Both Dave and I had equally impressive weeks last week which means I hold my single-game lead in the standings.

Jim last week: 13-2-1
Jim to-date: 40-18-10
Dave last week: 13-2-1
Dave to-date: 39-19-10

Friday, November 6

Maine at Boston College
Jim’s pick: Boston College seems to be clicking on all cylinders. Maine definitely is not.
BC 4, Maine 1
Dave’s pick: The Eagles make it five shutouts in six games.
BC 3, Maine 0

Northeastern at Boston University
Jim’s pick: Had BU not pulled out the OT win against Denver, I’d be questioning their confidence. Even with a road tie at Vermont last week, I’m definitely questioning Northeastern’s.
BU 4, NU 2
Dave’s pick: I thought the Huskies would settle into the middle tier of Hockey East, but once again they’re burying themselves with a poor start.
BU4, NU 1.

Massachusetts at Connecticut
Jim’s pick: Each team was thumped in their last outing, but UMass lost two players for this game to suspension. That could make a difference.
UConn 3, UMass 1
Dave’s pick: Suspended players and home ice add up to a UConn win.
UConn 3, UMass 2

UMass Lowell at Vermont
Jim’s pick: As tough of a place as The Gut has been to play, it hasn’t had the same luster this year as in year’s past. Will that turn around this weekend?
UML 4, UVM 3
Dave’s pick: It’s hard to believe the Catamounts are 0-4-1 at home, but I believe the River Hawks will add to those home woes.
UML 3, UVM 1

New Hampshire at Michigan State
Jim’s pick: I just don’t know what to think of this UNH team yet. The fact they seem to be coming into its own is my only reason to pick the Wildcats on Friday.
UNH 3, MSU 2
Dave’s pick: I’d feel better about this pick if this series were at the Whitt, but I’ll go with the Wildcats.
UNH 3, MSU 2 (OT)

Minnesota at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: This is a battle featuring a lot of NHL draft picks. That should matter as much as home ice will.
ND 4, Minn 3
Dave’s pick: The Irish get their first home win and move to 4-1-2.
ND 3, Minn 2

Saturday, November 7

Boston University at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: I don’t think change of venue will matter in the outcome.
BU 3, NU 2
Dave’s pick: The Huskies fall to 1-7-1. I sure didn’t see that coming. Neither, I’m sure, did the Huskies themselves.
BU 3, NU 1

Connecticut at Massachusetts
Jim’s pick: UMass has been a good enough home ice team that I’ll pick them back at Mullins Center.
UMass 5, UConn 4
Dave’s pick: I believe I was on the UMass bandwagon for all of a period or two. I see UConn grabbing a broom.
UConn 4, UMass 3

UMass Lowell at Vermont
Jim’s pick: I have a really difficult time picking a sweep here but I think Lowell is playing a good enough brand of hockey to pull this off right now.
UML 2, UVM 1
Dave’s pick: Not me. Picking a sweep by fourth-ranked Lowell is about as easy as they come.
UML 3, UVM 1

Merrimack at Canisius
Jim’s pick: This being a long bus trip is the only thing that could slow down Merrimack, and I don’t think it will.
MC 4, CC 2
Dave’s pick: Ya gotta love the Warriors’ special teams.  Their power play is a woeful 1-for-27 for a Hockey East-worst 3.7 percent. But their penalty kill ranks best in the league, 24-for-26.  I’m working on a narrative for that, but for now I’ll chalk some of that up to small sample sizes.
MC 3, CC1

New Hampshire at Michigan State
Jim’s pick: This is the night Michigan State goaltender Jake Hildebrand stands on his head to steal one.
MSU 2, UNH 1
Dave’s pick: Not for me. Give me the Wildcats with the sweep.
UNH 4, MSU 2

Minnesota at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: This series feels like a split, but I look at recent results for the Irish and believe they can sweep.
ND 4, Minn 2
Dave’s pick: I’d like to be disagreeing more with Jim, but it’s a long season and I’ll stick to my guns. Go, Irish!

