Boomer Ewing was all alone in the slot but put the shot into Schneider’s stomach. With 14:25 remaining, the game is tied at one.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know why they are ranked so high. They haven’t played anyone that is having a good year. Clearly over rated playing in a so so league but they must have ivy league connections to warrant their ranking. Makes me wonder if these rankings are a bunch of bull dog doggie doo doo.

  • Bulldog07

    Give me a break, cmass. Watch the team and then tell me that they’re doing it solely because of the opposition. You’re also talking about the squad that beat NoDak last year when no one was giving them a chance, and then scored more goals on BC then the other three teams it played in the NCAA tourney combined. If Yale had Keith Kinkaid or an Allen York (or hell, someone with a pulse) to play net, they would’ve made the Frozen Four.

    Speaking of which, that Air Force game was a tough loss, only because you get the doubters crawling out of the woodwork. What was the difference there? Jeff Malcolm looking like he didn’t know the first thing about positioning. Air Force’s second goal was a negative-angle centering pass that clanged off his skate and into the net. He also allowed two softies for the first and third goals. Had Allain not given Rondeau the breather (which he’s allowed to do for a nonconference game, even if it’s tough to swallow), Yale would be 6-0 in the books. (I’m not going to get into the Atlantic-biased officiating, because it shouldn’t have been a factor, but that was ridiculous, too).

  • apwoz


    Shane Madolora, RIT — The sophomore stayed unbeaten on the season (9–0–2) by making 74 saves on 87 shots as the Tigers took three points at Army.

    should read 84 saves on 87 shots