Matt Frattin admitted the sting of North Dakota’s 2-0 semifinal loss to Michigan still lingered as he faced the media for the last time as a college hockey player.

“Obviously, I’m disappointed about the loss last night where a few bounces didn’t go our way,” Frattin said at the press conference following the Hobey Baker Memorial Award presentation Friday at the Xcel Energy Center.

“But today was a life experience that not many people can cherish.”

Frattin did not win college hockey’s top individual award but, as one of three finalists, appeared before a national television audience, a thousand or two UND fans and his Fighting Sioux teammates in the seats.

“It was a group decision with the coaching staff for the team to stay back today and be here for moral support,” Frattin said.

UND coach Dave Hakstol and his wife, Erinn, Frattin’s parents, Val and Giby, and Frattin’s brother accompanied Matt on the ice for the presentation.

Frattin said he is flying to Toronto on Saturday to join the NHL team that drafted him in the fourth round of the 2007 draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He’ll join the club Saturday night for the season finale against Montreal.

“There’s so much history between those two clubs and I can’t even imagine how crazy the fans and the atmosphere is going to be,” Frattin said.

  • Billymbrew

    I thought he was showing character by returning to school to finish his education?

    • B.D.

      Surprisingly, when I was a hockey camp counselor at UND in the 80’s we had several of the pro’s who were resident instructors on site who disappeared various times throughout the day.
      THey were attending summer school to finish up. Did they somehow fail in your eyes because they did not finish their senior years but rather chose to join the pro’s for the last weeks of the year?
      If so, you might relook your priorities.

      • Billymbrew

        Sioux fans argued that he showed character by returning to school for an education with his teammates rather than turning pro. However once his hockey season was done he left. I am saying that the character argument was flawed and I am happy the Hobey panel saw that as well.

        • B.D.

          So turning down a lucrative contract in some manner show’s character?
          I would say it would show foolishness and lack of clear logic.

          • Billymbrew

            The sioux fans said that was why he should win the Hobey. I am pointing out that even if it did show character he didn’t do it.

  • Jrobs

    Frattin lost 2-0. Not 1-0. Just in case anyone forgot.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    What else could an Eagle ask for…the Irish and Timid Sue out in the same night. It’s funny, all the obnoxious ND fans are back in their caves, until they go for another run in 9 years.

    Good luck, suckers!

    • Talk about loser, the aforementioned troll is a poster boy for losers every where.

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      This coming from a guy whose team got SMOKED by a middle of the road WCHA team in the first round but wants to talk $hit to everyone else?

  • psh

    Very classy of the team and staff to stay behind to support Frattin. Nice touch. And it was touching to see what salt-of-the-earth people Frattin’s parents were. Stark contrast to the others. Congrats to Miele, too. Deserving winner.

    • Scott Fitzgerald

      i’m going to the leaf vs habs tonight..Frattin will get a long standing ovation if he gets a Goal tonight ! Watch the game. I’m a Union Fan..but ND has a great team..they will be back..

  • SiouxPerMan

    I guess some people think anyone who didn’t win the Hobey or the national championship is a loser. By that yardstick, all but one player in college hockey is a loser. Why do we watch a bunch of losers play? Does that make us losers? Me, I like the game and seeing a player’s individual and team skills. I’d rather play but my playing days are over. Great season for my Sioux.

  • Guest 2

    Why all the hostility? Friday night at the X was very enjoyable. The 3 finalist were all very gracious young men. Miele and Frattin were particularly nice to my sons. Good luck as they embark on exciting careers! GO BULLDOGS!!!

    • B.D.

      He has anger issues. Perhaps a UND player is dating his ex girlfriend? Or perhaps he believes HE should be the focus of attention placed on Sioux players?
      Regardless, for the amount of hatred he shows, he must be disgruntled homeboy.

  • Lennyak1

    You missed Chris Kreider with BC!

  • Fatmikek

    Go figure it has to be a Gopher fan complaining about their guy no getting votes. By the end of the year the coaches will pick the finalist via the stats and leadership on their respected teams. Bjustad is good for a guy who sits in front of the net waiting for a rebound but that’s it ( proved at the world juniors). Smith, Abbott, and Connelly each make things happen all around the zones. It’s going to be a good group of finalists.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Smith, Abbott and Connelly will be a great group of finalists… But I think you’re thinking of Budish who sits in front of the net. Bjugstad has great hands and scores highlight reel goals. 

    • Jason

      Do you even watch Gopher games? The game against North Dakota when he had two goals the last goal was off a second rebound in which he crashed the net from the right point, like any good player is supposed to do. If there is anybody on this team that stands in front of the net it’s Rau, I’ll give you that.

  • Hockey Fan

    Not only does Jack Connolly lead the nation in scoring, but he is captaining a team that has only lost one game since mid-October.  The Bulldogs have been rated number one since November.  Oh yeah, UMD are defending Nat’l Champs, too.  Yet he only gets 13 percent?    I know there are a lot of great players out there, some I have not even seen yet.  But if we are looking at resumes, there is Jack, and then, well, there is everyone else.   

    • Jason

      Get your facts straight…doesn’t lead in scoring but in points, big difference. 

      • i think that’s what he meant. most points, most ppg. and leading the best team in the country (until proven otherwise). agreed, Hockey Fan, he should be a leg up.

  • Here’s a look at how or if the Fan Vote should play a part in the Hobey Baker Process. @AustinforHobey

  • Boston Adam

    I’m extremely confused by this article. Why isn’t Justin Schultz from Wisconsin not mentioned here at all? Is this some sort of joke? He’s fifth in the nation in scoring…. as a defenseman….. on a team that is barely over .500. Where would Wisconsin be without him? He’s not even in the top ten players in the country? Really?….

  • PhatKroger10

    I can’t believe Brock Nelson or Danny Kristo didn’t get 35% of the vote!!!….

    Hahaha just kidding, because those are the comments I’d expect from my fellow Sioux fans.As a Sioux fan though, I would have to agree Bjugstad belongs on this list. He is very dynamic and gets the puck in the net by shooting, playing rebounds, getting in front of the net and seemingly blazes by the competition. As for the question of “character” that someone stated earlier, he is an extremely nice person who graduated from high school early by taking extra courses.

    A couple more honorable mentions should be:
    Justin Schultz, Wisconsin is doing not so great but at D he has 37 points, very impressive.
    Troy Grosenick, I can’t imagine Union being in the top 20 without this guy, he’s currently atop of all the goaltending stats.
    Drew Shore, gotta give the guy at least a look. Denver has been kind of down this year, but D. Shore and J. Zucker are keeping this team in it. If Brittain comes back and Zucker or Shore get hot, we could see a repeat of exactly what happened to Miele last year.

  • Tom

    Abbott is doing it all on a team that isn’t great. Jack is on the top team in the nation, that speaks volumes for Abbotts contribution. Austin is also in a pretty weak division.