At 9:10, Andrew Orpik again had a bid from in close but couldn’t beat Curry. After the puck was frozen, BU’s Brian McGuirk pushed Orpik into Curry forcing a major scrum in front of – and inside – the BU net. McGuirk and Orpik both went off, making it 4-on-4.

On the ensuing faceoff, Gerbe hit the post to Curry’s right. Immediate after, though, Gerbe slashed a BU defenseman and was sent off at 9:52, giving BU a 4-on-3 power play.

  • Bulldog07

    “MM:…I expect it’ll be close, but I also expect Yale won’t be able to keep up with the sheer speed of a Western team. CC wins this one.”

    Uhhh…what!?! Have you seen Yale skate? Yale’s going to have a hell of a fight on their hands, and may well lose, but certainly not because they’re SLOWER. I think you’re confusing the run-and-gun Bulldogs with your (traditionally) slow-as-heck “Devils in the 90s” Big Red.

  • Andrew W

    I think Yale and Air Force will be closer the the 6-1 prediction Yes they lost their star goal tender but they don’t suck

    but i agree with 4G on the rest.

  • yalehockey

    MM, are you nuts… “Yale won’t be able to keep up with the sheer speed of CC”
    Did you mix up the two teams?

  • FireSullivan

    “Wanna know the best part? I wasn’t one of the media members… so none of your complaints about any of the selections can be directed at me! Sweet, sweet reprieve.”

    That’s because the ECAC knows you don’t know crap about the league or its history.

    Mathis is also a clown for the comments about Yale and CC. Until then I liked her.

    I support the 4 Guys to take over for Sullivan.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh there is a hockey god….Yale lost to AF an atlantic hockey team…so much for their greatness…..over rated and not deserving of their ranking is confirmed.

  • Cyanwinters

    Yikes. Going 0-4 in non-conference will certainly not help to legitimize the AHA going forward. Somehow Army provided the best challenge, taking Merrimack into OT. RIT would have been in better shape if they played starters, but a loss is a loss.

    As much as I hate to say it, it looks like RMU and Niagara are going to be our non-conference powerhouses.