I wanted to get this post up Friday, but then the games started and, well, there went the rest of the night at Mariucci Arena.

With 37 entries in an informal NCAA tournament poll I conducted, some interesting things developed:

** Only 8 percent did not have either Boston University or Notre Dame winning it all. The top two seeds are clearly defined this year, and with seeds Nos. 3 and 4 bowing out on Friday, there may be an even clearer line there.

** 54 percent have a Boston University-Notre Dame championship game. There was a tie next most popular matchup: BU-Denver or BU-Minnesota-Duluth, both of which were on 11 percent of the brackets.

** 86 percent picked Notre Dame to get to the Frozen Four, whereas 84 percent picked BU to get to DC. The favorites in the other regionals: Michigan (73 percent) and Minnesota-Duluth (51 percent).

** Bemidji State and Ohio State were the only two teams not given at least one nod on a bracket.

** Only one person had a perfect Friday, but his chances of a perfect bracket ended with North Dakota’s overtime loss to New Hampshire.

  • Ms London

    I honestly think that you have to watch the BC vs BU game to make a call for HEA. I would not be surprise if BU ties or even wins the game against NU. The whole Terrier’s squad came back to life and it wasn’t just because of Poulin. Moving Jenn to wing with Menard on center was a brilliant decision. The whole team is hungry for revenge, particularly against NU. As for the beanpot, if they play like they did with BC, there is no way Harvard will come out happy. The tournament is at Walter Brown this year. BU has a great home crowd that seems to fuel them. I think this would be one the most intense Beanpots yet. NU wants revenge against BC for taking HEA title last year. BU wants revenge against BC for taking them out on the first round and is also home. And well BC just got schooled by BU so the Eagles want a payback.
    I’m sure BC is crossing their fingers for NU to lose against BU (even with the great Comm. Ave rivalry in between). That would give BC a chance to take the regular season title for the first time in the programs history.
    I sure hope the Badgers can fill the Bowl. I think BSU is going to finally feel what it means to play against #1.