Miami gets the first goal of the tournament at 3:56 of the second period. On the power play, Tommy Wingel’s shot from the top of the face off circle beats Matt Dalton short side, over his stick shoulder. Gary Steffes set a nice screen in front.

  • Sam Hockey

    Where are the DU picks?

    • Brian Halverson

      Coming momentarily. I apologize for the omission.

    • Brian Halverson

      Denver picks are now included.

  • x1795x

    I guess its just taken as  a given that Union is going to beat DU?

  • Guest

    Lets go SIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     Cant wait to travel back for the GOpher sweep

  • Ms London

    Arlan, what if the ice is as white as paper? There is a playoff at stake so it will be hard to tell who really brings it. It might just go down to Goalies and in that case Lacasse has a better chance than Minton. I see PC on top for this one.
    Maine vs NU. Two goaltenders that are really hard to score on. I like to think that Coyne, Llanes, Esposito and Picket have a better chance on this one. I’m going for a sweep even though Maine is well known for bringing it right before playoffs.
    Even though BC knows how much they need the sweep, Garcia is on goal and when she is on a roll we know what the Eagles look like against good goaltending. Lots of shots but no cashing in. At this point of the game I won’t bet on them sweeping almost anyone. If the defense decides to show up they can do it, but would they?
    If Harvard plays like they did on the first five minutes of the game or the 3rd period of the Beanpot consolation game I think they can get RPI and most certainly Union.
    SLU has the Golden Knights no doubt. They seem pretty solid so far this second half.
    It’s hard to tell with Minnesota and OSU. Particularly if I haven’t watched the Buckeyes all season. But I have seen what Johnston can do so I would like to think that they can at least pull a split or maybe take them to OT.
    If BU leaves the Beanpot finals behind and looks ahead with possibilities in the air, I find it hard for that game to stay in the single digits. Even with the great UVM goaltending. BU is very physical from beginning to end (Darn Canadians!). For such a small active roster, UVM will have a hard time keeping up for too long.

  • Johnsheehan

    2 weeks in a row!
    What about the best team in the country?

    • Arlan Marttila

      How many people do you think would pick St. Cloud State to defeat Wisconsin? Think about the answer to that, and you’ll have a good idea as to why UW isn’t on the menu this week. But I did throw in a mention of your team, just for Badgers fans.

  • Kerri Bonomo

    U of M and OSU: The only form here is that Minnesota will sweep this weekend. 5-0 handily, plus solid goaltending from Raty tonight.  We will see, but I call 4-0 UM tomorrow. Chippy play all around, its hard to win games against Minnesota’s talent when you have that many penalties and OSU will be just as frustrated tomorrow. Raty can handle the weak perimeter shots and the D will be able to clear rebounds and the front of the net. My guess is West wont play tomorrow, but I’ve been surprised by her before. Too bad, she was just getting started after her junior year injury. Good luck OSU, you’ll need it.