Jim and I picked pretty well last week, finishing with the same record after our one disagreement (the second game in New Hampshire’s series with St. Cloud) ended in a tie.

Dave last week: 7-2-2

Jim last week: 7-2-2

Dave’s record-to-date: 19-11-4

Jim’s record-to-date: 18-12-4

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, October 28

Boston University at Massachusetts

Dave’s pick: Is this going to be a Jekyll-and-Hyde season for the Terriers? It sure has started out that way. So rock solid against UNH to start the season but up and down since then. Either way, this game goes in the win column since Saturday’s lost to Holy Cross would have been Hyde.

BU 4 UMass 2

Jim’s pick: I liked UMass last week when I saw them play but still think that BU should be able to handle them (and will be fired up after losing to Holy Cross.

BU 5, UMass 3

Merrimack at Vermont

Dave’s pick: That was a nice bounce-back win for the Catamounts at Minnesota after getting blown out in the first game. But I’m a believer in the juggernaut from North Andover.

MC 3 UVM 2

Jim’s pick: I’m going to actually pick the Cats here on home ice. Last Sunday made me a believer this team can play.

UVM 4, MC 3

Providence at Maine

Dave’s pick: The Friars came back to Earth a bit last weekend, taking one-of-four points from Minnesota-Duluth after defeating BU and UMass to open the season. I see the Orono folk dropping PC a little further.

Maine 3 PC 2

Jim’s pick: Again, home ice is weighing my decision.

Maine 4, PC 2

Boston College at Massachusetts-Lowell

Dave’s pick: The River Hawks have taken two-of-three non-conference games, but their league schedule will open with a brick wall and a thud.

BC 4 UML 1

Jim’s pick: Lowell should have a nice crowd on Friday night that could be rockin’ and throw the Eagles off their game, but BC has been excellent in hostile atmospheres this year.

BC 5, UML 3

Union at New Hampshire

Dave’s pick: I’m going with an upset special here. The 0-4-1 Wildcats will finally get into the win column, delivering the first loss to 2-0-3 Union. Why? They didn’t look that bad when I saw them lose to BU and they were 17-6-4 in Hockey East last year. They didn’t lose everyone.

UNH 4 Union 3

Jim’s pick: I actually agree with Dave here. UNH can’t remain the doormat for the entire season and a nice upset of Union could get them back on track.

UNH 3, Union 2

Saturday, October 29

Merrimack at Vermont

Dave’s pick: I’m sorely tempted to go with a Warrior sweep, but not in this barn. The Catamounts bounce back for the second straight week.

UVM 2 MC 1

Jim’s pick: I agree on the split but have it the opposite of Dave

MC 4, UVM 2

Northeastern at New Hampshire

Dave’s pick: Four much-needed points on the weekend for the previously beleagured Wildcats. Key word: previously.

UNH 4 NU 2

Jim’s pick: I think it’s finally time for UNH to play the hockey most expect

UNH 5, NU 4

Providence at Maine

Dave’s pick: The Friars take this one to overtime, but the Black Bears come out of the weekend with four huge league points.

Maine 4 PC 3 (OT)

Jim’s pick: Maine prevails going away

Maine 5, PC 2

Massachusetts at Boston University

Dave’s pick: This weekend could set quite the tone for both clubs. A BU sweep removes the tag of inconsistency that threatens to become firmly attached; it also puts UMass at 0-4-1 in the league. A split or better for the Minutemen gives them a huge shot in the arm and tells Terrier fans to hop on the roller coaster.

BU 4 UMass 2

Jim’s pick: This is a big game for UMass, which pulls off the road upset

UMass 5, BU 4

Massachusetts-Lowell at Boston College

Dave’s pick: The River Hawks dip to below .500 while the top-ranked Eagles go to 7-1, taking an even firmer grip of first place in Hockey East and the nation.

