It is hard to know where to begin.

On Saturday morning, I listened to then-CCHA commissioner Tom Anastos discuss the ways in which he and the CCHA would deal with the impending Big Ten league.

On Monday morning, the Big Ten made its Big Announcement.

On Wednesday afternoon, Michigan State announced that now-former CCHA commissioner Tom Anastos is the new head coach of Michigan State hockey.

Does anyone else find this dizzying?

I’ll start with the newest first. Next week – after real games have been played by teams still currently playing real games – I’ll post a few things that I’ve heard about how the Big Ten will impact the CCHA, including what now-former commissioner Tom Anastos had to say about it at that Saturday brunch.

Tom Anastos (MSU 1982-86)

In the press conference Wednesday announcing his hiring, Anastos said it himself: “It’s not every day a commissioner’s hired to come coach a team.”

I’d take that one step further. It’s not every day that someone whose last college coaching experience was nearly 20 years ago is hired as a head coach at a high-profile university.

That’s one question I have. Why did Michigan State choose someone with no recent direct college hockey coaching experience?

MSU athletic director Mark Hollis took everyone through his hiring process at the press conference. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet with so many people – people from the hockey world, people from the athletic world, and people from the business world, talking about what it takes to be a great leader, what it takes to be a great coach, and frankly what it takes to be a great Spartan. Through it all we started with 20-plus names.”

Twenty? Really?

“In the end,” said Hollis, “Tom Anastos jumped to the forefront on all the characteristics I believe take a true leader. I think when I step back and I look, any time I hire a coach I step back and look at my three children, and I think, ‘Who would I entrust my three children with to be a mentor?’ And that was a big factor in hiring Tom Anastos.”


“I believe that we have to create a culture here,” said Hollis, “where folks in the NHL – scouts, general managers – believe that we’re giving our kids everything possible to train, develop not only to play in the NHL but for a life beyond, and that’s what Tom Anastos believes in.”

I am on board with this. There’s no question that NCAA hockey needs to compete harder with major junior Canadian hockey for college-eligible players. No question. From what Anastos has said on several occasions, I know that he’s passionate about keeping college-eligible players in college.

“His ability to recruit is going to be unbelievable because he’s genuine,” said Hollis. “He doesn’t have the ability to lie. He’s going to sit in a family room, he’s going to sit with parents, he’s going to sit with family advisors and he’s going to be genuine about what he’s going to deliver to their kid when he comes to Michigan State to play.

“There’s nothing hidden about Tom Anastos.”

Frankly, if it turns out that he was negotiating with MSU for the head coaching position while discussing the future of the CCHA, then I have a hard time buying into that last line. If it turns out that the position spontaneously generated (read on), then I’ll keep an open mind.

“Family advisor” is code for the guy who will probably become the young recruit’s agent once he becomes a professional player. These family advisors are on the scene for players as young as 14 years old. It’s telling that the director of athletics at a Big Ten school is comfortable lumping the family advisor in with players’ actual families and friends.

In starting the whole shebang on Wednesday afternoon, Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon said that MSU is all “about building programs.” She talked about retaining men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo and the hiring of baseball coach Jake Boss.

She talked about football and women’s basketball – though she didn’t mention Mark Dantonio’s and Suzy Merchant’s names – and about MSU traditions. Simon said that the choice was about “someone that will be a terrific spokesperson for all of Team MSU, not simply about the hockey program,” but someone who will “speak about the basketball program, the women’s basketball program, all the sports and athletics – and do that with great passion – but also the academic programs at Michigan State University.”

Ah. Now we get down to at least part of it. Well, I can say without hesitation that Tom Anastos can absolutely be a high-profile spokesperson for Michigan State, and if that’s what MSU wants, then he’s a good choice. I wonder, however, if Izzo, Boss, Dantonio and Merchant are also getting the memo that they’ll be promoting men’s ice hockey now, too.

One of the most interesting things to emerge from the press conference is a summary, in Anastos’ own words, of the time line of the hire.

“It’s a real bold move by Mark Hollis, who is known for bold moves,” said Anastos. “I got a call on Sunday, left a message, like me to call him. That was kind of my day of rest after the build-up to the CCHA tournament. When I called him back, he told me he wanted to talk about the hockey coaching position. I didn’t really think much of it.

“Then he said he wants to talk to me about the hockey coaching position. We had talked about it for months – or for weeks – about his search, what he’s looking for, if I could offer some names and so on.” Anastos described it himself as “shock and awe.”

That sounded to me as though Anastos was saying that he didn’t know he was in the running for the position until Sunday morning. I was unable to contact Anastos for further clarification on this, but I will continue to try.

So, what kind of hockey does someone who hasn’t coached college hockey since the early 1990s intend to bring to his new team?

“Our style of play will probably be much like it was when I was here,” said Anastos. “I know the game has changed a lot and I don’t mean from that perspective because it’s a different game today, but the beauty of the game that I played when I was here was that when we had the puck on our stick we got to go play.”

