Seconds after a fantastic save by Vermont goaltender Rob Madore, Colin Wilson redirects a shot from the point by Kevin Shattenkirk and it’s 1-0 Terriors at 11:19 of the first period.

  • lah02476

    Amen, Jim! I’m a long-time  BC season ticket holder who did not attend the game. I was disturbed that BC would give up a home game for this, especially since they played there just two years ago. This was just an occasion for the Red Sox to make a quick buck. I wasn’t going to sit in the freezing cold AGAIN to watch a regular season hockey game, and put more money in the Red Sox owners pockets.

  • Guest

    Maybe it’s time for UAF and UAA to play an outdoor game.  40 below zero hockey.  Who wouldn’t love it?

  • NUHockey

    Couldn’t agree more with this article on so many levels.  NU fan here.  People were complaining after the first announcement that NU remained out of consideration for a Fenway game yet again, but frankly, I was happy they weren’t playing an outdoor game.  People don’t seem to realize that you sacrifice so much for the POTENTIAL of creating an atmospheric once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I’d much rather have the players play in the same conditions they normally do, and be able to watch a game comfortably.  These games are losing their luster due to the sheer saturation of outdoor games. 

  • E. L. Dyceo

    Wow, an entire paragraph devoted to maligning the various organizations that irreparably sullied the event through their selfish desire to have a once in a lifetime experience, and you STILL managed not to acknowledge the existence of Division III.  You guys are nothing if not consistent.