Our Frozen Four coverage started as soon as the final horn sounded in Worcester, Mass., last Sunday, but it’s really going to ramp up starting on Monday. Here’s a sampling of what to expect from USCHO during Frozen Four week 2012:

Team previews

On Monday, we’ll roll out previews of the four teams in Tampa — Union, Ferris State, Minnesota and Boston College — giving some insight into what got the teams there.

Semifinal breakdowns

Our writers are talking to members of the coaching staffs of the semifinalists’ common opponents to break down Thursday’s matchups. On Tuesday, look for stories talking about what to watch in both the Union-Ferris State and Minnesota-Boston College games.

On site in Tampa

Wednesday starts our on-site coverage from Tampa Bay Times Forum, and our corps of writers will bring you the happenings on the Frozen Four Blog. Also, watch for photo galleries from the team practices and video interviews.

On Thursday and Saturday, we’ll have the national semifinals covered with live blogs as the games happen and then stories, photo galleries, video and audio.

Our writers will be all over things on Friday, bringing you coverage from the team practices early in the day and then following the ceremonies for the Hockey Humanitarian Award and Hobey Baker Award in the evening.


For the second straight year, we’re taking USCHO Live! on the road. Our special, two-hour broadcasts will originate from different hotspots in the Frozen Four zone in Tampa.

Here’s the schedule:

• Wednesday, 5 p.m. EDT
• Thursday, noon EDT (new time) from Frozen Fest outside Tampa Bay Times Forum
• Friday, 4 p.m. EDT from Channelside Bay Plaza, site of Unfrozen Friday (Hockey Humanitarian Award, simulcast of the Hobey Baker Award)
• Saturday, 1 p.m. EDT from Frozen Fest outside Tampa Bay Times Forum

If you go

If you’re headed to Tampa, check out USCHO’s booth at the Frozen Fest outside of Tampa Bay Times Forum before the games Thursday and Saturday, and at the Friday night event at Channelside Bay Plaza.

We’ll have giveaways at times during the weekend, so stop by and meet some USCHO staffers.

Friday’s event at Channelside will include autograph sessions with players from the two teams in Saturday’s final, a special USCHO giveaway, pep bands, the Hockey Humanitarian and All-American announcements and live video from the Hobey Baker Award ceremony (the actual event is at MacDill Air Force Base and access there is extremely limited).

All the coverage

All of our Frozen Four coverage can be found on one page: Frozen Four Central.

  • Th3158663050

    Nothing really “controversial” about the disallowed goal from where I sat…It was tomahawked into the net,and I could see the entire blade above the crossbar.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.

    • FOTY

      I agree as well. Jeff Panzer should have won it hands down.

  • 18secondsbeforesunrise

    Elliot, good article. I particularly like your “most important rule”.

    Case in point….during the 2003-04 season, Maine’s Jimmy Howard posted a 1.19 GAA and a .956 save percentage but the Hobey went to Junior Lessard (32G, 31A). Lessard’s numbers certainly were Hobey-worthy, but there were other factors too. The most glaring, perhaps, is that Howard actually split playing time with Frank Doyle (who had a better win-loss record but higher GAA and lower SP). Also, Howard was “only a sophomore” that year.

    One of the best hockey discussion page threads that I’ve ever read was entitled,  (something like) “Best College Hockey Team That Didn’t Win a National Championship.” I’d like to see a similar one entitled, “Best College Hockey Player Who Didn’t Win the Hobey.”

    • Jeff Panzer should have won it. Ryan Millers numbers were a product of a stingy defense.

    • VermontfaninNY

      Marty St. Louis

  • matt

    ryan miller was a sophomore when he won it genius

    • Elliot Olshansky

      Thanks, Matt. For some reason, I slipped up and had it in my head that he was a junior that year. Fixed above.

  • not a lifetime achievement

    It is a good article, however, you fall into the inevitable thought process of “at least you made the tournament last year.  I have an ECAC bias which should be noted, however I do not think you can punish Smith or Abbott for years past. 

    The Hobey Baker is not a “lifetime achievement award” it should be based on each season, independently.  If you say that the Hobey winner has to be in the tournament then they have to be in the tournament, PERIOD.  None of this well you made it last year so I can consider you, stuff.  Potentially you could be a winner of the hobey because your team made it to the frozen four your freshman year when you had no part in the action or were often a healthy scratch.  (MAKES NO SENSE). 

    The season is a season, not a career.

  • Sjl442

    I agree that it seems goalies have a disadvantage to winning this award, but since the position is so important to the game, there should be another award specifically for them, simular to the Vezina

  • Phoenixfyre1313

    I think that rule #5 is obvious, but unfortunate.  Is the vote for the best hockey player or the best hockey player with a decent team around him?  Huge difference there. I agree with the other statement about goalies being at an extreme disadvantage in this process.  Some of the numbers posted by LeNeveu and Howard are pretty incredible, what would those numbers be if they were comparable for a forward?  It also seems a bit strange that goaltenders are generally considered the most important position and it is almost totally overlooked by those voting on the hobey baker award.  I mean how many championships are won with a poor goalie and how many have been won on hot or great goaltending?  Finally, no one is quite sure why Neal Broten won the first hobey award.  Aaron had 104 points that year and should have won it, even Neal has said that publically.

  • Anonymous

    go connolly!! yeah yeah!

  • Avs1cup

    If Eric Ehn didn’t win it the year he was a finalist, then obviously character and off-ice issues don’t matter nearly as much as people think.

    • Guest

      Agreed, 64 points regardless of competition is incredibly good in this day in age. And for those that point to Air Force’s easy schedule, Ehn tallied points in games against Colorado College, Denver, and Alaska.

  • Stonecoldwolv

    Hunwick is doing a bang up job. Michigan is not even in the ccha race without the kid. Last years run was on his shoulders. He is the goalie to look at.

    • Guest

      Yeah, he’s the reason Michigan is in position for a 1-seed in the tourny.