We’re eight minutes into the first period, and neither team has had a quality chance. There are definitely more Notre Dame fans here than there were on Thursday. Most of the Michigan fans went home, while North Dakota still has a respectable contingent, which is rooting for the Irish.

Notre Dame is on the first power play of the game. I think it’s critical for them to get the first goal.

  • Css228

    Well you learned you can’t Brown Rule the Big Red. That said what are their chances against Renssalaer and Union next weekend

    • CUFan

      I think Big Red will split next weekend — this is still a team that’s worse than last year and both RPI and Union are doing pretty well. The chance for another 4-point weekend is low for Cornell.

    • ECACWriter

      You’ll have to wait for my predictions to come out on Friday; I can’t give away my good material ahead of time!

  • TheSmellofCornell

    Ccc228, you are kidding yourself. Clarkson was the first team to beat either RPI at home and Union remains undefeated at home. The only team that can potentially pull off a weekend sweep in Troy/Albany is Yale. Cornell will be lucky to loose by less than five.

    • CUCandy

      That might be true in Feb., but next weekend is in Ithaca.:)

    • Css228

      Yeah, I agree, they’re playing well and Cornell isn’t great this year, but I’m hoping for at least 2 points and maybe even 3 this weekend at Lynah. I think we can all agree the Big Red haven’t played up to their potential. After 3rd best D in the conference, 2nd best penalty kill in the country and league average Offense and power play shouldn’t translate to bottom half of the ECAC

    • Css228

      Correction, 2nd best GAA in conference play. Point is they’re not great like most Cornell teams, but they’re definitely not horrible

  • scrvet

    A sweep in the UNH-BC series and a BU sweep of Northeastern would give BU 2nd place.

    • guest4

      that an $2 buys you a coffee.

      • Qrsdogg

        Sure, but it would be a heck of a lot easier to beat Vermont or UMass in a series than Northeastern.

  • Jason

    Good games today. Thought the goalies were the difference in the first game. And what can you say about UAA…they were just snake bit. But…congrats to CC and Bemidji.
    On a side note…how much would it suck being UNO right now? Helpless feeling

  • Mcmurdo32

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T What does it mean to me……BEAVERS are a team to respect as they dominate any league they have played in and will dominate the WCHA in a coupple of years.

    • B.D.

      Um, really?

    • KPE

      Like the optimism, but BSU doesn’t have what it takes to be the dominate force in the WCHA when you have the UND, UNO and MN programs recruiting the top prospects. BSU will definitely be a team that you can’t just roll thru, but never a dominate team.

      • jackson

        wow…you talk about dominate teams in the WCHA, and you leave Denver out, but you talk about MN??? Ever since Mn lost to Holy Cross, there program has gone down hill. And just cause UNO had a good year doesn’t mean anything…Dominate means year in and year out… Haveing 1 good regular season is not dominate. And you said BSU will never be a dominate team, you better look at there program history… They been dominante in every league they played in.. Don’t get me wrong UNO is good, but the Beavers are a better team than UNO is.

        • jackson

          Almost forgot…. GO UND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • KPE

          You make valid points, but looking at the future, not the past, Mcmurdo32 said they’ll dominate the WCHA in the future I don’t see it with all of the good teams (like DU). I don’t see how BSU is going to be as dominate as those schools with better recruiting. Yes, BSU schooled UNO this year, but look who they have as captain of the program, Dean Blais. By all means no team will ever be as dominate as my Sioux. GO SIOUX!

  • CC 2-2 vs. UND I see…too bad they can’t keep fattening up against Michigan Tech.

    • SIOUX

      who ended up winning? yea thats what i thought, SHUT IT

  • Undsiouxfan

    Yeah! Way to go Sioux!!!

  • Jeffffyb


  • rick

    jefffyb, did you fine any cheese to go with your wine? GO SIOUX

    • rick

      can’t beat them, then cry like jeffffyb.

  • skate for eight

    Beavers dominate?
    If you pick North Dakota, Denver, Wisconsin and MN about 90% of the time you will be correct. Beavers are tough but dominate the conference is different. Easy does it Beaver guy or gal, this is the best college hockey tourny in the nation.

    State for eight UND…..

  • The Engineer

    Suey to play RPI in first round. RPI doesn’t even deserve to be in the tournament, so should be a cake walk for the Suey. They will have trouble scoring on Allen York though. The Suey fans finally get what they’ve wanted all year – a game against a team from the EZAC. Be careful what you wish for.

    • B.D.

      Here, I will help you out. It is spelled Sioux.

  • Jason

    Anybody still think Matt Frattin is over-rated? Didn’t think so.

    Yeah Sioux Sioux!

  • 1stAv

    So, if this game (and CC) weren’t in UND’s back yard?

    • B.D.

      It would have been like Eastern games – Unattended.

      • B.D.

        Ooooh, and I forgot – boring……