The race between Jim and me is getting close to a mathematical close-out, but I’m still holding out hope that he’ll choke like the New York Yankees.  

Dave last week: 5-2-3
Jim last week: 5-2-3
Dave’s record-to-date: 95-35-28
Jim’s record-to-date: 105-31-26

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, March 4

Boston University at Northeastern
Dave’s pick: In past years, this would be the type of series that BU would sweep to roar into the playoffs. Not this time, though. The Huskies have taken four-of-eight points the last two weekends against BC and UNH. They get this home-and-home series off on the right foot.
NU 3 BU 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: I’m with Dave here that NU is playing well enough to win at home in this series.
NU 4, BU 2

Maine at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: The Minutemen haven’t won since Jan. 22 but in their last six games have recorded three ties and three one-goal losses.  Add one more.
Maine 4 UMass 3
Jim’s pick: Despite the fact that Amherst has been a nightmare for Maine at times, I think the Black Bears are one of the hottest teams in the league right now.
Maine 3, UMass 1

Providence at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: The Warriors need a win to lock up home ice.  They get it. 
MC 4 PC 1
Jim’s pick: Agreed. Merrimack dominates at home.
MC 6, PC 2

Massachusetts-Lowell at Vermont
Dave’s pick: The River Hawks may well split this weekend, but since I think Jim will pick that way I’m going with a Catamounts sweep. 
Jim’s pick: Here is where Dave is very wrong. Too much on the line for the Catamounts, so I think they’ll sweep.
UVM 4, UML 1

New Hampshire at Boston College
Dave’s pick: What a finale for Hockey East!  I’m going with the Eagles at home to take temporary residence atop the standings. 
BC 4 UNH 3 (OT)
Jim’s pick: The trophy may be in the building on Friday, but it won’t be presented until Saturday.
BC 5, UNH 3

Saturday, March 5

Merrimack at Providence
Dave’s pick: The Warriors finish off the Friars’ playoff hopes and move back into third place, which could prove significant given their recent trouncing at Maine’s hands. 
MC 4 PC 2
Jim’s pick: I’ll throw Dave a bone here and pick the upset for the Friars. Combined with a Maine sweep of UMass, PC miraculously makes the playoffs.
PC 3, MC 2

Maine at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: The Minutemen lose but hold onto a playoff berth; Maine wins but remains locked out of home ice. 
Maine 4 UMass 2
Jim’s pick: Maine win spells doom for the Minutemen.
Maine 3, UMass 2

Boston College at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: The Wildcats come back home for a win and their fourth regular season title in the last five years.  Pleasant UNH fans rejoice; cranky ones complain that it wasn’t in the playoffs.
UNH 4 BC 3 (OT)
Jim’s pick: This year, it’s BC’s turn to claim the top spot and their first Hockey East title in five years.
BC 4, UNH 3

Northeastern at Boston University
Dave’s pick: The safe pick here is to go with BU winning at home, but I can’t go with the safe picks now.  Besides, the Terriers’ mindset bothers me. 
NU 2 BU 1
Jim’s pick: I’m fine with the safe pick.
BU 3, NU 2

Massachusetts-Lowell at Vermont
Dave’s pick: The River Hawks push this one to overtime to extend their season just a few minutes longer but all for naught. 
UVM 2 UML 1 (OT)
Jim’s pick: Vermont finishes off the sweep and earns the seventh seed in the playoffs.
UVM 4, UML 2

  • Anonymous

    Jim, seems like you always have Merrimack losing as a favor.

  • Hyekeb

    Right on about UNH…cranky fans want to see them win the big games in the playoff…this is the year!

    • Anonymous

      The university of no hardware will hold true to their name.

  • Rokkett21

    No chance BU gets swept

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think ND has anything to play for here, way from home, in what will probably be a blase’ environment. I would not be shocked at all for MT to come of this weekend with at at least a point. Trap games.

  • LuckyLou

    If UW was to take 3 pts. from CC and SCSU swept the pioneers……wouldn’t the Huskies have home ice?

  • Anonymous

    UNO leads the nation in shutouts (6) and their goaltending is “average”?

    Plus, Faulkner has taken a shutout into the 3rd period of 12 games (more than 1/3 of UNO’s entire schedule), and UNO’s goaltending is “average”?


    How about, if we had better defensemen and took a few less penalties we’d have the best goaltending in the NCAA? That sounds a lot more like it to me.

    If Faulkner isn’t the WCHA goaltender of the year, there’s something really wrong here.

    • Saara

      Faulkner won’t be goaltender of the year because sorry but the WCHA doesn’t have that award. We have a “goaltending champion” which goes to the goalie with the best goals against average in league play, and it’s looking like that will be Aaron Dell. So sorry. Faulkner will have to settle for *maybe* one of the all-wcha awards.

    • Omaha

      As a UNO fan, I almost made the same post. But his GAA is 2.50 and save percentage is 91.1. Those are fair numbers but there are 6 other WCHA goalies ahead of him in the same categories and having a similar amount of games. So that’s middle of the pack and does not equate to goaltender of the year. Don’t get me wrong, he can steal games. I’ve seen it numerous times this year. And if he gets on a roll, UNO has a good chance to do some damage.

  • Dittoheadadt

    Yep, UNH has a chance to win their fourth HE regular season title in five years…during which BC won two NATIONAL titles and went to four title games. Go UNH – the Atlanta Braves of college hockey.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    congrats to all of College Hockey…Krieder’s injury just opened the door for someone to actually challenge BC in the NCAA’s this year…no more Frozen Four blowout!

    ESPN execs. rejoice!

  • siouxfanforlife

    Why is it that all season long they don’t give tech a chance in heck to win anything, but all of a sudden they are predicting a win against the Sioux in one of the upcoming two weekends? I understand they beat us two years ago in the Ralph, but I firmly believe that this year the Sioux are better than they were two years ago, and at the same time I think Tech is worse than two years ago. True, upsets can always happen, but I think the Sioux are just too deep of a team and playing too well this time of year for that to happen. Long story short, I’m wondering why they picked a team that is #1 in every poll and #2 in the pairwise to be one of the few teams to drop one against Tech?

  • Brodie

    Congratulations to Merrimack!
    The best is yet to be!!!
    Go Warriors!

  • Jay

    Kudos to Jim calling for a 4-3 BC win tonight and RS title

  • Mefishguy43

    i think that pairwise crap is bullshit…maine doesnt loose at all this weekend,, bu cc,rpi all loose at least 1 game..and maine drops in pairwise..yeah it was umass but at their home..

  • Fucker

    8,000? Not even close.