So much for the “coveted” home-ice advantage, as seeds Nos. 10, 11 and 12 each upset their seventh, sixth and fifth-seeded hosts. Just another week in our wacky little league.

First-round round-up

No. 8 Quinnipiac 2, No. 9 Brown 0

The Bobcats cut Bruno down with twin 4-0 decisions, as junior Dan Clarke stopped 22 shots on Friday, and sophomore Eric Hartzell saved 26 on Saturday. Sophomore Jeremy Langlois and senior Zach Hansen each had a pair of goals on the weekend, though Hansen was the only player to boast a multi-point game in either of the wins, with a goal and assist on Saturday. Brown had only been shut out once all season heading into the series, and QU had only registered one shutout all year as well.

No. 10 Harvard 2, No. 7 Clarkson 0

Friday night’s tight 2-1 final bred a frantic Saturday finale in Potsdam, as the Golden Knights and Crimson combined for 10 goals in the game’s final 38 minutes in a 6-4 Harvard victory. Ryan Carroll may well have been the hero of the series, as the senior goalkeeper stopped 32 of 33 shots on Friday and turned away 29 more on Saturday. The Knights went 0/4 on the power play this weekend, harkening back to early-season issues with the advantage, while the visiting Ivy scored on two of nine PP opportunities to win its fourth and fifth games in a row (and seventh in eight).

No. 11 St. Lawrence 2, No. 6 Princeton 1

The Saints overcame a dismal 4-1 loss on Friday to win back-to-back matinee games in the Garden State, dispatching the Tigers with timely goals and stellar defense and goaltending. Rookies led the way, as Matt Weninger stopped 96 of 100 Princeton shots after taking over in Game 1 for junior Robby Moss, fellow frosh Greg Carey led the Saints with three goals, and classmate Kyle Essery joined the party with two goals as well.

No. 12 Colgate 2, No. 5 Rensselaer 1

The Raiders rolled into Troy on Friday with a lot of hope, but rolled out of Houston Field House with another loss on their record. Somewhere between Friday night and Saturday afternoon, Colgate regrouped and pulled off a deceptively tight 5-2 win in Game 2 (with two empty-net goals). The Raiders surrendered an early 1-0 lead in the pivotal Game 3, but after 90:06 and one and a half overtimes, sophomore Robbie Bourdon dashed the Engineers’ season with the double-OT, 2-1 winner. Thus the Chase Polacek era at RPI likely ends despite the senior’s three-goal effort in the series, while on the other side freshman goaltender Eric Mihalik is starting to make a name for himself, stopping 69 of 72 shots in Games 2 and 3 for the Raiders.

Round 2

One week out from Atlantic City; who wants to play? All games this weekend are scheduled for 7pm sharp.

No. 12 Colgate at No. 1 Union
No. 11 St. Lawrence at No. 2 Yale
No. 10 Harvard at No. 3 Dartmouth
No. 8 Quinnipiac at No. 4 Cornell

More thoughts on these series coming up later this week.

My top 20

1. North Dakota
2. Union
3. Yale
4. Boston College
5. Merrimack
6. Denver
7. Minnesota-Duluth
8. Miami
9. Michigan
10. New Hampshire
11. Dartmouth
12. Notre Dame
13. Western Michigan
14. Wisconsin
15. Nebraska-Omaha
16. Rensselaer
17. Boston University
18. Colorado College
19. Maine
20. Cornell

  • Rogersjd

    Not that it matters one iota, but Union and Yale above BC?? Western Michigan, Wisconsin and Rensselaer above BU, CC, Maine, and even Cornell?? Come on…

    • Bulldog07

      Dude…it’s the ECAC beat writer. I’m glad he’s giving credit to the teams he covers (and Yale still is #1 overall in the Pairwise and has won its comparison with BC, don’t forget). And Cornell’s getting a gift by being #20…they seriously lucked into that 4 spot in the ECAC.

