Dave and I had equally as impressive weeks last week, thus my lead stands at five games. (Did I hit “bold” there?)

Jim last week: 12-2-1
Jim to-date: 79-26-19
Dave last week: 12-2-1
Dave to-date: 74-31-19

Friday, December 4

Vermont at Boston University
Jim’s pick: I feel like Vermont is better than it is playing right now, but the reality is you can’t pick them right now, especially against BU.
BU 4, UVM 2
Dave’s pick: Since that season-opening upset of Minnesota, Vermont has managed only two wins and those have come against Connecticut and Northeastern, a collective 1-14-2 in Hockey East. As Jim says, you can’t pick the Catamounts.
BU 4, UVM 1

Providence at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: Though I love picking Merrimack at home, I don’t like the way the Warriors played against Union and Providence has the tools necessary to win this.
PC 3, MC 1
Dave’s pick: Merrimack has actually posted a better record on the road (3-0-1) than at home (3-2-3), but the Friars have excelled wherever they’ve played.
PC 4, MC 2

New Hampshire at Maine
Jim’s pick: I know Maine is playing well and UNH has been inconsistent. I see this weekend as a split so I’ll go with a home split.
Maine 3, UNH 2
Dave’s pick: Maine is 4-0-1 at home, but 0-5-1 on the road. With this contest at Alfond, I really should just go with the odds. But I can’t keep agreeing with Jim, and I’m going to believe in UNH one more week. Yes, I’ve said that before, but this time, I really, really mean it.
UNH 3, Maine 2 (OT)

Massachusetts at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: Good news folks. This game can only go one (five-minute) overtime. Hosts win.
ND 4, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: I’ve really struggled with my Notre Dame picks, but I can’t go against them with this contest in the Irish barn.
ND 4, UMass 3

Saturday, December 5

Northeastern at Boston College
Jim’s pick: Northeastern may have put up 7 against Colgate but BC is hardly Colgate.
BC 4, NU 2
Dave’s pick: I hope Northeastern turns things around, but 12-1-0 loses to 2-11-2? Nope.
BC 4, NU 1

Vermont at Boston University
Jim’s pick: The Terriers complete the sweep at home.
BU 4, UVM 3
Dave’s pick: Tough times for the Catamounts.
BU 4, UVM 2

Massachusetts at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: The Irish complete the home sweep while UMass hits the skids for the first time this season.
ND 3, UMass 1
Dave’s pick: Good grief, Jim is giving me no opportunities to catch up. Maybe there will be some openings next week.
ND 3, UMass 2

Merrimack at Providence
Jim’s pick: There should be a good number of sweeps this weekend. This is another.
PC 4, MC 1
Dave’s pick: Agreed. The Friars go to 11-0-3.
PC 3, MC 1

UMass-Lowell at Connecticut
Jim’s pick: The River Hawks keep the unbeaten streak alive, but it’s not easy.
UML 2, UConn 1
Dave’s pick: I think the results will be more lopsided than Jim thinks. The Huskies continue to struggle.
UML 4, UConn 2

Maine at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: These picks could easily kill me. But UNH gets the split.
UNH 4, Maine 2
Dave’s pick: The Wildcats get the “easy” half of the sweep.
UNH 3, Maine 2

Sunday, December 6

Boston College at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: Eagles extend the winning streak to 13.
BC 4, NU 2
Dave’s pick: The Eagles are the wrong opponent for Northeastern to start its turnaround against.
BC 4, NU 1

Connecticut at UMass-Lowell
Jim’s pick: I am so uncomfortable picking this many sweeps in a weekend, but here is another.
UML 4, UConn 2
Dave’s pick: I’m uncomfortable matching so many of Jim’s picks, but I can’t see a different outcome.
UML 4. UConn 2

Thursday, December 10

Notre Dame at Boston College
Jim’s pick: This will be a test for BC, but I’m not picking against the Eagles right now.
BC 3, ND 1
Dave’s pick: I think the test is for the Irish and I think they’ll fail it.
BC 3, ND 1

Brown at Providence (Mayor’s Cup)
Jim’s pick: This is typically a tough game for Providence and having watched Brown play last weekend, I believe it could be. But I’m not picking against the Friars on home ice.
PC 4, Brown 2
Dave’s pick: I’m not picking against the Friars here, I’m not picking against them there, I’m not picking against them anywhere.
PC 4, Brown 1

  • Phoenixfyre1313

    Could this article be slanted any more east?   I don’t think so!

  • Leggs2

    That’s because the best teams are in the east.
    That’s what this country needs, more looking to the “right” and less to the “left”.

    • Richard

      Best teams are in the east not hardly.  Try watching a game outside your own backyard.   Lazy!

  • WildShawn

    The Beanpot brings out the best in 2 of the 4 participants

    • RichaRD


  • Krader

    An article about goaltenders and no mention of Niagara’s Chris Noonan who is 2nd in the nation in gaa (1.71) and tied for 1st in the nation in save percentage (.940). If there is to be 4 goalies in the Hobey conversation then he is certainly one of them.

    • Anonymous

      He plays in the AHA…

  • Anonymous

    McKee should have won that Hobey too

  • Vanek

    I think Miller’s numbers should be ignored. If a goalie is the best player in the country then give him the Hobey.

  • Anonymous

    just hand connolly the hobey

  • Sjl442

    There needs to be a Vezina like award given to NCAA D1 goalies….they always get overlooked when their position is clearly the most difficult on the ice

  • DutchFan

    Grosenick with another shutout tonight in U’s 3-0 win over Princeton in his return from injury.

  • averman

    What about Kent Patterson of UMN? He has 7 shutouts and 21 wins this year.  The team also appears to live and die by him, based on the swing from last week in Denver and this weekend against Bemidji State.

  • Jason

    No mention of Patterson? Are we being serious right now? He has 7 shutouts, 2.09 GAA, 21 wins, and plays in the best league in the country. You have got to be kidding me USCHO, this is a load of sh*t.


    I think the writer forgot to put “In the East” after the title!

  • krios

    After reading a few of these Hobey Watch columns, I have to say that they show a large amount of East bias. I’ll be upfront, I’m a Golden Gopher, so of course I want to hear you mention Patterson in this article.  However, I’d say he deserves to be in this article as well. 

    7 shutouts? 21 wins? A team that like averman said often lives and dies by patterson’s momentum?   sure, he has a great scoring line in front of him, but he counters that argument with 7 shutouts. Not to mention you’re looking at a defensive corps that doesn’t have very many vets.

    I admit I’m biased. as a column writer could you at least make your bias a bit less obvious?

  • DayMan

    A random fairly related statement: The CCHA has by far the best goaltending from top to bottom. Please discuss!

  • Icyrollingrock33

    Patterson does need recognition, but how many goalies have won the Hobey. So few that for any ‘Tender to get mentioned means they are doing something well. The WCHA has more than one goalie that should get mentioned. Worst part is 60% of the voters are East coast. I grew up as a huge fan of Robb Stauber, he never won a National Championship, but he was consistent. I really believe they need to recognize goalies on their own, and if they are worthy The Hobey Baker as well.