Miami plays a 2-on-1 to perfection with Tommy Wingels breaking down the left side and putting a beautiful cross-crease pass to Alden Hirschfield, who redirects the puck past dalton.

Time of the goal: 8:35.

  • Hockey Genius

    I hate pre-season polls.  It would add so much more drama if no polls existed for the first month.  See how teams really perform.  Let the young rascals do their thing, and see how it all shakes out….nothing worse than seeing a top ten team go down early, and their confidence shot, because the media told them how good they are supposed to be…etc…. 

  • Paula Weston

    Hockey Genius, I agree with you — and not just because I’m so often wrong in my picks.  I don’t see much point in them, either, but so many people like them and they generate discussion…like this one.  

  • BigDog

    Paula….What do you think about BGSU, UAH, and a few of the Atlantic teams getting together for a “new” CCHA….possible? Okay with you?

    • Paula Weston

      Well, I’m not sure this is being discussed seriously.  There was some speculation earlier about a few AHA teams leaving and joining the pared-down CCHA, but I haven’t heard that those AHA teams are interested in re-inventing the entire CCHA league.  I just hope that UAH lands somewhere.  I fear the Chargers’ demise.

  • Big Al

    I like your picks but MI and North Dakota seem to be rated a little high.  Wolverines will have to win low scoring games unless they have multiple forwards stepping up.  Sioux are also great in and around net but I guess they always reload up front.  Maybe AK will suprise this year. 

  • ed_crumbpacker

    I agree, more or less, with you ballot with the exception of North Dakota.  I am always amazed how these minimum-skilled mouth-breathing net-crashers have been able to fool the entire press corp into believing they anything other than a knuckle dragging cheap shot goon squad who closely resemble the Johnstown Chiefs of “Slapshot” fame.  You should really select your team based on hockey skills rather than a season padded with Michigan Tech wins, who they seem to play every other weekend.

    • Paula Weston

      Ed, I don’t share your opinion about NoDak — but you made me laugh this morning.

    • anon

      Start by saying I do not enjoy defending Paula, and putting Michigan at 5 is a joke, but, the other major polls all have NoDak in the top handful as well.  I do agree with your gripes on them, but they’ll still stay near the top of the polls all season.

      Seriously Michigan at #5 is brutal

  • Learnthegamepaula

    Naturally your lack of intelligence rears its ugly head. Really thought we would get past week 1 for our sanity sake but I was wrong…..

    One of a small number of positives of Miami leaving the ccha is not having to read your crap anymore…

    • Paula Weston

      Well, “Learnthegamepaula,” I’m glad to be able to provide something for you to gripe about for at least two more seasons of Miami hockey.  Thanks for reading!