So I had a feeling that the Wolverines would beat St. Lawrence last night, but 10-3? Not surprisingly, someone had a hat trick. Senior Luke Glendening — who had eight goals in 44 games last season — recorded his first career three-goal game.

Including last night’s win, here’s how I’m doing so far with the picks.

Last week (including Thursday): 13-7-1
Season to date: 16-7-1

I correctly picked last weekend’s QU-OSU and NMU-UW series to split, but I picked the wins and losses on opposite night, so four in the “L” column for me. I can live with it.

This Week

The CCHA opens its 41st season of conference play with two league series. There’s a slew of nonconference play, including the Brice Alaska Goal Rush in Fairbanks. Everything is Friday-Saturday, and all games start at 7:05 p.m. local time except for the NMU series, which begins at 7:35 p.m.


The Spartans came away from last weekend’s Ice Breaker with head coach Tom Anastos’ first career win, 3-2 in OT over Air Force in the third-place game. The Lakers were idle last weekend after opening their season with two road wins over Alabama-Huntsville Oct. 1-2. Last year, the Spartans defeated and tied the Lakers in Sault Ste. Marie; the last LSSU win over MSU came Jan. 31, 2009.

Lee Reimer leads MSU in scoring so far with two goals and an assist, and it was Will Yanakeff with that win in net against Air Force. Newcomer Chris Ciotti has four points (1-3–4) for the Lakers, but Nick McParland leads them in goal scoring with two, and the very capable Kevin Kapalka had the sweep in net against UAH. Very hard to call, but I’m favoring the Lakers Friday because of their bye week. LSSU 3-2, MSU 3-2


Each of these teams split last weekend in their first D-I action of the year. The Buckeyes beat Quinnipiac at home Friday night, 2-1, before losing 4-3 Saturday. The Irish traveled to Duluth where they had to watch the Bulldogs — the team that eliminated ND from last year’s Frozen Four — lift the national championship banner before losing to UMD 4-3 Friday, but ND rebounded with a 5-3 win Saturday. Freshman Ryan Dzingel — that’s Ryan, not Danny, Dzingel, over whom it is reported that 12-year-old girls swoon — leads OSU with two goals and an assist, while Cal Heeter has the win for the Buckeyes. It is completely unsurprising that T.J. Tynan (1-3–4) and Anders Lee (2-1–3) top the scoring for ND; Steven Summerhays has the win in net for the Irish.

The teams split last season in Columbus, with each squad limiting the opponent to one goal in its loss. The series is 12-12-4 at the Joyce Center — and these will be the last CCHA games to be played in that venue before Notre Dame moves into Compton Arena. This gives the Buckeyes the chance to return an old favor; ND and OSU played the last regular-season series in OSU’s Ice Rink in 1998 before the Buckeyes moved into the Schottenstein Center in January of 1999. OSU swept that series. Perhaps Notre Dame will return that favor. ND 3-2, 3-2


The Falcons defeated and tied Connecticut at home last weekend to open their series, with Bryce Williamson recording two goals and Andrew Hammond in net for both games. The Chargers are looking to pick up their first win of the season, after four straight losses to CCHA teams; last weekend, UAH was swept on the road by the Broncos, who outscored the Chargers 11-1. Mac Roy has two goals through four games for UAH; John Griggs and Clarke Saunders have split time in net. BGSU beat UAH three times last season — two close games early and a 5-1 win in the RPI Holiday Tournament at Thanksgiving. I’d like to see the Falcons continue that streak, but BG’s defense and net are still fairly vulnerable. UAH 3-2, BGSU 4-3

