Dave and I only differed on Vermont’s two games last week and the Cats’ split led to Dave and I posting identical records.

Jim last week: 7-4-0
Dave last week: 7-4-0
Jim’s record-to-date: 49-28-8
Dave’s record-to-date: 50-27-8

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, December 2

Boston University at Boston College
Jim’s pick: I have to go the obvious route and pick home teams in the renewal of college hockey’s best rivalry
BC 4, BU 2
Dave’s pick: Earlier in the season I would have gone with a BC sweep. However, the Terriers are playing the more consistent hockey between the two teams right now so I’m this close to going with a sweep the other way. But not quite. Home ice rules.
BC 3, BU 2 (OT)

Merrimack at Providence 
Jim’s pick: This could be the upset of the week as I think Providence at home is an excellent team. Still, I’m not picking against Merrimack.
MC 3, PC 2
Dave’s pick: As I was reading Jimmy’s words (this week he wrote his picks first), I began salivating at the thought of him picking against the Warriors. Alas, he didn’t pull the trigger.
MC 4, PC2

New Hampshire at Massachusetts-Lowell
Jim’s pick: UNH is Lowell’s only ugly loss of the year. I think they’ll get revenge at home.
UML 4, UNH 2
Dave’s pick: I’m going to have to differ with Jimmy on this one. I covered that ugly loss for the River Hawks at UNH, so it’s hard to get the men vs. boys quality out of my mind.  The Wildcats have been maddeninly inconsistent so far this year, but I’m going with them even on the road.
UNH 4, UML 2

Maine at Vermont 
Jim’s pick: Convinced this will be a split, so I’ll play the odds as Vermont has been a better team on Saturdays this season.
Maine 5, UVM 3
Dave’s pick: I’ll agree with Jim on this half of the weekend series.
Maine 4, UVM 2

Northeastern at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: The Huskies are playing well, but I don’t see them getting a win in South Bend.
ND 3, NU 1
Dave’s pick: Agreed. The Irish are just too tough.
ND 4, NU1

Harvard at Massachusetts
Jim’s pick: Even on the road, I think Harvard is the better team between these two.
HU 4, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: I hate going against another Hockey East team in a nonconference game, but I think the UMass winless streak goes to five.
HU 4, UMass 2

Saturday, December 3

Boston College at Boston University
Jim’s pick: Home teams sweep this series.
BU 5, BC 3
Dave’s pick: I’ll go with BU as well, but wouldn’t be surprised if either team sweeps or if both road teams win.
BU 4, BC 2

Providence at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: Friday was a difficult pick. Saturday, with Merrimack at home, not so difficult.
MC 6, PC 3
Dave’s pick: A no-brainer but not just because of Merrimack’s strength at home.
MC 5, PC 2

Massachusetts-Lowell at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: UNH gets back to the win column at home.
UNH 4, UML 1
Dave’s pick: The Wildcats complete the sweep.
UNH 5, UML 2

Maine at Vermont
Jim’s pick: Saturday night special once again for the Catamounts at home.
UVM 4, Maine 3
Dave’s pick: Nope.  Maine completes the sweep on the road.
Maine 4, UVM 3

Northeastern at Notre Dame 
Jim’s pick: NU needs the wins but Notre Dame isn’t the right place to get them.
ND 5, NU 2
Dave’s pick: Another no-brainer.  Can’t see this game being close.
ND 4, NU 1

Tuesday, December 6

Providence at Boston College 
Jim’s pick: The battle of Hockey East’s original Catholics goes, once again, to BC.
BC 5, PC 2
Dave’s pick: The Friars have made important strides this year but not enough to topple BC.
BC 4, PC2

Wednesday, December 7

Vermont at Merrimack 
Jim’s pick: Merrimack at home. This result feels a little redundant (and my pick obvious).
MC 6, UVM 2
Dave’s pick: The Warriors remain the lone undefeated club in the country and would do so at any venue.
MC 5, UVM 2

  • r u guys for real? HARVARD? cmon lets be real umass way better at home beat much better teams harvard not that goos umadd 4-0-2 in front of us studentsi  say umass destroys harvard 7-2 and might evne be able beat yale wednesday team who lost sacred heart who was 0-11 and struggled vs brown at home in 1st 2 periods tongiht theyre better than harvard theres NO WAY we lose to harvard they suck..i csnt beleive you guys are realistically picking them u should be fired for that 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  These guys are clueless.  Maine to sweep UVM on the road?  Good grief.

      • yeah theyre clueless maine may sweep vermont but vermont prob gets least a tie on saturday prob lose tomorrow night.. but picking against umass when its harvard in magic of mullins center where theyre 4-0-2 and beat bc northeastern tied maine and bu harvard is nothing like those teams cert not like bc and bu i dont c us losing i expect to see another win tomorrow and possibly wed vs yale too oh tho itll be toufgher but im laughing hard they both think harvard would win they are dumb!

  • and wheres umass and yale game pick for wednesday december 7 dont see it

    • After Further Review

      And it says 2nd through the 8th.  UNH/BU game on 12/8 isn’t listed either.

  • After Further Review

    Check the ECAC picks, the picked Harvard as well.  I do cheer for HE and do think UMass will win, but it won’t be as easy for you as you think.  Harvard’s forwards are pretty talented and keeping the puck out of your own net has not been a strong point for UMass this season.
    BBear94, I hope you get your wish and Timmy is gone soon.  As a UNH fan (which are having our ow problems right now), I much preferred a strong Maine team every year… win or lose, it was more fun!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and they called BC BU the “best rivalry in college hockey”  A good one, for sure.  But UMO UNH is much better, IMO.  Those 2 games they played at the Witt last year had me on the edge of my seat all the way through….

