Prediction precision

Season record: Me: 100-47-16 (.663)
Guest guessers: 76-49-13 (.598)

Head to head: Sullivan 7, Guests 4*, with 1 tie.

Looks like I’m doing alright so far.

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Friday, January 28

Cornell at Dartmouth – 7:00

Much like Princeton, Cornell has somehow figured out how to win on the road before getting it to click at home. Dartmouth hasn’t been extraordinarily strong at Thompson Arena this year either, and the first goal in this game looks like a big one, given each team’s one-win records when trailing early. While my brain is telling me that Dartmouth is the more likely winner, I think I’m going to trust my gut (especially after my last blog entry) and pick Cornell in the upset, 2-1.

Princeton at St. Lawrence – 7:00

SLU is 0-5 in its last five league games, and 1-8-0 in its last nine. Princeton, on the other hand, has only lost once in its last nine outings (7-1-1), and is a most curious 5-1-0 away from home this season (4-1-0 in ECAC play). Feels like a 3-2 game, and it feels like it’s Princeton with all the momentum.

Yale at Union – 7:00

Here’s a tough one to call. Union barely squeaked out three goals and one win at home last weekend, but the Dutchmen have been so fierce at home over the last couple years, it’s difficult to pick against them. That said, if you’re going to tab them to lose to anybody, Yale’s your best bet: Gotta ride the Blue to as many W’s as I can. 3-2 Elis.

Quinnipiac at Clarkson – 7:00

Two very exciting, unpredictable teams meet in Potsdam Friday night, and I haven’t the faintest idea who is going to win. QU has a little more positive inertia at the moment, but ‘Tech is hosting a home league game for the first time since November. This is just too wild a matchup to pick with any confidence, so I’ll go with the home team. (When in doubt: home team.) 3-2.

Brown at Rensselaer – 7:00

This could be a big trap game for RPI, in advance of Yale and the Big Red Freakout! Will Bruno be up for stealing a game? If goalie Mike Clemente stays hot (two goals against in each of his last three games, 85 saves combined), my money’s on the road team… even if the hosts are 10-1-0 at home this year. No, I’m kidding. Sure, Brown could certainly win, but 10-1-0? Seriously? Yeah, RPI in a squeaker, 3-2.

Colgate at Harvard – 7:00

It’s the movable force versus the stoppable object! I’d call a scoreless tie, if a) the defenses weren’t so inconsistent and b) I were lame enough to predict ties. Instead, I’ll have to actually do some real analysis: The Raiders have played in statistically tighter games lately, but I don’t think anyone on either team could describe a goal net from memory. The Crimson are coming off a real tough loss at Union in which Harvard led in the third period, while Colgate tied Cornell at home before getting routed in Ithaca. Game’s in Boston, which hasn’t meant much… geez, there’s really no edge either way. It’s an edgeless matchup. Spherical, even. Well, gotta fall back on the old stand-bys: Advantage, home team, 2-1.

Saturday, January 29

Princeton at Clarkson – 4:00

Princeton is playing like a team that doesn’t know it’s overachieving. Confidence, naivete, youthful exuberance; call it what you will, it all spells “win” lately. 4-2 Tigers.

Quinnipiac at St. Lawrence – 4:00

The Bobcats are average on the road. The Saints are average at home. But while each team has been performing in fits and starts, the ‘Cats have been putting up more big numbers – and allowing fewer big numbers – than SLU has of late. 4-3 QU in the North Country.

Colgate at Dartmouth – 7:00

The Brown Rule is back in effect; Dartmouth in a frustratingly low-scoring contest, 3-1.

Brown at Union – 7:00

Union has to get one back after Yale rolls through. Brown’s tough, but the Dutchmen can not afford to get swept in valuable home sets. 5-3 UC.

Cornell at Harvard – 7:00

Back to The Brown Rule status for Harvard, since I’m predicting all the weekend’s games at once: 4-1 Cornell.

Yale at Rensselaer – 7:00

Freakout! or no Freakout!, RPI always plays Yale tough. Will it be tough enough to hand the Bulldogs their third loss of the year, and second in two weeks? Eeehhhhh… no. I think the Blue is a title contender, and true contenders learn from past mistakes: There will be no Brown sequel. 4-3 Yale.

Wednesday, February 2

Harvard at Brown – 7:00

The Brown Rule, in a Brown game, not applying to Brown. Crazy. 3-2 Bruno.

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  • kdiff77

    Harvard at Brown — 7:00

    The Brown Rule, in a Brown game, not applying to Brown. Crazy. 3–2 Bruno.

    What is happening to the world! ;)

  • Css228

    Hey Brian, what do you think about the first Collins goal being disallowed because just a second or two before the goal light accidentally came on? Was Cornell screwed last night or what?

  • Guest

    Bye bye Yale.

  • Guestofaguest2

    Any rumor about Cornell going to Hockey East was probably generated to light a fire under RPI or any other schools considering moves.  

    • Joe C

      Ivy League schools NEVER leave the Ivy League (which is ECAC for Hockey) to play someplace else in any sport.