That, like many of the comments by Hollis, Simon and Anastos, sounded like a poke at Rick Comley. Perhaps that’s just me.

“The game isn’t any more sophisticated today than it was years ago,” said Anastos. “You’ve got to have great goaltending, you have to play great defensive hockey from your zone out, and when you don’t have the puck you’ve got to be hard to play against, but when you get the puck the best defense is an attacking offense and it’s fun to play.”

I don’t think anyone would argue for the need for fun in Munn Arena.

Anastos said that among the first things he will do is meet with players and staff, hit the recruiting trail and “solidify our plans” and “really start to look ahead.”

Anastos praised Hollis for Hollis’ “bold move” to hire Anastos, and there’s no question that this is a bold move – but a bold move doesn’t always mean a good one. I know that many people are justifiably skeptical, as am I. This kind of reminds me the current fashion to put businessmen and women – instead of teachers – in charge of schools.

Finally, a comment from Hollis that reminds me of the whispered message that Ray Kinsella heard in Field of Dreams: “Ease his pain.”

“When you’re a commissioner and having worked in a conference office itself for ten years,” said Hollis, “you can’t wear anything green, you can’t celebrate Michigan State’s victories, but on the inside, I know he was burning. He was burning to be a Spartan. He was burning for success here while hiding that passion deep inside him.”

  • 2moro

    are you kidding me? this is the best the spartans can do? i am a fan of msu and this hiring is a joke….get ready for last place in the big ten

  • Brian

    This is a hideous sham, and really reflects on what people in the Marquette area have been saying about the CCHA for years. Full of lies and deceit. Dishonesty runs rampant in this conference.

    “There’s nothing hidden about Tom Anastos.”

    What a joke.

  • What can change in week! He is also the owner SSG and his involvement in the ice business just adds to the stretch of the imagination to make him a head coach…maybe an NHL team is looking for a special teams asst. coach or a new management company for Munn! As the CCHA commissioner that just made that announcement that a Big Ten conference would be here soon it seems to be an abandon ship approach…kinda frightening after being there for 10 years..and all this transpires in what…four days, especially after years of trying to build credibility to this league and give it some stability… I wish the team and coach the best but I don’t think he’ll last long…successful coaches, especially at the college level seem to have a calling like the priesthood..sure some could be a bishop or cardinal but they build their parish (team/supporters/season) around their cause.. slowly..and MSU is a tough congregation to sell to if you don’t hear the calling.

  • Nwpilot414

    Tom Anastos??? Tom Anastos??? This is beyond incredible. I’m not sure which is worse, Hollis hiring a coach who hasn’t been a coach for almost two decades or the fact that the leader, the commissioner, the face and voice of the CCHA bolts two days after the Big 6 makes it official. That’s true leadership!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now someone can talk some sense into the CCHA about letting Huntsville in. The exuse “we can’t afford to travel there” is a lame exuse. Really? Perfect fit geographically and academically.

    • Bob

      With the three Big 10 teams leaving, you really thing the remaining eight members are going to want to go out an extend an invite to UAH where there certainly are more financial pressures than ever? Why would they add UAH, a school that would add very little to the league? The addition of that travel now makes absolutely zero sense. Adding schools may happen, but I don’t see UAH as one of them.

    • Davyd83

      Perfect fit geographically? Where did you study geography. By bus its a two day trip for all but Miami and maybe Notre Dame or Bowling Green. That adds expense for meals, hotels, bus and results in extra time missed from class. Though Omaha was a great town and a good league member, no one is missing that 14 hour bus ride. Or the expenses.

      • Anonymous

        Where do you think Beaver4life studied geography? (Honestly did not take a geography class while there – my bad)

        Huntsville is in N Alabama. True it’s a long(er) bus trip – but it’s within the the “footprint” of the CCHA (ie “central”). That being the point. Not necessarily an absolute proximity argument. Also academically similar to CCHA schools.

        Bemidji State traveled all over the country for many years as part of the CHA – a drain on the budget, yes, but not as bad as one would think. The question is not one of “can’t afford” but for one of an “unwilling to afford”. People get hung up on the fact they’re in Alabama. If it was Grand Valley State in the same position as UAH (which I know does not play hockey – this is for sake of argument) attitudes would be different I’m sure.

        Alabama is also warmer than most (okay pretty much all) college hockey playing towns in January.

        • Davyd83

          I know exactly where Huntsville is. I’ve been to many games at the VBC. Worked in the hockey biz in ‘Bama. I made the Michigan to Alabama drive many times. I’m wondering how you have it in the “footprint” of the CCHA. It is nowhere between Marquette, MI and Oxford, OH, between South Bend and Bowling Green. It is over 400 miles outside that footprint.

          I have great admiration for the UAH organization, team and fans. They are a great group. But you have to give something more than altruism as a primary reason for bringing them in.

          I would certainly love to see the program succeed. But adding them does not make sense financially to the rest of the league. And in these day when many schools are seeing reductions in state funding, which does funnel down to athletics, adding another expensive and lengthy trip does not stand up.

