The press conferences for the first game are barely over, and it’s already time for Game 2, another red vs. green matchup. Both the BU and Vermont fan sections are quite vocal with plenty to cheer about in an opening five minutes full of hard hits and good scoring chances.

  • Ms London

    Well you guys are on a good track as to who wins but most certainly not on the number of goals. I’ve come to the conclusion that BC under plays their opponent as a mercy rule. How else can you explain a player like Field, Carpenter and their top forwards be on a 2 – 0, 3 -1 and by themselves and not score. Sloppy is a word I could use for their game against UVM. No depth. Maybe tomorrow they’ll pick it up again.
    UW is 4-1 over OSU end of 2nd as I write. I see that game going to a 6-2 aprox.
    One more time, if PC scores first it can really affect your predictions.
    Happy Hockey Weekend everyone!