BC 5 UML 2

Jim’s pick: Continues to be difficult to pick against the River Hawks

BC 4, UML 2 

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  • Jimjamesak

    Error noted: UAA hasn’t ended their WCHA, they play Minnesota State next weekend. Well that and you picked them to get swept.

  • Ghadhlig

    UAA/UAF Governor’s Cup is a home and home series. Friday night in Fairbanks, Saturday night in Anchorage.

  • Paula Weston

    Thanks, guys. Got the corrections. I knew that UAA-UAF is home-and-home (hence the “vs.” not the “at”), but I put Fairbanks there both nights anyway. And I am sorry that I just completely glossed over that series with Minnesota State. AARP is knocking on my door — obviously. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • ganafu

    Michigan is going to finish either first or second since they own the tiebreaker with Miami, and Miami is locked into third place.

  • Joshsko

    hey Paula ganafu is right, there is no way Miami can take 2nd in the ccha. Miami is locked into third. Michigan will finish 2nd or first depending on tonight’s results. I think you should look into AARP…

  • Craigjolly

    There are so many inaccuracies here I don’t know where to begin.

  • Tomwarns

    for Saturday’s UMass-Lowell vs BC game, Jim picked BC to win, but said “difficult to pick against the River Hawks.” Guess you meant Eagles?

  • Phoenixfyre1313

    Pretty much onboard with your picks again this week, although it is hard to imagine UMD losing another 2 at home.   I am thinking split there.

  • Thefightingman

    Wrong.  Go real WCHA Mavs!

  • Jaturenne

    Wow how does the Shephard family keeps thier jobs….Someone need sto tell me what they have on Mcleod. Oh yeah Mcleod is equally incompetent. 

  • SCSU Euro

    LeBlanc isn’t known for scoring goals?  He’s not Matt Frattin, but he did have 13 last year. 

  • Mr Hockey

    As a season ticket holder I’ve seen the Gophers look bad the last 3 years. Yes, it is early but this team is for real. They out played the Sioux all weekend and even killed off a 5:00 Sioux power play allowing only 4 shots. The BIG difference with this years Gophers is they have talented kids that want to wear the “M” on their chest. This team is better than everybody thinks. It has more depth than either of the back to back NCAA champion teams from 2002 & 2003!

  • Erikjt01

    After reading comments on this site and the Star Tribune, Sioux fans are in SUCH denial of the weaknesses of their team and the strength of the Gophers.  Sioux fans need to be reminded they don’t have the scoring power they’ve had in years past and can’t rely on that after their “typical” slow season start.  Your goaltender will need to have a performances like he did this weekend a majority of the time in order for them to win this year, and that wasn’t even enough this weekend.  People also need to be reminded they Gopher’s swept the defending national champion on the road already, and defending WCHA champs last weekend.  As Don said, “in order to be the man, you have to beat the man.”  As this young team gets more experience, look out. 

    • Blisteriii

      There are also writers at the Trib that call the U OF MN the NYY”s of college hockey……. can’t believe everything you rrrrrrread….

  • rodeotwigs

    the gophers can thank the bulldogs for being 9-1 instead of 7-3 and looking up at the ncaa champs in the wcha standings…i’m not convinced yet that they’re the real deal though they are improved definitely from recent years past

  • Mr Hockey

    erikjt01 I also read the Tribune daily and I wish the Sue fans would be honest with themselves. Since the new 20 read articles kicked in I can’t comment on there for a while, like not until December. It’s probably for the better that I can’t, reading Rinkpig and Goldenchoker comments daily is like reading the National Enquier!