    • I tend to put my ballot together with the idea of ranking teams based on their season success-to-date. Obviously that’s a very subjective assessment – as would be almost any ranking system – but I hope that will explain why I ranked Union over Yale, both over BC, or RPI over BU, for example. Fortunately, my rankings mean less and less with each passing playoff round!

    • HEhockey

      union and yale over BC is a joke.

  • Smarterthanu

    Brian….nice job on the ECAC Picks. Are you sure you follow college hockey???Doesn’t take much to write for USCHO.

    • ECACWriter

      Doesn’t take much to criticize on the internet, either. I don’t recall receiving your challenge to take me on in the head-to-head picks earlier this year, as many of your fellow fans did.

  • Css228

    Crazy weekend. Hoping next weeks another crazy weekend that the Big Red somehow survive.

  • Wounded Knee

    Dear Commissioner:

    Major changes needed in ECAC playoff format. Starting next year, teams that finish 9-12 in the regular season should be melting the ice on their home arenas following the last regular season game. The ECAC playoffs should start with 8 teams, just like Hockey East. Having all teams make the playoffs renders the regular season games rather meaningless. It would have been good for the ECAC to field three teams in the NCAA tournament. Now it will only be two as two of three viable teams (RPI, Princeton) were eliminated in round one with no chance of NCAA tourney berth. Eliminated by teams that underperformed all season only to get on a streak late in the season. Good for Colgate, SLU and Harvard, but bad for the ECAC. The teams that will benefit the most are Maine, BU, Wisconsin, Colorado College, etc. – all teams on the bubble. The ECAC should have fielded three, possibly four teams in the NCAA this year, but now it will only be two. HE will have five: BC, UNH, Merrimack, BU and Maine, thanks to a terrible ECAC post-season format.

    • Funny you should mention this: Check out this morning’s blog post, “Cheaper by the dozen?”

    • stu

      where do you get two from? i am confident that Union, Yale, and DARTMOUTH will all get bids

  • Siwanoy

    OK, keeping up with the crazies — and the hot hands, here’s a try on this weekend: Yale and Cornell, but also Colgate and Harvard.

  • Hewm12

    flanagan with no team behind him.  are you kidding? carey drewiske essery hughes…plus wenninger in net (top 4 in every one of your lists on your own site) still writing them off based on there start this season..tisk tisk

  • Armydad21

    Candace, great perdiction on the Beaver Sioux series….quite a battle!

  • Ms London

    I must say , I was less than impressed by The Gophers this weekend, granted I only saw the second game which ended in a 7-3 in favor of them.. if you take a look at the SOG or if you had the chance to watch the game, you’ve noticed that Bellamy wasn’t on her best performance. Maybe this happened because it was a second game? I haven’t watched the Gophers all season long but that was a slow paced, poor defense less than impressive stick handling game. I think their game against UND would be a great match. Surely hope they bring up the pace, otherwise the twins will dance around them!
    BU on the other has proven to be lacking of engine power on the AWAY games. Particularly the second day game. I’m going to put them on hold for now, Poulin will change the consistency of this power house.
    There is one team I have yet to watch play and I really would like to.. Bemidji State! they seem to be the underdog rising. They do not have any superstars but yet, they give their opponents a good match. They must have one heck of a drive every time they step on that ice.
    Back to HEA, I think that BC has just proven how mentally susceptible they can be particularly when your top line is filled with freshmen! The game against QU just showed that. Talking about giving up! On the other hand, I have yet to see this season a team that can be as explosive and fast paced as them when they have their game on!

  • Guest

    BC fans are never that loud at Kelley. Who is he kidding?

    • Guest


  • Prpjck

    I was there. BU fans made a good showing, but BC fans were definitely louder and obviously packed the house. More impressively, they cheered their team until the final buzzer and a lot of them stayed to sing their alma mater and salute the team–even in defeat.

    Saturday was the opposite. Agganis didn;t even sell out and started emptying out halfway through the third. By the end of the period, the only people left in the stands were the BC fans.

  • None

    After reading the first sentence I laughed, and then stopped reading because all credibility was gone.