These Thursday quick picks so far this season have a Ryan Dzingel-specific theme. Last week, I apologized for calling Dzingel “Danny” in my column. This week, Dzingel is popular with the ladies.

The 12-year-old ladies.

In the eye of the adolescent beholder

A message came my way via email that’s too good not to share. A long-time Buckeye fan who calls himself “a usually reliable source” related something he witnessed during OSU’s 2-1 home win over Quinnipiac Oct. 7.

“I was sitting…three rows behind the OSU bench,” said the source, “and behind me were a mom and dad, two hockey-playing boys (around eight and ten), and their 12-year-old sister and her friend.

“The girls weren’t happy about being there,” said the source, “and made no bones about it. After warm-ups, the Bucks skated back out for the introduction without their helmets.”

It was at this point that the young ladies experienced an epiphany — Ryan Dzingel, the 19-year-old freshman from Wheaton, Ill.

“The two girls took one look at Ryan’s wavy blond hair and it was love at first sight. ‘OMG! He is soooooo cute!’ they said. They kept me entertained the rest of the game and they never missed a moment he was on the ice.”

Dzingel isn’t missing many moments, either. He leads the Buckeyes in scoring (3-2-5) with both of OSU’s game-winning goals.

OSU vs. MSU, Thursday and Friday, 7:05 p.m.

Last weekend, the Buckeyes split with Notre Dame in South Bend, taking multiple-goal leads in both Friday’s 5-2 loss and Saturday’s 4-3 win. The win wasn’t as close as the numbers would indicate; OSU led 4-0 going into the third, when the Irish began playing better in front of Mike Johnson, who took over for Stephen Summerhays in net. The Irish needed a five-on-three power play to beat Cal Heeter (3.19 GAA, .901 SV%) for their first goal in that one. In addition to the game winner, Dzingel had an assist in Saturday’s game; his classmate, Max McCormick, had a goal and two helpers in the win.

The Spartans came away from Sault Ste. Marie last weekend with two one-goal games and no points to show for it in 5-4 and 3-2 losses. Senior Brent Perlini (2-3–5) leads MSU in scoring, adding a goal and two assists Friday to give him 50 career points. Junior Torey Krug also had a goal and assist Friday, bringing his career total points to 51 in 80 games. The Spartans are still looking to solidify their blue line; MSU has allowed on average 3.75 goals per game through four contests.

Last season, the Spartans blanked the Buckeyes twice, a 4-0 game in East Lansing and a 2-0 decision in Columbus. The Buckeyes won the other two close contests, 4-3 in OT in Munn and 4-2 with an empty-net goal in the Schott.

Pick: So much transitioning for each team. Many young Buckeyes; new coaches for MSU. Statistically, the teams are evenly matched. MSU 3-2, OSU 4-2

I’m heading to East Lansing Friday, looking forward to my first game of the season in person. Say hello if you see me. Follow on Twitter and I promise to say hello to you: @paulacweston.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, never mind, I took too long to finish the post.

  • Jodiejeezie2020

    Rensselaer not only beat CC, but shut them out..?? I have read this blog once (just now) and am done forever!!

  • Css228

    Might as well give it a shot
    Friday GamesYale 5 – Princeton 3Dartmouth 3 – Brown 0
    CC 4 – RPI 1
    Niagara 2- Colgate 1
    Clarkson 2 – Bentley 0
    Union 3 – UNH 1
    Saturday Games
    Brown 3 – Princeton 2
    Yale 4 – Dartmouth 3
    Cornell 5 – Mercyhurst 0
    Colgate 4 – Niagara 2
    CC 5 – RPI 2
    Clarkson 5 – Bentley 4
    Union 3 – AIC 0

  • Mrjakep

    Tyler thanks for the vote of confidence on the Minny Sweep! Go Gophers!

    • GO gophers

      Of course he would say that… He’s a gopher fan duh!

    • Once again disappointed by another Friday night!  They did play hard which was nice to see, just would have been better with 2 points! 