  • CrazyHorse

    Guys enjoy your sweep.  No need to waste breath on Sue fans. Their team is basically no better than Alaska Anchorage despite the fact they always get to recruit players who rank high on the NHL Central Scouting ratings.  The last time they won, Rocco Grimaldi was in first grade (the first time, not his three later attempts).  They goon it up and constantly whine about Genoway getting hit, wahhhhhh, and they have a coach who doesn’t hold anyone accountable.  I say lifetime contract for Hakstool

  • The Man

    It’s humorous watching the NoDak fans implode on themselves. Their team is flat out bad this year and they are still in denial. Best case scenario, even with a late season tear, they finish 6th in WCHA. And that is a stretch. Minnesota is the real deal, not sure why nobody is giving them credit. Deepest team in college hockey with 3 strong lines and a 4th line that scored 2 of the 5 goals this weekend against NODak. And 2 of their 4th liners are out on the Penalty Kill, allowing top line to rest. They’re solid from top to bottom. And, they’ve already swept the National Champions UMD and another Frozen 4 team from last year NoDak. Still saying “Weak schedule” now? Name 1 other team that is 4-0 against Frozen 4/Nat’l Champs from last spring? I’ll be waiting…………..crickets………….crickets…..

    • Mr Hockey

      The Man, don’t you love it when you can put the Sue fans in a BOX!!?

    • Former Gopher

      they got sooo lucky against umd. win 5-4 (ot) and then another win 5-4?  gophs got out shot by 40 that weekend. not like they stomped the dogs. gophers are beatable. its early still

      • Whoever tracked SOG for the Bullpuppies should have their eyes checked. Quantity aside,my grand daughter could have stopped most of those blueline prayers.

        • Cole Gaines

          It’s early for sure. Kent Patterson got the Gopher’s the sweep. We’ll see what happens at the end of the year!

      • Mr Hockey

        Luck is what losers call it, winners find ways to get the job done ! The Gophers won’t get swept all season! You have to see the Gophers in person to gauge how good they are. They play on an Olympic ice sheet and when they go on the road to smaller rinks, they’re size and speed really stands out.

    • Anonymous

      Where exactly is this great implosion? The Sioux lost two tight road games to a team that is currently ranked #1 in the nation.  Aaron Dell was excellent in net, the defense held up well, while the offense finally started to show itself.

      How is 6th “a stretch” in the second week of November? Nothing is a stretch at this point.  The only people calling this team “flat out bad” are Gopher fans, hockey fans seem to think otherwise. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    • Simple stats – learn them

      So your arguement for this whole thread is that the Sioux are weak, but yet you use them as a reason to justify that the Gophers schedule isn’t week? I am a Sioux and Gophers fan as I went to both schools but honestly if you believe that sweeping the Sioux and the Bulldogs means that you are better than those teams were last season you must be out of your mind and I am wasting my time with these comments, because last time i checked UMD lost two of their top three scorers and UND lost 70% of their scoring both school replaced with freshman that are not ready to do what their predicesors did. You also say that the Sioux haven’t won since the Gophers won their back to back which is true but they did have 1997 and 2000 which is 2 and 5 years further back than the back to back of 02-03. Also how many frozen fours have the Gophers been to since the back to back 1? I believe the Sioux have been to 6, but keep living in the past. Also what is the Gophers record again UND in regionals since 2004? Oh yeah 0-3, would have been 0-4 but Holy Cross saved you from another loss. I hate to write this because I am a Gophers fan but it is the lowest common denominator fan like you that gets on my nerves, why do you rip other teams? Just cheer for yours because you are the bandwagon fan that reps when the Gophers are good and hids when they are not.

      • Mr Hockey

        The Bulldogs were not the best team last season! To say they were is idiotic, they got hot at the right time. Credit to them for doing so. I’m a Gopher fan and Michigan, CC, Notre Dame, BC & UND were all better than UMD.

        • Cole Gaines

          Really? So they beat Michigan and Notre Dame to win it and you call it a fluke! You’re an idiot.

          • Phoenixfyre1313

            any team can beat any other team in a one-game playoff.  A lucky bounce of the puck or a timely turnover can be the difference in a close game.  That doesn’t make them the better team.  Rarely does the best team win it all.  If you don’t know that, you’re the idiot!

