Monday night’s loss to Team Canada in the semifinals of the World Junior Championship might have been disappointing for Team USA but Boston University’s Charlie Coyle, playing in his first WJC, is ready to put it behind him.

He said on Tuesday that there is simply nothing that the US can do about the past and that all of their focus now is on taking home the bronze medal, which he and his teammates will have the chance to do on Wednesday.

For Coyle, though, regardless of the outcome on Wednesday, the World Juniors will be a success. With two goals and four assists, Coyle enters Wednesday’s Bronze Medal game as the team’s leader in points, that despite being among the youngest players on the American team.

“This has been a great experience for me,” said Coyle, whose return to BU can’t come quick enough after the Terriers lost and tied last weekend at the Shillelagh Tournament. “I remember watching this last year sitting at home. It’s exciting and being here is an unbelievable experience. I’m just excited to be a part of it.

“I’m playing with a couple of good linemates in [former Notre Dame forward Kyle] Palmieri and [current BC forward Chris] Kreider. That has made [scoring] a little bit easier. We’ve been clicking pretty well.”

Speaking of Kreider, Coyle may hope he is following in the footsteps of the BC sophomore. A year ago at World Juniors, Kreider had a breakout tournament, tying for the USA’s team lead in goal scoring with six. Kreider then returned to BC and had a fantastic second half of the season, helping lead the Eagles to the national title.

Coyle won’t have to consider World Juniors a breakout event as he’s already recorded 14 points for the Terriers before the holiday break. Still, a national title would be something Coyle would love.

For today, at least, Coyle and his team is focused on just one thing: taking home a medal.

“We’re focused on Sweden right now,” said Coyle. “It’s still a big game for us. The Bronze Medal is still on the line so we’re looking forward to that.”

  • TigerGoggles

    West was 6-2-3, not 5-3-3. But instead of reporting how little you know about the Atlantic Hockey teams NOT located in Rochester, how about trying some real journalism and:
    1) Getting someone (anyone) from league offices to comment on the horribly biased playoff format and
    2) Getting them on record as to whether of not the horribly biased playoff format was a pre-condition to get the eastern pod teams to agree to let Niagara and Bobby Mo into the league

    • Mbaierm

      Wow, wow Tiger. Do I hear a little jealousy toward the the future champs. NU not only has the best coach & uni’s but they also have possibly the next Hobey Baker winner in Haychek and the no. 1 stick boy in Squeeks Baier.

  • PurpsFan17

    Love how angry people get that RIT gets coverage. Western NY should get the coverage. We have the 2 best teams in a 12 game conference. They also went to the Final Four. Not sure if you have read the articles other than the picks and wrap up, but there was a nice piece posted on how amazing Niagara is recently.

    Go read it. Talks about the AHA Co-Players of the Year Zannette and Haczyk!!!

    • PurpsFan17

      12 team conference*

  • TigerGoggles

    With the Canisius win tonight, the West goes 7-2-3 on the weekend. And, Mbaierm, the term “TigerGoggles” refers to the way Lurch sees the league. His priorities/knowledge base are 1) RIT 2) Anything that affects RIT 3) Everything else. Since RIT is unaffected by the playoff format (they get a bye either way) its a non-issue to him. But if Bobby Mo or Air Force sneaks past Niagara in the standings, the squealing from the Purple Hockey Team (and tehir fans) will get pretty loud!

    • PurpsFan17

      Purple Hockey Team = Purple Eagles. Tehir = Their Do you even like hockey or just hate RIT? Why shouldn’t he write about RIT? This is like saying the NFL shouldn’t write about the Packers or Steelers, but should focus on everyone equally. Pure jealousy.

  • guest

    The craziest part of the series is that UNO had more penalty minutes in both games.

  • Jdorf40

    It was just one of those nights where anything that could go wrong for the Sioux, did go wrong. UNO is a talented team and Blais has them playing good team hockey. But I’d be willing to bet it will be a long time before any team scores 8 goals at the Ralph again. I’m just glad they were able to bounce back the second night and split the series. There is a lot of pressure involved when you drop that Friday night game.