Pepsi Arena

…has no life? It’s still two hours until they drop the puck here in Denver, but I and most of the USCHO crew are on site. I’m up in the pressbox, testing the wireless, which is going to be kind of important in terms of liveblogging ;). I’m the only one up here now, looking down five stories to the ice surface (the drawback of NHL areas – but hey, can’t wait until 2010 when I’m probably going to be a half a mile away at Ford Field).

The area got about 3 inches is snow last night, but hopefully all the fans who encountered travel problems due to weather and the American Airlines fiasco got here safe and sound.

Pregame thoughts on BC-UND in a bit.

  • I highly doubt that Dartmouth is going to beat B.C. I mean really…

  • NESN’s Jack Edwards is one of the best announcers in Hockey…

    • ECACWriter

      I disagree with this statement, of course… but as for BC/Dartmouth, I wouldn’t be surprised either way. Could be a 9-3 score for either side, and it wouldn’t shock me.

      • I would say that Dartmouth will be lucky to stay within in four goals against the mighty Eagles…

  • Sshablak

    You and I tied didn’t we…u say season at 5-3

    • ECACWriter

      You beat me in winning percentage.. but you didn’t pick mid-week games, hence the asterisk. ;)


    UConn to shock the nation…NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

    • RedGreenBlue

      In women’s basketball, that is.

  • Air Force baby WOOOOO

  • LtPowers

    “Intangibles” — another word for “I don’t want to look like a homer?”