  • Hakstol’s 0 titles

    Susie fans sure talk a lot of smack for having a bad team and getting beat up & down the ice. *pats on head* Run along now, back to your insignificant wasteland while everyone else laughs at you.

  • Spanky

    The Gophers have been knows to peak to early under Lucia so lets see how they are after X-mas. That being said, after watchin UND this weekend, I think UND (finally) is going to have a below average team this year. There offense was bad and their golie is the only reason the the games where close. Its not like the Gophers have the best defensive core either, UND just looked plain bad.

  • Anonymous

    In regards to the Gopher’s opponent’s winning percentage, isn’t 11-17-4 good for a 0.406 winnng percentage?  That would put them in the middle of that pack.


    • Brian Halverson

      Thanks for catching my error there. I actually miscalculated on all of them which moved Minnesota up one spot ahead of CC. I’ve updated the post to reflect the correct information. Thanks again for pointing it out.

  • Paul

    @USCHO – “Minnesota is the new No. 1 team in the D-I men’s poll, and the surge in web traffic from that area is overwhelming.”

  • Mr Hockey

    GOPHERS #1, looks like more than just  Minnesota fans feel that way!!!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone like their crow boiled? Fried perhaps?

    We do this dance every year, the Sioux start slow, the hate-brigade marches on out of the woodwork with their cries of doom, gloom, and Gopher pride. “We’re the state of hockey!” they shout, “Hakstol doesn’t have any rings!” They continue on like this for a month or so, meanwhile Hakstol continues to work the team, develop talent, and refine their play.  Suddenly December rolls around, and Gopher Nation loses much of its voice, as the masses begin to quiet down in the face of the storied second half surge that has defined the Hakstol era.

    I’m not sure which game some of you were watching, but Ben Blood never seemed to leave the ice and was dominant in his own end.  Dell put in the sort of performance that won him the WCHA goaltending title last season, and Rocco Grimaldi made more than a few Gophers look silly.  Kristo looked solid, Parks is developing into a legitimate offensive threat, and Knight owned the faceoff circle. This team is finally starting to come into its own, and I’m going to kick back and laugh at the ignorance on display here once it does.

    • Chris

      Blood left the ice a lot, everytime he marched to the penalty box.

    • chickenstrip6

      I’ll admit that Knight owned the faceoff circle, but Ben Blood is an undisciplined goon, and although not bad, I wasn’t impressed with Kristo.  The only reason the games were close was because Dell played phenomenal; something he won’t continue to do every game.

      • Fan Man

        What could even make you think that Dell wont continue to play strong like that all year?  Thats like saying Petterson wont have another shut-out all year or that he will start to play like his predisesor Kan of Gas!!!

        • SUEH8TER


        • chickenstrip6

          thats true, dell sucked until he played the gophers.  GAA and save percentage weren’t even close to anything good, and getting swept by wisconsin? cmon, he had a good series against the gophs, and if he played that way all season, the sioux wouldn’t be as bad as they are.

    • Cgpotter

      I love how Blood goes after the guys that are 5′ 8′ and 160 lbs but wont get involved if the guy is 6 foot or larger. He is truely a goon.

  • Hobey Baker

    I just noticed in pic #65 of the slideshow that the linesman’s face is all bloody as he’s leaning in to drop the puck. One of the Sue’s tampons must have fell out and got him?

  • Vanderbiltjordan

    Long way to go.gopher should make tournythis year probably frozen four.Sioux aren’t terrible they will be around at end.they always are…



  • Johnny1212

    At the top of your picks column you should divulge your season record.  For Fun! 

  • Guest

    Hi, my name is Chris Lerch, and I write about RIT…and then I write about RIT.  And then when I’m done, I write about RIT.

  • Spidermonkey86

    UConn to HE is a great idea in theory only. No administrative support, no student support, no alumni support, and no arena.

    Unless the school wantsa to diverty funding from their Squeek Ball program and build a new arena up to HE standards, my gut tells me Quinipiac is HE bound