Here’s the TV information for this weekend’s conference tournaments. Also, watch for our live blogs for each tournament:


This schedule comes from a league release. All times Eastern.


NHL Network (Live in the U.S. and taped delayed in Canada) Semifinal #1 – Cornell vs. Brown at 4 p.m. and Semifinal

#2 – Union vs. St. Lawrence at 7 p.m.


Fox College Sports (Live) 7 p.m.

NHL Network (Encore Presentation of Semifinals – Cornell vs. Brown at 12 p.m. and Union vs. St. Lawrence at 4 p.m. in U.S.)

NHL Network (Encore Presentation of Semifinals – Cornell vs. Brown at 2 p.m. and Union vs. St. Lawrence at 4 p.m. in Canada)


NHL Network (Encore Presentation of Championship Game at 11 a.m. in U.S.)

NHL Network (Encore Presentation of Championship Game at 4 p.m. in Canada)


All games will be shown live on NESN.


All games will be shown live on Fox Sports North and Fox College Sports Central.


Friday’s first semifinal (Ferris State vs. Northern Michigan) live on Fox Sports Detroit and Fox College Sports Atlantic. The second semifinal (Miami vs. Michigan) live on Big Ten Network.

Saturday’s championship game on Fox Sports Detroit and Fox College Sports Atlantic.


Games on pay-per-view Internet broadcast at

  • Streaker

    Captain Chris Brown?? Paula, I know he SOUNDED like a Captain, but actually Luke Glendening is wearing the ‘C’, with Wohlberg, Hunwick and Pateryn wearing the ‘A’. 

    Just the same, I get your drift and fridays have not been kind. 

    • Paula Weston

      I knew all of that, Streaker.  I just fixed it — thanks.  The coffee is not working this morning.

  • Mike Bausano

    Little confused on your Miami/MSU Comment “I fully expect even more outraged email than usual from RedHawks fans, come Monday morning.”  You picked Miami to win both… 

    • Paula Weston

      My comment at the beginning of the picks probably explains that.  (Hint: When I pick teams to win, they lose.)

  • MiamiRedhawks2008

    I am not sure about your Miami comment…do you usually get hate mail from MU fans?  I think you’ve been pretty complimentary of Miami over the past few years.  

    Picking against Miami wouldn’t make you a bad person…just wrong.

    • Paula Weston

      I’m often wrong.  *laugh*  It varies, but there are times during the season when I get my share of hate mail from fans of nearly every team, and Miami is well represented.

      • MiamiRedhawks2008

        Now I feel left out.  “Coach, I wanna play!” look for mail in the future…lol!

  • Jeff

    Northeastern beat Michigan 4-1 not 6-3 and it should’ve been about 7-1.  Check the highlights.

    • Paula Weston

      I had it right the first time I mentioned it — thanks for pointing out the mix-up the second time.  Man, seriously, the coffee is not helping one bit today … 

      • sigh…

        Does the coffee ever help?

        • Paula Weston

          Yes.  Just not today, apparently.  

  • John Hebard

    Small nit.  Falcons were shut out twice at BG not Fairbanks.

    • Paula Weston

      Oh my goodness!  I’ve been joking among my friends today that I cannot seem to get going — at all — and this blog post proves that right.  My the hockey gods smile upon my recap editor tonight following the BGSU-MSU game.  I will absolutely be stopping for even more coffee along the way.

      Thanks, John.  Fixed.

  • Bill Mis

    Has paula ever picked an NMU win this year? I don’t think so. As a .500 team with a tough schedule you’d they would get the nod on at least one of their first 14 games from paula

    • Paula Weston

      Do you really believe that it’s personal?  After the way I mock myself endlessly — and sincerely — for my atrocious picks record this season, do you really believe that I’m deliberately picking against Northern Michigan in any game?  I’m sitting here listening to “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” and shaking my head.

  • Gordon Sandine

    No complaints from Columbus – Sat. night got a bit hairy, but I don’t think there were many folks at VCA who thought Ohio State was going to lose (well, maybe on LSSU’s bench).  I’m not ready to consider Mark Osiecki the Buckeyes’ answer to Herb Brooks, but he’s shaping up to be better than John Markell. 

  • NUMayor

    Hey Notre Dame, welcome to Hockey East.  ps, I’m hoping my huskies can get a vote in the polls today.  Just one and I would be happy!

  • 94eagle

    Which moron gave ND a first place vote this week after getting swept by an unranked team?  He/She must have taken one too many pucks to the head.