Ivy Shootout. Clarkson 5-2 over St. Larry. Quinnipac gets split with 4-3 OT win.

  • Critsports

    MD You have an awesome sense of humor!!! Brian… careful you could be grooming your replacement in MD. I haven’t laughed that much since I saw your preseason picks!!!!