Miami at Colgate

The RedHawks split a pair at home last weekend against Bemidji State, losing 5-3 Friday before Saturday’s 3-2 win. Colgate is 2-0 after emerging victorious from last weekend’s Maverick Stampede, beating Robert Morris 3-1 and host Nebraska-Omaha 4-3. Matt Tomassoni has two goals for Miami; Connor Knapp and Cody Reichard continue to split time in the Miami net this year as they have for all three of their previous seasons, with Knapp picking up last weekend’s win. Kurtis Bartliff and Joe Wilson each have two goals for Colgate, with Alex Evan and Eric Mahalik each picking up one of those wins. The teams have met just twice before, the last time Dec. 27, 1998, a 7-2 Colgate win at a holiday tournament in my hometown of Syracuse. Miami 3-2, 3-2

Rensselaer at FSU

The Engineers opened their season last weekend with a loss and win against visiting Minnesota State, a series in which they allowed just two goals. Scott Diebold and Bryce Merriam each played a game, with Merriam getting the Saturday win. The Bulldogs swept St. Lawrence on the road — successfully defending the realm — with freshman C.J. Motte and senior Taylor Nelson each picking up a win in net. Kyle Bonis and Travis Ouellette each has three goals for the Bulldogs. It’s a homecoming for RPI head coach Seth Appert, who manned the FSU net (1992-96) under current coach Bob Daniels. The teams have met just once before, a 3-2 FSU win in Big Rapids in January 1998. I’m thinking that FSU may have some guns this season — and that the Bulldogs will continue to defend the realm. FSU 3-2, 4-2


Each of these teams is 1-1 in the early going. The Huskies lost the title game of last week’s Kendall Hockey Classic in overtime to Alaska-Anchorage, 4-3, after beating Alaska Friday to get a chance for hardware. The Wildcats exchanged a pair of 3-2 decisions with Wisconsin last weekend, winning in OT Friday. The game winner was scored by sophomore Reed Seckel, and it was his first career goal in 13 games. SCSU has a trio of seniors — Travis Novak, Jared Festler, Drew LeBlanc — leading in scoring, and Novak has the most goals with two. Mike Lee (2.44 GAA, .911 SV%) has been the only goalie of record. Justin Florek has three goals for the Wildcats; Reid Ellingson (1.85, .931) and Jared Coreau split time in net last weekend, with Ellingson picking up the win. The last time these teams met was Mar. 26, 2010, in the NCAA West Regional in St. Paul, a game in which SCSU’s Tony Mosey scored the game-winner 23 seconds into the second overtime. He’s gone now. NMU 3-2, SCSU 3-2

WMU at Union

Here’s a match between two teams that demolished opponents last weekend. The Broncos swept visiting Alabama-Huntsville, 7-1 and 4-0, while the Dutchmen beat Army on the road, 8-1. Shane Berschbach leads WMU in goals (3-1–4), but Chase Balisy leads the scoring (1-4–5). Freshman Frank Slubowski began his D-I career with the shutout; Nick Pisellini had the other win for WMU. Wayne Simpson had three goals and a helper against Army and Troy Grosenick had the win. Last season, WMU took two close games from Union in Kalamazoo. WMU 4-2, 3-2

Mercyhurst and UNO at UAF

This is the Brice Goal Rush in Fairbanks, with UAA rounding out the field. Mercyhurst and UNO have had a look at each other already, as the Lakers played in the Maverick Stampede, which the Mavs hosted.

The Lakers lost both of their Stampede games, 5-1 to UNO and 2-1 to Robert Morris. Grant Blakey and Trent Frey are the sum of Mercyhurst’s goal scoring so far this season. Max Strang was in net for both games.

After beating Mercyhurst, UNO lost to Colgate in the title game, 4-3. Brock Montpetit, Terry Broadhurst and Josh Archibald each has two goals this season; the very capable John Faulkner played both games with numbers (2.51 GAA, .878 SV%) that will surely improve.

The Nanooks lost to St. Cloud, 4-1, and beat Clarkson, 3-1, in the Kendall Hockey Classic in Anchorage last weekend. Four Nanooks each has a goal, while Scott Greenham (2.00, .889) manned the net for both games — and we know his numbers will improve, too.

