TAMPA, Fla. — Plenty of ink has been spilled discussing Boston College’s 17-game winning streak. And deservedly so. It’s an impressive achievement. Arguably, though, winning streaks are the stuff of regular seasons; the playoffs are a different animal.

“If one win streak ends in the regular season, then you can start another,” BC captain Tommy Cross said. “But in the playoffs, it’s you lose, you go home. So win streaks don’t really matter. It’s all about the game you’re dealing with.”

And that game comes on Thursday against Minnesota.

“The danger is always the opponent you’re facing,” BC coach Jerry York said. “Just looking at Minnesota, that’s a big dangerous sign in front of us. It’s our opponent that is right in our focus here.

“And we’re going to face a very, very good opponent. [We] haven’t found many easy ones. When you get to this point, they’re all tough.”