Notre Dame coach Jeff Jackson met with the media Wednesday. Here are a couple video clips of his news conference.

On being at the Frozen Four:

On his team’s chemistry:

  • MCHAWorries

    The lower eschelon of the MCHA is a disgrace to DIII hockey. Northland needs new facilities to help its recruiting. Playing in that old barn is a disgrace to college hockey. I have seen high school teams with better rinks and lockers than is offered by Northland. Finlandia needs to concentrate on its ability to retain its players and quit losing talent to Adrian. And then there is Concordia….Tony Hrkac – you would think in 4 years of coaching a team that is in the Metro Milwaukee area he would have no problem recruiting players nor problems putting talent together on the ice. It can only be a failure of coaching and team management skill at Concordia. If anyone has not all ready called for Hrkac to resign, well, here it is. A former NHL player who cant run a program at D3 is not talented enough to coach period. The MCHA deserves better than these 3 programs offer right now. Nice to keep these teams in the mix to get an auto bid to the playoffs, but the Athletic directors of these schools need to be looking at serious problems with their programs before they waste more time of the student-athletes that sign up for these pitiful programs. The greatest worry is that these programs are so weak, that the administration of the schools themselves may decide to bail out of D3 hockey to save themselves the money and embarassment, making the MCHA the weakling of Men’s D3 hockey again.

    • Scotty

      Once Concordia has a new facility, which is in the works, it will help with recruiting. MSOE had a subpar facility for years and once they got their own rink they’ve had outstanding teams. Pulling the trigger on Hrkac won’t help, require restarting the program and he’s one of the few reasons kids are coming to that school for hockey at all. They’ve had to build a team from the ground up with no previous club team around. They had started off recruiting local high school talent which isn’t that great. MSOE has the draw of being an internationally known engineering school where as CU is just another liberal arts school. Also, Hrkac hasn’t had a full recruiting class graduate yet; once they get to year 6 and still have the same results then you can talk about firing him.