I see the Nanooks getting past Mercyhurst, but their old CCHA rivals the Mavericks? I don’t think so. UAF 3-2, UNO 4-2

  • Gatefan

    As a Colgate fan, it pains me to say that you’re probably closer to reality than the ECAC picks.

    • Paula Weston

      Gatefan, I can easily see Miami splitting if last weekend’s play is an indication that the RedHawks haven’t solidified themselves yet.  Now in the early going, though, I’m banking on last weekend being less of an indication of things to come than just an uneven opening weekend.  I’m sure that Colgate fans are looking at a high-ranked team as a big challenge, but I see this as a defining, challenging weekend for the ‘Hawks, too.  

      Fear not: I could be wrong.  I often am.  ;-)

  • davyd83

    12 of 16 games are predicted 3-2!

    • Paula Weston

      Don’t I know it, davyd83.  ;-)

  • Miami split last weekend without playing last years leading goal scorer Reilly Smith. He has not seen any action yet. Injury? Or maybe just giving some of the 8 freshman a chance to play. To me it doesn’t make sense to sit him. Paula can you get the scoop on why he is not playing. They will need to play more consistent and take advantage opportunities to remain in the top ten. Miami was fortunate to win last weekend’s second game coming from behind and scoring a shorthanded goal

  • PiGuy

    DU is 4 – 2 since the Bemidji series not 3 – 1,  c’mon guys.  I say split.  Huntsville exposed more than arrogance with the Pioneers.  DU doesn’t have any leadership. Granted DU has been playing with a 3rd string goalie (who I think may actually be better than Howard) and has several key injuries. 

    • Brian Halverson

      No excuses here on the 3-1 thing. I just looked at the schedule/results and for the life of me can’t figure out where I got 3-1. Must do these things when I’m slightly more lucid in the future.

  • Boom Boom

    Mariucci West=Priceless.
    Ben Blood=Classless.

    • nogofer

      Peanut Gallery:  Party of you…

  • BulldogsFan

    “Hot goaltending, opportunistic scoring, and great penalty killing”.  Wow so that’s the template for beating UMD.  Newsflash that’s the template for beating ANY team. Its almost comical to read that quote. also forgot to mention it’s really important to score more goals than your opponent. 

    • You lost one game in 18 it will be ok!

    • Brian Halverson

      What is truly comical is your failure to recognize something written tongue-in-cheek. Obviously that’s the way to beat anybody, I was trying to have some fun with it. Life is too short and your ‘Dogs are too good to be so serious.

      • BulldogsFan

        I’m too serious?  I was laughing when I wrote that comment. Trust me I’ve followed these Bulldog for a long time and remember so incredibly long seasons so I’ve learned not to get to worked up over the ‘Dogs.  My comment wasn’t an attack on your article it was more of an observation of the obvious.    

  • guest

    What about the other 3 series last weekend? Some recap…

  • Anonymous

    Which 4 Minnesota teams would you take though? There’s 5 right now with a 6th on the way…

    • BulldogsFan

      I would rather see the Bulldogs and Gophers play every year in a home and home series.  Let BSU, Mankato and St. Cloud play the Gophers in the Minnesota version of the Beanpot.   

      • mrjakep

        All MN tournament! Would be a blast! Could you expand to six teams and still get it done in a weekend? Next problem is world juniors always takes players!

        • BulldogsFan

          I still don’t think MSU-Moorhead will be starting a program.  I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see it so I think your stuck at 5 teams.  With SCSU and UMD going to the National they will already be seeing each other 4 times in league play.  Plus, I would assume this tourney would be played at the “X” so the Gophers can claim its a neutral site, which in reality it’s not.  My guess is most Bulldog fans would agree they would rather see a 2 game series against the Gophers than a MN tourney with the Bulldogs involved. 

          • Dfulcher

            Couldn’t agree with you more.  As a Bulldog fan I have very little interest in this type of set up.  Sorry, but I’d like to see those teams in Duluth instead of at the X. 

          • Anonymous

            No offense to the other MN teams but a tournament without the Bulldogs would be a soft tournament. Think of the revenue stream if there was a tournament at the Xcel.. or even outdoors at Target Field. 

