Here’s the quick, 12:25am rundown (EDIT: now 1:22am, upon completion) on the playoff potentialities facing ECAC Hockey following Friday’s results and entering Saturday’s final regular-season contests. Here are this second’s standings.

EDIT: Upon further, well-rested review, the SLU/Harvard/Colgate situation has been amended. Tip of the cap to @WHRBSports for pointing out my error.

1. Union – If the Dutchmen win, they take the regular-season crown and the top seed. Lose, and they might lose both. If they tie and Yale wins, or if they lose and Yale ties – giving the Bulldogs and Dutchmen identical records – they share the title and Yale takes the No. 1 seed by virtue of record-vs-top-four.

2. Yale – The Bulldogs can wrest first place at the tape by winning, combined with a Union loss. Anything short of that, and the best they can hope for is a co-championship and perhaps a No. 1 seed… see the Union post for those breakdowns.

3. Dartmouth – Cornell holds the potential tiebreaker over the Big Green, but Dartmouth has Princeton, and a two-point lead on each. Should Princeton tie Dartmouth, the Green hold the No. 3 spot regardless… but should Cornell catch them, Dartmouth falls to fourth. In the case of a three-way tie, Dartmouth falls to fourth, but retains a first-round bye. Any way you slice it, it appears the Big Green have earned a week’s respite.

4. Cornell – The Big Red split the season series with Princeton, but will take the tiebreaker (if necessary) with a stronger record against the top four teams in the league. Read Dartmouth’s rundown for that matchup… the long and short of it is, if Cornell wins, they’ll earn a week off.

5. Princeton – The Tigers can’t climb higher than fourth, and they’ll need a little help to get that far (see above). They can fall as far as sixth, if they finish with the same record as RPI (or worse, of course). To get that coveted bye week, Princeton will need to finish ahead of Cornell and Rensselaer.

6. Rensselaer – The Engineers still have an outside shot at the bye, believe it or not: If they can catch or pass Princeton (they can) and pass Cornell (also possible), they’ll have some unexpected free time next week. Should RPI, Cornell and Princeton tie at 24 points (with idential 11-9-2 records), Cornell finishes fourth, followed by the ‘Tute and Princeton because the Red finished with the best head-to-head record within the trio, then RPI has the top-four tiebreaker over Princeton.

7. Quinnipiac – The Bobcats can’t improve on their current position, but they could definitely tumble: Current ninth-placer Brown holds the tiebreaker (there has to be an unambiguous synonym for that, right? This is killing me…) over QU, as does eighth-place Clarkson. If the Bobcats win, they’ll hold seventh. If Clarkson catches them, they fall to eighth; same if Brown wins, QU and Clarkson lose – Brown finishes seventh, QU eighth, Clarkson ninth. In the case of a three-way draw at 18 points, Clarkson gets the bump to seventh, Brown takes the home-ice spot, and Quinny falls into the road-trippin’ quartet at the bottom.

8. Clarkson – Currently eighth, the Golden Knights could finish a spot higher or lower. See the Quinnipiac analysis for that breakdown.

9. Brown – See Quinnipiac’s breakdown. Bruno could finish as high as seventh, and can finish no lower than their current nine-spot.

10. Harvard – Tied in 10th with St. Lawrence, Harvard has the edge with their first-semester road win in Canton. The sides play Saturday night, and all the Crimson needs is a tie to finish 10th. A loss will land the Crimson in 11th, but they can fall no further than that.

11. St. Lawrence – Simple: Beat Harvard, finish 10th. Lose or tie, 11th.

12. Colgate – The Raiders can not climb out of the basement. Colgate loses tiebreakers with SLU and Harvard, and has no hope of passing either team. The Raiders are finishing last.

  • Hamdenite

    Thanks for the update. I wouldn’t want to take on Colgate in the first round. They are skating very well.

  • Vicb

    WOW Princeton takes on both Dartmouth and Cornell tonight. Split squad??? Does Clarkson get the knight off????


      Yeah, didn’t you hear? Princeton wanted to end the season doing something that no team has ever done; challenge two teams at once. Defensively, Cornell/Dartmouth is going be tough, with two goalies blocking shots. If I was Princeton, I’d aim for the eleven hole. On the other hand, with twice as many players crowding the Cornell/Dartmouth bench, it is safe to expect slow line changes and frequent “too many men on the ice” penalties. The Cornell players have always had trouble counting to five. Princeton will also enjoy double home ice advantage with Clarkson’s team joining their pep band for the night off. Although, if the game turns into a blow out, Clarkson may send Karpowich to replace that soulless ginger goalie that Princeton has. My guess of the outcome of the game? Cornell 0 Dartmouth 2 and Princeton 3 in OT. Should be a good one.

  • YouSee

    Union ties a non-TUC and drops two spots in the PW, not good. Although Maine, BU, Colorado C and Wisconsin are behind them in the PW, they will get closer attention based upon their “reputations”. I don’t care that there is this supposed “formula” for the committee; mark my words.

    • ThankURaiders

      QU is now a TUC

  • YouSee

    People talk about the strength of the various conferences. I’d venture to say that Colgate is the best last-place team in the country. The ECAC is strong top to bottom. Hockey East? UMass andUMass-Lowell are very weak.

  • EliBlue

    saw Colgate play Yale last night and they were extremely tight defensively and employed a trap. Union should do damage in the NCAA tournament and I’m hoping they knock off one of the big boys who will no doubt look past them. RPI could have strengthened a bid to have three ECAC teams in but highly unlikely now

  • Guest

    How awful is the bottom half of the league? Can’t wait to be rid of the terrible small schools that have plagued this conference for years.

  • Anonymous

    Well I think the USA Under-18 team is going to beat UMO on Wednesday so I have to pick UMass to do so tonight at home.  Good grief this team is terrible. 

    Fire Tim Whitehead already –

  • Spidermonkey86

    Well sir you are certainly a man of your word….Now lets hope the Big Red wave continues 

  • Calpers

    Air force really? What about nmu at 6 in pair wise? You must have been the one voting Yale #1!!