      • After Further Review

        Heading down there tonight myself.  UNH totally outplayed them and beat them 5-0 a couple weeks ago, so wouldn’t be at all surprised to see UML take it to them pretty good tonight.  Bazin has done a great job with a very young team down there, so far.  Hopefully Digi decides to start playing goal again sometime real soon.
        I agree, the UNH/UMO rivalry is the best, no matter where they play.  I love the atmosphere at Alfond too.  I have no problem with the abuse visiting teams and fans take, it’s all part of a great college hockey atmosphere.  As you said in another post, these writers are all just about BU/BC, nobody else matters to them!

        • CommAve

          Tough not to be all about them when they’ve won 3 of the past 4 national tournaments.  I agree it’s too heavily slanted towards them, but not like they haven’t earned lately.  Both Maine and UNH need to step up.  Been awhile since either of them were true contenders.

          • CommAve

            National *Championships

          • After Further Review

            I do agree that the National Championships have helped and I have been there rooting them on, will always cheer for Hockey East.  I also agree that UNH and Maine have to get back to the national powers, but their rivalry is still a great one.  Maybe that’s what makes it better because they are the two teams in the East, not from Boston, that have been fairly consistent.  Anyways, I was not slighting the BC/BU rivalry at all, just making conversation about another good rivalry, that’s all.
            Enjoy the season!

          • Anonymous

            Yes, we need a new coach and if this season plays out as expected, maybe we’ll get our wish this offseason….

          • After Further Review

            You got a nice win last night, BBear… if UNH had played more than 15 minutes, maybe they would have too!

      • CommAve

        Come on guy.  I’m a fan of all Hockey East (didn’t go to any school, just from Boston), but you cannot say BC/BU isn’t the greatest rivalry in the sport.  They’ve met for the National Title before, have 9 championships between the two, Beanpot, 3 miles away from each other, students who live in the same aparment buildings…Nothing against Maine/UNH because it’s absolutely awesome, and I’ll be at Fenway on the 7th for that and UMass/UVM, but BC/BU is gold standrad when it comes to rivalries.

        • Anonymous

          # of championships between the schools has no bearing on the greatness of their rivalry, only the games played head-up.  1 meeting in the national title game? So what.  UMO and BU played in the 95 title game.  UMO and UNH played in the 99 title game.  So, by your standards, UMO/UNH or UMO/BU s/b the greatest rivalry??

    • hahaahhaah ecac guys pick harvard too? WOW where are these people coming up with this harvard AT UMass where UMass has been great and beat far better teams espec bc but harvard not that great in hockey was joke last year and lost st lawrence this year recent tie clarkson i believe they wont be able beat umass i expect to go 5-0-2 tonight when i go umass home games

      • an they all pick 4-2 wow these guys are dumb 7-2 umass lets put it this way even if its closer umass should win ill be stunned if i see a loss and this is the 1st home loss in 7 games to harvard no way harvard wins

  • Anonymous

    I was at that Maine game and UMass was really strong, except for a few mistakes in the early first period where they gave up 2 goals.  I think there is too much prognosticating by these 2 “writers” who never seem to make it to the rink unless it’s a BC or BU game.  Not sure they even know where Amherst, Orono, or Burlington are…

    • After Further Review

      I do think UMass is pretty good, but the only time I saw them in person was at UNH and the goaltending sure seemed to be an issue.  They pulled the starter and put in another Freshman who has played the majority of the minutes and he gave up 2 goals on 4 shots and was pulled too.  I know UNH’s D and G haven’t been great either, but Harvard put up a 7 spot on us, which shocked me after UNH had built a 4-0 lead!

      • they have been awful at home but as student ive been to all 6 home games and theyve been awesome at home usually only allowing 2 goals as theyve done in each of their last 5 home games after giving up 2 to bentley and beat bc tied bu tied maine beat northeastern i think itll be 7-2 umass tonight harvards not good in hockey umass deff better espec at mullins center

      • unh is just like umass awesome at home awful on road

    • yeah deff doesnt sound like it when theyre picking HARVARD TO WIN IN UMASS!!! what a bunch of jokes

  • i hope after i come back to the dorm after umass beats harvard these guys will at least admit how wrong and stupid they were for picking harvard.. harvard HAHAHAHAHA no way 

  • while you guys were right on number of goals harvard would score unbeleivable both of u plus ecac guy would all say 4-2 harvard same score but harvard only got tie cuz refs apparently were from harvard i have not seen worse officiating cert not this year and overall not in lnog time federico and hansen you refs sucks u shouldnt be allowed to conitune reffing after tonight deff not in amherst 6-1 harvard in pps? ru  kidding some of them i was wondering what did the mniutemen guy do yet during game espec in ot after we killed off yet another penalty couple of times harvard shouldve been called for penalty of coruse no call on them THESE REFS WERE THE WORST!!!

  • Solid Pick for the NU-ND today. I agree ND is too tough for NU….oh wait, what’s that? Hung 9 and first team to win at new rink? Nothing like beating #11 @Michigan and #2 @ND in back to back weeks for a 4 game winning streak. Welcome to Hockey East ND! 

    • makes umasses win over NU look good all sudden when NU only had 1 win for while im stunned and shocked they go into ND and win 9-2 wow stunner of the year

  • Sam

    Jim’s pick: The Huskies are playing well, but I don’t see them getting a win in South Bend.
    ND 3, NU 1
    Dave’s pick: Agreed. The Irish are just too tough.
    ND 4, NU1 Hahahahaha, what a joke.

    • After Further Review

      GREAT WIN for NU!