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  • Where Eagles Dare


  • #1 Nat’l Ranked

    One east team gone, a few more later tonight and tomorrow!! Good job, Bulldogs!!

  • hubhockey

    Working downtown boston is the b.c. game on internet

    • Km2shop

      audio on BC’s website; video on if you have comcast for internet

    • After Further Review

      Hope, for your sake, you couldn’t get it… CC is absolutely flying right now…

    • College Hockey Freak

      You don’t want to watch… Ouch…

  • Theohawk4

    Courtesy of the stupid selection rules… UNH does not deserve to play at home for their middle of the road season….Absolute joke BC being in St Louis and Miami in Manchester just so UNH can host.

    They don’t belong there and the NCAA need to get their act together…Their whole selection process is a joke and needs to be fixed…

    • Gryba

      someone’s bitter

    • Skate48

      theo, it does not matter.. The sioux and denver should not be in the same bracket either.. so… your BC team got beat by a much better(5th seed in wcha) CC team.. They are a good hockey team.. Way underrated… BC way overrated this year!!! See ya next year.. Go SIOUX

      • Ridingtimes

        From a CC fan..GO WCHA….

      • After Further Review

        And the BC excuses start…
        I am not going to bash them, they have had a great run. And, BC was not overrated, they were a very good team, just beaten by a better team on one particular night. 22-2-1 since Thanksgiving weekend is pretty good. Howe played great, CC out hustled them and hitting the post 3 times didn’t help either. Great season.

    • hockey_lEast

      Want some cheese with your whine?? Now you know how CCHA and WCHA teams feel EVERY year getting sent east. CC would have beat BC if they played in a parking lot in Boston.

  • Truehawkfans

    not much too say anything about the refs and their decisions. but to take 15 minutes to decide wether michigan should have a goal or not is crap. if it is inconclusive, let them play on. dont let michigan that has a name for themselves, have the decisive factor in deciding a game.

  • Theohawk4

    refs in Michigan were awful. whether that was a goal or not it was not conclusive it was in and the call on the ice was no goal…Just pathetic officiating and that game was given to Michigan and stolen from NO…

    BC CC refs no better more awful calls. CC player rides BC player into goalie and they call goalie interference. just awful, awful officiating. I go to college games every week and the officiating is absolutely horrible most weeks.

    They call things they think they see but are just not there, some of them can’t even skate well enough and are in the way all the time… the leagues and ncaa really need to do something about the level and quality of officiating.

    It is just sad that theses kids lay it all on the for months and have their efforts wasted by sub par officials….

    • Dogsfan

      Refs can be bad sometimes, but I don’t think you can blame the refs on giving up 8 goals…just got beat by a hot team.

    • UMD-Union refs were horrible. MIchigan goal was probably good, but overturn was disgusting slap in the face of the rulebook. Goaltender interference call was bad but that game wasn’t poorly officiated and in all honesty did not make a bit of difference. BC choked.

    • nutmeg

      Totally agree refs in Sy. Louis blew it. Calling no goal originally, nothing “overwhelming” to overturn original decision. How you can blame refs in BC/CC game is way out of line though. Total blowout, Howe played great when he had to, a ton of odd-man rushes, shorthanded goals, power play goals, CC getting to almost all 50-50 pucks. Final score could have been much much worse. Hard to blame Muse, also. He had no devensive support.

  • A Duluth Sioux Fan

    York should have pulled Muse right away. He waited to long. Looks like we’ll have a new champion this year. Congrats to BC on a great 4-year run.

    • new champ

      yep as good as he was in last year’s run, he struggled in this one BIG time

  • CC fan tonight

    To all the BC fans who think they are so good and that Sioux fans complain about everything, I can’t wait to hear you cry a river on the pathetic excuses of a team that showed (scratch that, didn’t show up) to play. I can already hear them coming, we had to travel while UNH got to stay at home, CC was throwing cheap shots, the refs are horrible….And this is all to a team that finished 6th in their conference.

    • A Duluth Sioux Fan

      I guess the CC fan base has one idiot for sure. If CC had more fans you would have your share of complainers too. Huge fan bases like those for BC and the Sioux always have those who say stupid things. But plenty more who do not. Do not get too excited about about one big win. Michigan awaits. If CC made the NCAA tournament more often they would know not to talk too much sh** after one win. Settle down.

      • Ridingtimes

        Yea but scUM wont have the Officals to give them the game like they did in the GLI Tourney. Wait to they see Jaden this time..and this is not the same Howe you saw then. This team is so young..only losing 3 starting guys next year..Mostly Fresh and Sophs….

      • CCTigers

        Its not like CC is a new comer to the NCAA’s. Take a look before you talk!

        • Sheps20

          Funny CC played North Dakota 3 times this year split the regular season series and anyone that watched their game in the WCHA tournament knows the game could have went either way–so either CC is pretty good or North Dakota is over-rated as well–go figure.

          • CCTigers

            Sheps clearly knows whats going on!!!!!!

  • ALEX

    The 2011 BC Eagle roster reps a traditional array of prep school douches and Bostonian meathead-townies….even Jerry York knew their collective ego was hazardous.

  • hockey_lEast

    Great job, BC Pigeons. Maybe this will drop your arrogance meter a notch or two. Got buried by the lowest seed of the 5 WCHA teams. Guess it is better this way though, would have been double digit lose against Michigan or other 4 WCHA teams.

  • Ridingtimes

    I said it before I have respect for BC…The officals had nothing to do with the game..End of that story. Next i said watch out for this CC team they are a really young team and they have gotten hot late. Now SCREW BLUE..Atleast they wont have the same officcal that called the game the GLI tourney to Michigan. Becareful scUM you barely beat us with out JS….and Howe not playing that good at all….GO TIGERS beat scUM..It is 10:50 and Michigan still sucks

  • KN

    Congratulations Michigan!!! And Kudos to Colorado College for their awesome victory against Boston College yesterday. Congrats to all teams for making it to the tourney. Well done, all around. Good luck in St. Paul, Michigan! :o)