Michigan had better get it in gear or we’re going to have an all-Catholic final.

With just 34 seconds to go in the first period, Ryan Thang went end-to-end, beating Sauer near-post with a nifty backhand.

Shots after one period: 11-9 in favor of Michigan.

  • Kevin

    Thom Lawler must be smiling, his spirit lives in that little rink. Go Warriors!

  • Ab5infam

    I hav e watched a lot of college hockey in my life and was at the Whit when Merimack beat UNH. I have not seen a college team play such a great defensive game like this in a long time. I think they could,could win the HE tournement . I also think they will go a long way in the NCAA tourny. Watch out UNH you could be on the outside looking in. Any day now Umile will shake up his lineup and totally destroy his team chemestry, its only a matter of time….

  • Anonymous

    I really wonder how many times in college sports that a team went from being literally the worst team in their entire Division (2006 3-27-4) to legitimate contention for a National Championship just 5 seasons later.

  • HEhockey

    Predicting Merrimack to win the HE tournament and shake up the NCAA tourny.