ND 4, Minn 3

Sunday, November 8

Maine at Boston College
Jim’s pick: Even a day off in the middle of this series isn’t enough for Maine.
BC 5, Maine 2
Dave’s pick: I’m going to keep picking BC shutouts until some team other than Denver shows it can score on the Eagles. As for Maine, those early-season ties still look good, but a loss here makes it 0-6-3 with no points inside Hockey East.
BC 4, Maine 0

Tuesday, November 10

Army West Point at Connecticut
Jim’s pick: Other than Northeastern being swept by Bentley, AHC has been good to the Hockey East non-league winning percentage. That continues.
UConn 4, Army 1
Dave’s pick: I believe this means I’m picking UConn to win all three games on its long weekend.
UConn 5, Army 1

Thursday, November 12

Northeastern at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: Notre Dame remains perfect in Hockey East play.
ND 4, NU 2
Dave’s pick: It’s hard to muster faith in the Huskies right now.
ND 4, NU 1

  • Goalie Fan

    Sioux Fans: Lets all be respectful regardless of tonight’s outcome. Every player is worthy of the award like he said and should by no means be “bood” because our player didnt win! Lets cheer accordingly no matter who wins k. I know I will

    • Wasmania

      A tad condescending dont you think?

  • Anonymous

    Elliott you referred to Frattin and ‘second straight NCAA title’.

    Do you mean “WCHA Final Five title”? Thanks

  • maineiac

    Exactly when did Matt Frattin score in double overtime to give the Fighting Sioux their second straight NCAA Title? Curious fans want to know!

    • Elliot Olshansky

      You rush, sometimes you make mistakes. My apologies. Fixed above.

      • maineiac

        No problem. Just some good natured ribbing. You actually do a fabulous job and I have enjoyed reading your work for years. I only wish there was more of it all year long!

  • minkeythewonderchimp

    you’re a dartmouth fan? holy crap how haven’t i met you?

    • Elliot Olshansky

      Class of ’04. I covered the games at Princeton and Yale for the Valley News (regular season vs. Yale, not the Ivy Shootout). My friend from the class of ’01 (you might have seen him with a very large green Dartmouth flag) is always trying to get me to leave the press box more.

  • Nyqi

    Almost all of the Sioux fans I saw on friday gave Andy a standing ovation. I was proud to be a Sioux fan on friday. Thursday was a bit different with the guy in the corner flying the bird that was uncool he should be very prou of himself.

  • Kroger

    As a Sioux fan, everyone knows that we would have killed for a little redemption by having Frattin getting the Hobey; but by no means would we take away from Miele’s year. Playing in a very good CCHA (as seen by having half the participants in the Frozen Four), and putting up 60 points is darn respectable. Also, Miele seems to be a very humble and gracious person without a troubled past; it is hard to disrespect someone like that. However if Atkinson had won, it may have been a different story.

  • Margarita Burger

    The Hobey Baker Award for “Character”? When you train hockey players to be “fighters” – to beat the hell out of your opponent on the ice and then are shocked and judge a player not worthy of an award off the ice because he continues to demonstrate the “manliness” and fighting spirit of hockey, you deserve to be called a hypocrite! Whether you have had a few beers and get into the “fighting spirit” – throwing a few chairs and tables around – or whether you are called up one morning when your parents need help because they are being threatened by a gang of violent, abusive, and criminal teenagers with records, who are roaming the neighborhood looking for their next victim – and you show your “fighting spirit” to protect them, getting yourself arrested along with the gang – it seems to eliminate you from the “squeeky clean” personna the Hobey people and other award appointers and bloggers seem to be looking for. If you are rewarding for “squeeky clean, then you have the wrong sport! Hockey and fighting are one in the same. Hockey has evolved that way. It’s time to re-evaluate the award and your analytic thinking..