      In fact, the Ivies have the own trophy in every sport they play, the Ivy League trophy, which, in hockey, represents the ECAC results of all the Ivy schools playing one another and excludes non-Ivy play.

      While the Big Red certainly would be a natural fit otherwise in Hockey East, one would think that Dartmouth, Harvard and Brown are much better Ivy/ECAC fits to move to Hockey East, and yet they are not going anywhere, either.

  • JamesDee

    The MTU Huskies would be an excellent travel partner for Notre Dame in Hockey East.

    They are centrally located and very easy for east teams to fly from out east. They could play Notre Dame on Friday and fly from Chicago to Houghton to play a second game against MTU.

    Plus MTU has high standards as does Notre Dame.

    So please Notre Dame take MTU Huskies with you to play in Hockey East as a travel partner for 2013-2014 season.

  • Mark

    UConn would make sense based on all of the other D1 hockey-playing public schools being in Hockey East, but I don’t see them making the move. They play in a tiny rink (1000 fewer seats than Merrimack), and I don’t think they can play hockey in Gampel Pavilion (nothing on the school’s website for it suggests it can hold a rink). Not sure they have the money, or the will to spend the money, to get up to even the current HE minimum.

    There’s also scholarship implications, as they’d need to add scholarships to be competitive in HE (currently can give 12, NCAA max is 18), which wouldn’t help with whatever concerns over Title IX they have after adding football (I’m guessing about concerns, but think adding any men’s scholarships could be difficult).

    Personally I’d like to see them make the move, but RPI is more ready to do so.

  • Jd Smid

    Rumor in Worcester Ma.has Holy Cross another Jesuit school  making 3 in division history and geography .
     Conneticut is a definite no Basketball school with no history  new program poor recruiting Big East school that might move to ACC with BC . 
    Hockey East knows that Conneticut just does not fit in a prestigous league they want Hockey schools heard  RPI was a thought .

  • drop da puck

    There will be 5 Catholic Schools when Holy Cross joins heard its a done deal waiting on Notre Dame.

  • Wspd16

    Being a University of Massachusetts hockey fan I’d love to see Notre Dame come to Hockey East.  Teams like Boston College and Boston University often fill the UMASS Mullins Center which holds just over 8300 for ice hockey.  Very large crowds often of 6000+ come in for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  I’m sure that Notre Dame would be a yearly sell out, and it would be an exciting new venue to travel to with their new arena being completed.  And with Providence, Merrimack, and hopefully Holy Cross it would be a great fit for all parties involved.

    • Joe C

      I have to agree with you on all of this. I sure hope that Notre Dame joins.

  • ben james

    There is no CCHA… it’s gone. RPI will not join Hockey East… They passed on two opportunities before, why now? UConn has a weak hockey history, offers no scholarships, and has poor facilities… no where near the commitment HE will be looking for. Holy Cross has an unacceptable barn as well. I disagree with Dave here… Quinnippiac makes more sense than you think… Are UMass-Lowell, UMass, or Merrimack any more distinguished on the national level?  Take your pick, your guess is as good as mine. One thing is for certain… HE will take the right team.

    • FrozenFourFan


      I agree with your assesment regarding the HE candidates, and I agree that Quinnippiac is a solid choice.  Not so sure I agree with the collapse of the CCHA.  I believe Bowling Green is doing everything in their power right now to protect the conference and keep from traveling to Northern MN and Alaska.  I think there are enough AHA teams that are looking to expand their scholarship numbers that would consider the move.  When you look at location, it just makes sense for those schools to band together.  Plus, somehow, someway, somebody needs to make room for Huntsville.  I’m not a fan or from there, but the demise of any hockey program is not good for college hockey in general.  The CCHA should grab four or five schools from the AHA, invite Ala-Huntsville, and talk Ferris State into returning.  Air Force should move back west and join the WCHA.  More conferences, more auto-bids, more exposure for these non-powerhouse teams=good for the sport.

    • Anonymous

      I also believe it will be Quinnipiac.  Their location is a good fit, they have had some success.

  • FrozenFourFan

    I’ll give it a try…   I think that Air Force and Ala-Huntsville are interchangable in this list, but I will try it the way I would like to see it.

    Atlantic Hockey:

    American International
    Holy Cross
    Robert Morris
    Sacred Heart


    Ohio State
    Penn State


    St Lawrence


    Boston Coll
    Boston U
    New Hampshire
    Notre Dame


    Colorado College
    Miami (OH)
    Minnesota Duluth
    St Cloud State
    Western Michigan


    Air Force
    Bemidji State
    Bowling Green
    Ferris State
    Lake Superior State
    Michigan Tech
    Minnesota State-Mankato
    Northern Michigan

    Wouldn’t be suprised to see some moves between AHA and ECAC also after one of the teams moves to HE…

  • ULowellChief87

    RPI, Holy Cross, UConn are three teams that would all work.  What about RIT?

  • Ebergsven

    BSU and MTU low scoring… Hmmm. Should have been there, one wild 1st period.

  • LtPowers

    What’s really rare is a ranked D-I opponent coming into a D-III barn, which is where Canisius plays.  =)