          • Good point GoldyTheGreat!  Everything boils down to revenue!  (Big Ten)  Sorry!  Without Duluth or UND, the Xcel and Target Field would both laugh at the idea!

          • Anonymous

            My point about the Revenue Stream was alluding to the benefits of all teams involved in a tournament. The Gophers have money already but other Universities would definitely benefit financially from a tournament. Oh and trust me.. We don’t need UND involved for a successful tournament at XCEL or Target Field.

          • Fan Man

            What an ignorant piece of work you are goldy the goon!  Edina Cake eater I presume?  All about $$$$$

          • Anonymous

            Lol. I’m not from Edina and anyone who’s from the Twin Cities knows Edina is no different from any other suburb. It’s well documented that smaller Universities like Mankato/Bemidji will lose revenue without the Gophers/Badgers/Bulldogs etc. visiting their arenas which is unfortunate in tough Economic times. This is echoed by my close friends and coworkers who are Mankato, Bemidji alumni that I talk to regularly. I take a lot of pride in Minnesota Hockey and like to see all Minnesota teams succeed except for when they play my hometown team that I’ve followed for 25 years which is only normal. That’s what I was alluding to when talking about revenue but it’s obviously been misconstrued.

          • I heard from a un-linkable source that there are goalie helmets already being made to show off what the Dragons (what the hell) will look like.  I don’t now what water that holds but I think it’s more of a real possibility than we might think!

  • Soundvision909

    Where is scott reed when I need to say I told you so. Or at least I said it before and UND vindicated me. Great series out of the um/und schools this year. It will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Replace the Mariucci Classic with a Minnesota College Hockey Showcase.  Play it over a holiday weekend.  It would be a great fundraiser for all schools involved.  There are enough alumuni and current students from all schools that live in the Twin Cities so it would be a  pretty good draw.  It would be better than the Gophers vs Niagra  There’s the Bean Pot and the GLI so why not make something like this work in MN.  Easier said than done.  I’m sure the MN schools not in the same conference will probably end up playing each other anyways on fairly regular basis – but it would be nice to get the gang together for bragging rights. 

    • mntopscollege

      my thoughts as well. mariucci classic is really boring overall. get a little tournament with duluth, UND and bemidji or nebraska-omaha. maybe even do it outdoors like they do out east every year. would be awesome and tickets would fly like hotcakes but yeah them other teams may be bored with that idea after playing each other alot so maybe toss in wisconsin too then

  • phuk the gophers!!! hehehe…

    • nogofer

      AG:  Come on, WE are above this…

  • oh and anything that happens on the ice is here say. so to these bafoons who write the wcha articles, you guys need to watch the tape. Blood only retaliated to a gopher who got in a cheap shot after time expired. The handshake ordeal could have amounted from anything, but to just simply point blame and call out Ben Blood is ridiculous.   Long Live The FIGHTING SIOUX!!!!!!!

    • WCHA Fan

      Regardless of what did or did not happen before the handshake line, nothing like that should have occurred during the line.  Ben Blood is a classless goon.  He fits right in at The University Formally Known as the Sioux.

  • jsiiter55

    “…the Mavericks scored on three of their 15 shots on Kenny Reiter…”

    I believe there was an empty net goal that was scored by the Mavs on Saturday night.

  • Anonymous

    Maine sweeps BC and still can’t get any respect, but BU sweeps a weak team like Providence and they are the best team in the world. What a biased hack article. BC’s s goaltending gives up 6 goals (4 unanswered) on Saturday and all you write about is how unimpressed you are with Maine’s goaltending, while readily admitting that you haven’t watched many of the games, so your comment loses all credibility. Then you essentially blame the official for BC losing the game which is pretty weak. Take your BU/BC blinders off and you may see that there are some other good teams in that conference besides your favorites.

