We’re just about to drop the puck in St. Louis. The arena is less than half full right now, but at 3:00pm local time start is contributing to that, no doubt. I’ll be updating periodically throughout each period in a single blog post, so reload often.

0:00: Besides the battle on the ice, this one will be a battle of the bands, as two of the best square off. I was impressed with Maine’s band when I heard them at the Northeast Regional and saw the Spartan Band earlier today at a pep rally. Michigan State’s band get the honors of playing the National Anthem as the Spartans are the home team in this one.

0:23: And just like that, it’s 1-0 Maine. Josh Soares makes a nifty backhand pass from behind the net to Keith Johnson, who puts it past Jeff Lerg to make it 1-0 Black Bears.

3:24: Maine strike again. Lerg makes the initial save on Travis Ramsey, but the rebound goes to Soares in the slot and he wrists it stick side. That’s two shifts and two goals for the Soares-Leveille-Johnson line.

Back after a wireless outage:

7:25: Michigan State gets on the board. Ben Bishop makes the save on a wraparoud attempt by Chris Mueller, but the rebound is lands back on his stick, and he puts it by Bishop to make it 2-1 Maine.

11:04: We get our first penalty of the game as Michigan State’s Kennedy heads to the box for cross-checking. The Black Bears have the top-ranked power play in the nation, but the Spartans hold.

15:20: The Spartans get their first chance with the man advantage but Bishop makes some nice saves to keep it 2-1.

19:06: Gotta love the TV timeouts. Not.

19:22: Soares goes off for a checking from behind minor.

20:00 : And the first of nine periods (or more) this weekend is in the books. Shots on goal were 11 for eaach side. The Spartans will open the second period with 1:22 of power play. Offsetting slashing calls at the buzzer.

I’ll be continuing the liveblog in a separate post – one for each period.

  • Joeyc3402

    “They were born before a great number of current college players were conceived.”

    Really? Wow…. hard to imagine more than a nine-month age difference between players.

    • Paula Weston

      Grrr! I’ve gone in to fix that three times. It should read: “They were born before a great number of current college players were conceived.”

      It was a brain fart on my part — I knew what I wanted to say, and didn’t catch it in the proofread. Another reader alerted me to it, I went in to fix it, checked it later in the day…and it read as it does now.

      And again. And again.


      • Paula Weston

        Wow. I’m sleep deprived. I can’t even get it right when I’m trying to describe what I was trying to say.

        It should be right, now: “They were in kindergarten before a great number of current college players were conceived.”

  • Phil Collins is da man.

    • Paula Weston

      Da old man.

  • Adamsjjw

    To my friends in the WHCA and the CCHA: Anchorage and Fairbanks, the respective homes, of course, of UA and UA –Anchorage were app. 360 miles apart. UA being closer to the lower 48, I measured its distance from the closest NCAA Division1 school, North Dakota in Grand Forks. The distance is 2,140 miles.
    To answer the question before it is asked, there are 10 Hockey East Schools and 12 ECAC schools, an imbalance that seems to bother nobody. My question is a simple one: why are the two Alaska schools in 2 different leagues? I can’t imagine how tough the away schedule is for both teams but was it a practical joke to have them play each other only twice a year instead of the four games in all intraleague games. BU and BC play each 4 times. The two rinks are 2.5 miles apart on the same road. BU also plays Northeastern 4 times. The rinks are 1.6 miles apart.
    Anyone out there know the history of this?

    • Ondeck

      The answer lies in an obscure NCAA regulation commonly referred to as the “Alaska/Hawaii exemption”. Realizing that schools outside the lower 48 may, otherwise, have difficulty getting opponents to travel TO them, the NCAA allows teams that travel there (to Alaska) to do so WITHOUT those games being counted against their 34 game limit. Teams from the lower 48 can only take advantage of this exemption for ONE trip per season…and THAT’S why Fairbanks and Anchorage are not in the same conference, as it allows teams from BOTH the CCHA and WCHA to take advantage of the exemption.

  • Chaos242510

    It’s a long season, you’ll start to gain some ground on your guests lol