Yale University Associate Athletic Director and Director of Sports Publicity Steve Conn released a new statement this afternoon regarding Chris Cahill’s eligibility:

The NCAA has confirmed the process and due diligence of Yale University and the Ivy League regarding the eligibility of Chris Cahill. He remains eligible to compete in all Yale hockey games.

The senior forward’s status came under fire last week in a report by’s Julie Robenhymer, but Yale has maintained that Cahill’s eligibility was comprehensively investigated and confirmed by school and Ivy League compliance officials before the season began.

  • Well I am glad that we got that cleared up.

    • Debonvine

      I guess after today we could ask….What color is Bullshit…Brown Brown Brown

      • DarthBruno

        After today we could observe: Our bullshit > your bulldogs. But thanks for the extremely original taunt.

        • Css228

          You both have barely any ECAC titles, so trash talking isn’t the best idea for either of your fan bases.

  • Anonymous

    CONGRATULATIONS Bulldogs! Mitakuye! Oyasin!

  • Mfurta15

    Great game … the only thing missing is if ESPN could get announcers who actually know the sport. Thorn amd Melrose are a JOKE and a DISGRACE……. What team is MIke Brown???? Clendending took alot of shots on hs own net,, the problem was that it was JT Brown , they have the same number… Those 2 fools ruined the game

    • Sheps20

      I agree–Melrose knows hockey, but didn’t have a clue about college hockey or their players–better off having college announcers call the game!

      • Gogofs

        He sounds drunk. Especially Thursday…

  • Brenen Helgesen

    Umichfan is bigger loser than Barry Melrose…

    Just one question, did the puck cross the line before or AFTER the whistle blew? I guess it wasn’t a goal then.

    Get over it, you are taking away everything your team accomplished this year with this whine of yours. Michigan had an amazing team and a great run to the championship game, but they LOST. It doesn’t take away from what they accomplished this year, but your BS does. Way to ruin a good thing for Michigan.

  • collegehockeyfan

    Congrats to the Bulldogs! They decided to play their best hockey at the perfect time of the year. Great to see Michigan not catch the breaks they did against UND and UNO, Hunwick still played a lights out game, congrats on Michigan’s run, all coming from a Sioux fan!

  • Dwvandy

    Here is a great article that sums up what this victory means to many long time UMD Bulldog fans. It is from the perspective of Bulldog assistant coach, and former Hobey Baker award winner Bill Watson… Whew!:


    Props to Michigan for shutting down the top scoring line in the nation, but it just wasn’t enough! Kenny Reiter chose the right time of the year to step up his game, and Tardy chose the right game to score his first college goal.

  • Candmb2

    I had no sound in the bar so I did not find out what was up with the UMD fans with wigs on. Anything to this?

  • MD17

    And cue the talk about how the WCHA is the best league in college hockey.

    • Suture1

      Well, the WCHA is the best league. Are you telling me they are not? Come on, honestly, do you think the WCHA is not the best conference? I think this is a very difficult argument to make there tiger….:)

  • Uffda93

    As a Minnesota Hockey fan living in Connecticut, it was a dream come true that they landed in the eastern regionals, and I got to see them beat Yale. I am torn between the Gophers and the Bulldogs because I can get the Gophers on TV here and follow them, but I’m from Duluth and visit the North Shore every Summer. What a week. UCONN wins in round ball, and then Duluth wins a championship.