  • Rjk5079

    Wisconsin goaltending has posted shutouts the past two weekends. Tyler looks silly when he says it’s not very good

  • Anonymous

    Why do they still play the Beanpot?  Wouldn’t BU and BC rather play some different competition for their NC games?  I understand it is tradition, but is there any other tournament like this where the same two teams are in the finals every year? And you hit the nail on the head with the 3rd place game, really who cares?  For the NU and Harvard fans that hold out hope for a title, maybe your teams can decide to play another tournament elsewhere and put this thing to bed.

  • Floresoscar

    Are there any Hockey East real writers on this website?? I feel like they just write the same over and over… I even wonder if they even attend games…?

    • Anonymous

      No they are not real writers and they attend very few games.  Good grief these guys are terrible…

      • Anonymous

        If the writers at USCHO don’t know anything and aren’t real writers, why is it that your tag name pops up on the comment board of articles so often? Seems to imply that you continue to read their “terrible” and misinformed writing on a regular basis.

  • peter puck

    BC will win the hockey east

  • Anonymous

    GOooooooooooooo Blue!!!! How to be Maine!

  • hahahalak

    PC clinches playoff berth with “no lead is safe” in the net – amazing!

  • Catnation

    unh gon win hockey east tourney baby. desmith is a brick wall

  • UNH Fan

    UNH won’t make home ice and they will not make it to the Garden.  They are doing well now but it took them all season to get it together.  Once they face a do or die situation I think they will crumble.  They are just too inexperienced.

    • bronxbomberz41

      they definitely won’t make home ice, but don’t count them out of the semis.  If they draw BC or BU for the quarter finals, I would say they definitely won’t make it (they always stink it up at Kelley Rink) but if they draw Lowell, Maine or Merrimack, i think they have an outside shot.  They’ve played all those teams tough so far picking up a win against each (1-0-1 @ Merrimack, overtime losses to Maine and MC).  Since DeSmith has been in goal the D has been much improved, just need a little scoring.  Moses isn’t a true scoring talent like Thompson or Butler were, and the Freshman are starting to put it togeter (Casey Thrush is second on the team in goals).  I don’t have high hopes for UNH, but you wouldn’t be a fan if you didn’t have a little hope right?

  • bronxbomberz41

    Remembering a couple years ago when UNH drew the 1 seed in the playoffs and UVM was the 8 and they came to durham and dropped the first game then shut UNH out in the next two.  UVM always plays UNH tough and already played to a draw at the Gut.  don’t count them out or take them for granted.

  • Anonymous

    If the Black Bears finish in first place, I’ll change my name to MUD.  

    • Anonymous

      You’re safe this year and the next two years.  Unfortunately….

    • Joe C

      Number 8 in the PairWise.

      Settle down. Get in the NCAA. They just as likely to win the four NCAA games as about 10 other teams in D-I

  • Guest

    With how much Merrimack has struggled of late, I’d be surprised if the games are as close as Dave and Jim are predicting.  Hopefully they get things going in the right direction this weekend. 

    With this weekend’s series and the series against UML and 2 against UMass left, I could easily see the Warriors losing at least 4, and perhaps 5 of those games, and if they want any shot at home ice, and to try to secure a spot in the PWR for the NCAAs, they had better get the ship righted and get moving in the right direction.

  • guest

    uml is not going to sweeped dave!

  • boston/black bears

    What a terrific finish … if ML and Merrimac go down again tonight – what an ideal match-up they will have next weekend. Bringing more certainty that the Boston(s) will be one, two – with Maine as a sleeper. The latter has becoming a team that no one may want to play in the tournament if they can maintain some poise. All that said, Northestern, Providence and NH will still have something to say …

  • 94eagle

    Jerry has the boys peaking at just the right time.  Hockey east is the dominant conference so far this season and I hope that 5 teams can make the big show.  North Dakota not making the cut would be a Bonus!
    Go EAGLES!!!