    • Chokolat4u

      Shoulda, coulda won against Merrimack in the second game by having a goal dis-allowed due to the refs being in the wrong position………….
      Would be nice to win against BU this WE………hoping Maine fans show up to “influence” the outcome………..

    • Can’t argue BU’s thrashing of their opponent, regardless of their quality.  BTW, BU beat Maine 5-1 in their only meeting so far this season.

      • Anonymous

        Read carefully Joseph, I never said Maine was an elite team. I’m not naive enough to think that. Not at this point anyway. They are still 4th in what my opinion is a weak Hockey East this season and still wouldn’t be eligible for the NCAA’s according to the newly released Pairwise.

        My point was that I think they deserve more recognition than they got for sweeping a supposed national power in BC. But the author instead wanted to make excuses for BC (the refs fault) and then discredits Maine’s goaltending even though he admits he never watches any of their games. This article reaks of homerism.  

        Regardless, Maine is on a role right now. and if they make a statement this weekend against BU, they may finally get some attention from people, this “journalist” notwithstanding

        • G

          Lowell is a better team than Maine this year and yet their only reference was in relations to NU. Can’t cover all the teams all the time, though I’m sure the Maine-Bu game should get its fair share this weekend

        • Csharris53

          You’re a journalist? Role vs roll? C’mon.

    • Joe C

      No need to lump BU and BC into the same bucket of getting too much/biased coverage. BC does deserve a lot less coverage/excuses based on its play against Merrimack, BU and UMaine. But, since BC was the preseason favorite, it is hard to stop talking about them, as much I would like to

      Maine getting four points against BC is enough credit. Providence is going the wrong way after a nice start to its season, but there is no way BU fans like me take too much stock in being #2 in the Polls or putting up a snowman against a struggling team.

      Having watched the BU/Maine game that was nationally covered on CBSSports, it sure looked like Maine has a goaltending issue. To date, in Hockey East play this year, BU deserves to get coverage, as they have the most points, they have played a lot of the top contenders in Hockey East and just had an offensively explosive weekend. This came after their season was written off by many writers (and fans) when the two biggest players to leave Hockey East during this season bolted from BU.

    • Anonymous

      Hendrickson does not write favorably about the Black Bears. Everyone has a goat.

  • BBear94

    Maine has just 2 quality wins this year – over BC.  The others are against teams deep in the pairwise, generally 30th or worst.  Not sure how you can say wins are wins when bad wins don’t get you into the NCAAs, which has to be this program’s goal every year.  Not gonna happen again this year, unless they win the HEA tournament.  Seems unlikely…

  • 18secondstosunrise

    Wow…so much negativity from the Maine ‘faithful’. What ever happened to supporting your team, as opposed to tearing them down on the Internet just because you can without showing your face.

    I agree that Maine is not yet an elite team and there is always room for improvement. But a 9-2-1 record in the last 12 games IS impressive. Maine is actually back in contention after being dead in the water at the half-way point of the season. Imagine that. The power play is clicking, the overall offense has picked up, Sullivan (Maine’s goalie) looked pretty sharp this weekend, and the defense is playing better (not great, but much better than before the winning streak began). I actually think that the article is pretty accurate. Both of the Maine-BC games could have gone either way, with Maine doing just enough to win each night. That is what good teams do, they find a way to win the close games.

    Lastly, all of this is a moot point if they don’t continue to play to their potential. Thankfully, there are enough games left in the season to sort out the HEast haves from the have nots, so why don’t we stop complaining and start supporting the Black Bears? Or maybe you’d just rather sit in front of your computers and pretend that you know how to coach this team better than the current coaching staff?

    Random thought…a split with BU this coming weekend would be nice.

    BBear94, you are up.

    • Bagramyuri

      18secondstosunrise…being in Afghanistan its difficult to follow the Black Bears or college hockey for that matter….it seems the Division 1 level has a nice parity to it…which makes for close and exciting games……….also following on the ineterner like we must here in Kandahar lets us for a short time not focus on the daily helo  medivac flights we handle…Yuri in Kandahar   

      • 18secondstosunrise


        First and foremost, be well and stay safe. My reading about your current situation/location certainly puts college hockey into perspective (i.e., it’s really just a game). I’m glad that it can be a healthy distraction for you.

