We’ve now had three goals in a 2:21 span as Miami regains its two goal lead. Carter Camper’s shot from the point is stopped by Dalton, but the rebound is swatted at by Bill Loupee. The puck goes off the shaft of Loupee’s stick, and banks off of Dalton’s pads.

3-1 RedHawks.

  • Ms London

    The Eagles are not traveling to UVM. The games are at the Heights Friday and Saturday. PC might be able to split NU. It would be tough but it can happen. They should focus on scoring the first goal since the Huskies tempo depends quite a bit of it. As of right now it looks like NU will win the regular season followed by the Eagles and BU in third place. The odds of that changing are pretty high.
    In all honesty, the Beanpot first round was the worst refereed games I’ve ever seen. The NCAA and HEA really need to address this issue. The level of quality refs from men to women’s is quite different. Things like interference and delayed game for throwing the puck over the glass are non- existent.

    • Arlan Marttila

      You are correct regarding the location of the Vermont/BC games this weekend, my error. 

      As for delay of game for shooting the puck over the glass in the defensive zone, I’ve seen some pretty obvious cases and I’ve never seen a penalty assessed in the women’s game. They did change the rule such that the offending team is not allowed to change lines if the puck goes over the high glass and the player was inside her own blue line. That rule cost Northeastern and helped lead to the BC goal in the teams’ final Hockey East meeting.

  • Candace Horgan

    Interesting. Who do you think suffered more from the poor refereeing? 

  • Jmm410

    When i look at SOS for D-1 i see WCHA teams are the first 8 teams. How does Cornell keep getting so much love???? If you play the hardest schedule consistantly that has to be worth more than just racking up wins against sub .500 teams????