I maintained my one-game lead last week, which means Dave will need a minor miracle if he wants to win. Man, the driver’s seat feels nice.

Jim last week: 7-4-0
Dave last week: 7-4-0
Jim’s record-to-date: 123-75-17
Dave’s record-to-date: 122-76-17

Hockey East Semifinals

No. 7 Providence vs. No. 1 Boston College (Fri, 5 p.m., TD Garden)
Jim’s pick: Maybe I should’ve learned something picking against Providence last weekend, but I’m still going with the Eagles, who will extend their nation’s best 13-game winning streak.
BC 4, PC 2
Dave’s pick: No way am I picking against BC. The Friars surprised me last week and kudos to them, but I think the clock will strike midnight at about 7:15 on their Cinderella trip to the Garden.
BC 3, PC 1

No. 4 Maine vs. No. 3 Boston University (Fri., 8:00 p.m., TD Garden)
Jim’s pick: Another team I picked against last week will be my victim of negative again this weekend. I’m going Black Bears.
Maine 3, BU 2 (OT)
Dave’s pick: This game could easily go either way so to make up ground against Jim, I have to pick against him.  But I’m glad he went with Maine because I like BU just a little better. (Sorry to one of my favorite Maine fans, Al in Kandahar. Stay safe, man.) Maine has put together a much better stretch run while BU has been all over the map, but my money is on Kieran Millan after his 150 saves in the quarterfinals and 68 in game three.
BU 2, Maine 1 (2 OT)

Championship Game

PC/BC vs. Maine/BU (Sat., 8:00 p.m., TD Garden)
Jim’s pick: My pick entering this weekend is Boston College (seriously, how can you pick against the Eagles.) But I will pick all four scenarios, just to be safe.
BC 4, Maine 3; BC 4, BU 3 (OT); Maine 3, PC 2; BU 4, PC 3
Dave’s pick: If BU wins in the semifinal, I’ll have drawn even with Jim in our picks race. So do I pull the goalie in a tie game? No, I’m going to stick with my natural choices, which happen to match Jim’s, though with different scoring. If the Eagles don’t win the Hockey East tournament and then at least make it to the Frozen Four, I’ll be surprised. 
BC 3, Maine 2; BC 3, BU 2; Maine 4, PC 2; BU 4, PC 2