        Yes, there is a great deal of parity this year in D1 hockey. For example (here are some mindless stats), out of the 24 games played on Friday night, 6 went into overtime, another 6 were 1-goal games, another 7 were 2-goal games. On Saturday, of the 26 games played, 8 went into overtime, another 10 were 1-goal games, another 2 were 2-goal games. I’m not even looking at the games that were very close until the final minutes, only to have a team score a couple of late goals (i.e., the Saturday night Maine-BC game was tied at 4-4 until the 2:59, and then Maine added 2 empty netters. Lastly, there were only 10 sweeps out of the 20 two-game series (not including the ECAC where teams rarely play the same team on back to back nights; only Rensselaer won both of their games this weekend). The ECAC always seems to have great parity…


    • BBear94

      Perhaps the average Maine fan is sophisticated enough to understand what they’re watching on the ice and how that translates into their team’s chances in any given year.  The, um, “authors” on this website have no such sophistication because they rarely see Maine play unless they travel to Orono, and as many posters here have pointed out quite correctly they do favor BC BU and to some extent, UNH.  No mention of Lowell – currently # 3 in the PWR – after winning just FIVE games all of last year.  I have seen Lowell many times this year, as I live nearby, and I think they are for real.

      Anyways, back to Maine.  This team has some serious deficiencies, goaltending being most obvious but D is poor, outside of top line not much scoring, and questionable ability of their coaching staff is probably what underlies all these issues.

      12 wins is nice.  Believe me I was thrilled with this weekend.  In fact, I am watching the tv replay right now.  However, as I pointed out early, only two quality wins, quality meaning teams in the top three in any given conference or top 16 in the PWR.  Unfortunately, beating UMass, Clarkson, Vermont and the like leaves a false impression that the team is progressing, yet they continue to give up soft goals, D cannot pass/carry the puck out of their own zone, giving up SHG, taking too many penalties, well I could go on, but the point being it is really these fundamental issues that keep occuring that are going to sink this team.

      Fact is you have to beat the team ahead of you in the PWR and with Maine’s remaining schedule that is going to be difficult to do even should they sweep BU this weekend. 

      • Anonymous

        What BBear94, and the rest of Tim Whitehead’s “Internet Crazies” are saying is that we support this team 110%.  We are probably more excited than the average fan for wins, and more disappointed for losses.  I am absolutely ecstatic about sweeping BC at home, something that hasn’t happened in six years.  However, we will not strap on the rose colored glasses after two wins. 

        And 18secondstosunrise, we WERE an ELITE team under Shawn Walsh.  That is the bar that was set for this program.  That is our standard for excellence.  Saying we are not “yet” an elite team, hits the nail right on the head.  We never should have been out of that category.  Mr. Whiteheads record, look it up, is all the reason one needs to send him packing.

  • blueline892910

    RIGHT…actually watching the Team,Home and Away is the telling story line about this Team.

  • Anonymous

    Quit whining about Maine. They won.

  • chitown

    Northeastern has a coaching probem. Anyone who belives his power play is fine when it is 56th out of 58th is not right. In addition he continues to reward inconsistant effort and does not  hold his players accountable for their effort. He is good PR but has lost the locker room.

  • seeyouinTampa

    Solid weekend for the black bears as they beat up on my Eagles!  Orono is always a tough place to play for any HE team.  Glad that NESN picked up the game in HD Saturday but some of those ladies from Maine need grooming

    • Save Maine Hockey

      Some grooming and maybe a little less ice cream, methinks.

  • Dave Hendrickson

    First off, the Monday morning blog shouldn’t be the measure of how much attention ANY team is getting. The format is “three things I learned” and it’s typically around 500 words so it’s a quick but limited look at the weekend. MOST of the teams are going to get ignored. I had to bend that “three things” theme to get five teams mentioned. The mid-week column is where there’s room for more in-depth discussion.

