We’re tied 1-1 in a pretty physical game. Miami has had five power plays to two for BU, and neither team has been able to score with the man advantage.

Miami has to like its chances. The Redhawks have been the lowest seeded team in each of their games in this tournament, but they’ve made it to a one-period game for the national title.

  • Gatefan

    As a Colgate fan, it pains me to say that you’re probably closer to reality than the ECAC picks.

    • Paula Weston

      Gatefan, I can easily see Miami splitting if last weekend’s play is an indication that the RedHawks haven’t solidified themselves yet.  Now in the early going, though, I’m banking on last weekend being less of an indication of things to come than just an uneven opening weekend.  I’m sure that Colgate fans are looking at a high-ranked team as a big challenge, but I see this as a defining, challenging weekend for the ‘Hawks, too.  

      Fear not: I could be wrong.  I often am.  ;-)

  • davyd83

    12 of 16 games are predicted 3-2!

    • Paula Weston

      Don’t I know it, davyd83.  ;-)

  • Miami split last weekend without playing last years leading goal scorer Reilly Smith. He has not seen any action yet. Injury? Or maybe just giving some of the 8 freshman a chance to play. To me it doesn’t make sense to sit him. Paula can you get the scoop on why he is not playing. They will need to play more consistent and take advantage opportunities to remain in the top ten. Miami was fortunate to win last weekend’s second game coming from behind and scoring a shorthanded goal