I’ll be liveblogging the title game, so check back for frequent updates.


-12:13: The house is almost packed with about 12 minutes till game time. The video scoreboard is showing highlights from the semifinals, and the pro-Wisconsin crowd is cheering every Badger and booing every Eagle whenever they appear on the big board.

-5:52: The players take the ice. The first “Let’s Go Red!” cheer of the night erupts. I’m sure we’ll be hearing this a few more times.

-3:12: Who said the Bradley Center couldn’t get loud? Holy Cow. Based on the sea of red, the North Dakota and Maine fans sold their tickets.

First Period:

0:00: And we’re under way.

3:22: BC is looking tentative with a couple of giveaways in their zone. The Eagles take a penalty as a result.

5:57: BC kills that one off, but right back to the box are the Eagles.

9:01: OK. There are some BC fans here. After killing off the penalty, the Eagles do a good job on the forecheck and Pat Gannon puts a backhand past Badger goalie Brian Elliott to make it 1-0 BC. The place gets surprisingly loud.

10:10: BC’s Chris Collins collides with teammate Brian Boyle, catching a knee in the head. He goes to the bench, clearly shaken up.

11:39: The Badgers take a penalty and Collins is back on the ice. A quick shift and then he’s off, still looking a little shaky.

12:10: The teams return to even strength.

18:03: Pressure by Wisconsin results in another BC penalty.

20:00: End of one. 1-0, BC.

Second Period:

0:03: BC returns to full strength. Most of the crowd thinks that’s debatable.

1:17: We’re tied. Robbie Earl gets upended at the red line but becomes the trailer and goes puts the puck in the net right before he winds up there.

2:28: Another BC penalty.

4:28: Another bullet dodged by the Eagles. Penalty over.

6:30: BC gets a turn with the man advantage.

8:30: Wisconsin back to full strength. BC fans think that’s debatable, too.

10:18: During a TV timeout, a picture of Chris Collins’ mom is put up on the scoreboard. Boos erupt. Gotta love Badger fans.

17:31: Earl gets upended again and comes off the ice favoring a leg.

19:48: Earl is back on the ice and looks fine.

20:00: And we go to the dressing rooms tied at one.

Third Period:

0:50: The Badgers take a crosschecking penalty to open the period. The crowd doesn’t like it, especially when a replay is flashed on the scoreboard.

2:14: BC takes a penalty to even things up. UW on the power play in seven seconds.

4:14: Penalty expires. Wisconsin now 0-5 with the man advantage. BC is 0-3.

5:39: BC on the power play. Can anyone score on the PP?

7:39: Apparently not.

8:34: The Badgers get another chance on the power play. Shots are 30-20 in favor of UW so far. Crowd on its feet.

9:32: Yes, someone CAN score on the power play. Nice puck movement by the Badgers. A set of crisp passes finds Tom Gilbert all alone in the slot. He beats BC goalie Cory Schneider low stick side to make it 2-1.

11:29 Another BC penalty. And a delay as one of the holes holding a post on the BC net needs some repair.

13:29: Penalty over, but time’s beginning to become a factor.

16:32: BC’s Peter Harrold gets two minutes for boarding. Tough penalty to take this late in the game. Crowd on its feet again.

19:16: BC can’t get Schneider off.

19:34: The Boston College net is empty.

19:58: BC hits the post!

20:00: Badgers are Champs!