    Second, the idea that I never write favorably about Maine is absurd.  I was born in Augusta, lived in Sanford until I was 12, and spent some of my favorite teenage summer moments on Long Lake. I didn’t need to move to the gritty streets of Lynn, Mass, to love the state of Maine.

    As for the writing, check out my last column. Or go back a few years to when I’d write three or four features per issue for the Friends of Maine Hockey Newsletter. (I was paid, but I loved writing those features.  They were some of my all-time favorites.) Black Bear fans sure thought I was writing nice things about their team then.

    (Bad Dave is telling me to ask why my critics don’t know about my writing for the newsletter. Were all of them too young back then? Or is it perhaps because they’re too cheap to support their team? Fortunately, Good Dave is convincing Bad Dave to shut up.)     :)

    Finally, there’s good reason for me to be skeptical about Maine’s goaltending. Dan Sullivan’s save percentage is .896. Can anyone call that elite?  Is there anyone who thinks that’s going to get it done for the Black Bears? How many championship teams have sub-.900 goaltending?

    I watched Sullivan give up five goals and get yanked against Merrimack a couple weeks ago.  I saw him give up four goals on 12 shots and get yanked against BC earlier this year. I saw him give up five goals and get yanked in the game that ended Maine’s season last year. It seems like every game I see him in person, he gets yanked!  Sorry if I’m not impressed, limited sample size or not.

    Hey, I love all the passion that fans bring to USCHO in general and this blog in particular.  I hope you all maintain that passion. But to contend that I’m anti-Maine or anti- any team is just dead wrong.

  • Anonymous

    BU and Merrimack will battle it out for 1st/2nd…Merrimack takes Crown with Goaltending…BC finishes 3rd  and UML sneaks in @ 4th then 5th thru 8th could change every weekend…surprise team for the QF’s UML….only team on the outs Vermont. More or Less a Weaker Hockey East this year from Top to Bottom.

    • Bleeding Blue Baby

      Merrimack overrated from week 1

  • Maine-iak 2013

    Wow, keep underestimating UMaine Black Bears.  Thanks for building their egos just makes our victories all the SWEETER! GO BLUE! ! ! !

  • Downthefrigeast

    Maine at Boston University
    Dave’s pick: Note to Maine fans – this is not a condemnation of your team; it’s an endorsement of BU.It’s a shame your team got swept, do you ever wish you knew more about college hockey?  Nice call Jim, thanks.
    Maine, Downeast

  • Bleeding Blue Baby

    Don’t under-estimate the boys from Orono.  They are the team to fear.    

  • NewfieFan

    No mention of Maine sweeping the #1 team in the Pairwise?! You’re all impressed with your polls.  Look to College Hockey News for more balanced coverage of college hockey.

  • Collinsd13

    Dave what are you going to say this week to deminash Maines sweep of BU? Last week you already blamed a ref for getting in the way, and gave no credit for an overtime win, so don’t use those again. You might have to say that the goaltending is better then what you have been saying, and that maybe Maine has improved with its neutral zone play and not turning the puck over that was giving odd man rushes and that is why they had a bad start to the season.

    • Thinkupstream

      i think dave might suggest the refs screwed poor ole BU…and of course jakie parker was unfairly tossed for merely making polite conversation with officials.  maybe the ice had been imported from sebago lake?!?!?

  • HuskyHockey1986

    Is it possible to rename the Tsongas Center????

    Kryptonite Arena is sounds simply amazing. Oh… and rough weekend on the predictions guys.

    • HuskyHockey1986

      Yeah thats bad grammer… Sorry

  • bearfan1943

    For those who have not seen the Bears all year and seen their progress as a team, keep thinking they won’t do anything.  I have seen the growth – they are beginning their peak.

  • peter puck

    BC didnt do that good this weekend against UNH i see BC slipping and looked burned out