After Joe Rooney hooked a BU played in the neutral zone, Boomer Ewing was whistled for boarding as the whistle blew making it a 4-on-3 BC power play for 1:03.

  • The Oil Drum

    this is garbage

    • guest

      Who asked you? GO MAVS

      • Ryan

        I like hearing stuff about teams that normally do not get much attention. It is good for the program and the players.

      • Hi to you all

        I enjoyed this great writing here , i will back here many times.
        good job !

    • Guest

      How about keeping your mouth shut The Oil Drum. No one cares what you have to say.

    • HeavyD

      Agreed. It’s Sioux Gophers week in the WCHA. First week of conf play since Christmas and this guy puts up a piece on a team that has won like 4 games in the WCHA? I literally thought this was a joke.

  • Phil1776