          • Observer

            I think you should look to get Huntsville in, I agree you might not think it is in the CCHA region but then how did Nebraska Omaha play in the league for so long…I saw a chart that showed if you average all the CCHA teams to Nebraska Omaha and all the CCHA teams to Huntsville, Huntsville is actually 38 miles closer. In my opinion you should be looking to grow college hockey not look to try and end a team. From what i have heard UAH has offered a great package to the CCHA, with all the teams bailing, to me it really makes no sense why you couldnt add UAH to the CCHA. Although maybe its fear of recruiting…honestly where would you rather play as a kid, somewhere that allows you to golf year round and has a nice size city, or up in the Northen part of Michigan where you barely get any sun at all…Not hating, just sayin….

          • bluetell

            UAH is waaayyy outside of the footprint. With UNO’s exit, the CCHA was essentially the Michigan Conference. 7 of the 11 teams were in Michigan. Notre Dame is 10 minutes from the MI border. Bowling Green is ~30 mins from the Michigan border. Adding UAH to the CCHA and saying it’s in the CCHA footprint is like Hockey East adding some theoretical Clemson or South Carolina team because it’s also “east”. UAH really doesn’t make sense on several levels

  • Pcice

    Does Hollis confirm that the first discussion with Anastos about being the new coach took place on Sunday? If so that is odd…if its not the case it probably is worse

  • Davyd83

    Nice article Paula. I share many of your skepticisms. I think this will either be a home run or a strikeout. Not much in between possiblity here.

  • MCB

    Anyone that has a passion for the game would rather be on or behind the bench instead of in an office building. Questioning the timing is a bit ridiculous. Knowing Anastos’ passion for the game, he would’ve taken the offer even if MSU was staying in the CCHA. Who wouldn’t?

    As far as experience, coaching is like riding a bike. Leadership is one of the most important traits in a coach. I’m not sure any real candidate for the job posses the leadership skills Anastos brings with him.

    Finally, if Hollis and Anastos can find away to bring Danton Cole in as an associate head coach, look out hockey world.

  • Guest

    Nice article Paula.

    So I really wonder, since the talk of a Big Ten conference started we’ve been hearing that the CCHA and the WCHA were making plans for life after the Big Ten starts a hockey conference.

    Now that the commissioner of the CCHA who was making those plans is now jumping ship, what becomes of those plans???

  • What happened to Newell Brown? Newell has much more experience as a Coach. He has been an Assitant and Head Coach in College Hockey, and has many years as an Assitant in the NHL. Tom Anastos has hardly any Coaching Experience. He can help out with the adminstrative work..

    • MCB

      Newell Brown is a coach for a team that’s leading the NHL in points. He was never a candidate.

  • LoisH99

    This is Hollis first “Biggy” mistake @ AD position….However, will probably get the opportunity to correct in 3 years. Hang in there Miller, Gwozdecky, and Danton Cole.

  • Philipvanschepen

    As a longtime gopher fan, this is hard to say;
     SWEEP’EM BADGERS!!!!!!!

  • nogofer

    How is that gofer bandwagon doing?

    • Mnrugby33

      There’s still room so jump on while you can!

      • Guest

        Tyler B, You dont happen to be a Gopher do you?

        • xTEDxTHExREDx

          of course he is, both of them are. that’s why they shockingly pick a gopher sweep every weekend and a UMD split. weird.

          • xTEDxTHExREDx

            not that their opinions even matter. i feel like the picks section has been much better in past years.

          • Guest

            Ya no wonder they dont right about Sioux very often and only recap the games the goofers win.  Whata Joke!

  • Mr Hockey

    I once again scoured my cable package. If you live in Minnesota and have Charter Cable like me, here are some games that are televised. Gophers vs Mich Tech on FSN, Bulldogs vs Badgers on Big10 Net, BSU vs Denver on Lakeland Public TV, & Omaha vs Sioux on FSSN. I’ll look for more games as well & post if I find them. It’s Christmas time so I’ll be on my best behavior for a while. So good luck to your favorite team this weekend. Did you hear that Santa? I was nice and not naughty!… LOL 

    • Mr Hockey

      I forgot to mention that Huntsville vs Mankato is on as well, on Charter Extra. That’s 5 games on tonight and people say there is nothing to do in Minnesota, in the Winter time.

    • Provost Peter

      You also can catch the MSU vs Huntsville series on Channel 87 in Charter Markets i think.

  • goons

  • Huskiefan906

    Nice job Huskies

  • Ruger

    Michigan Tech is going to throw these predictions out the window!

  • Mr Hockey

    I wish Potulny would’ve decked Muckalt. Running up the score? Don’t take penalties, & put a team on the power play. Another thing Tech might consider is, try losing with class!

    • Res6m9ks

      If you listen closely to the Gopher announcers’ video commentary on the situation, you’ll realize they are every bit as trashy as their counterparts at North Dakota.  The poster who characterized the Gophers and their fans as arrogant hit the nail right on the head.

  • Guest

    The gophers have always thought they are bigger and better then everyone else… But when they face teams that are not afaid to hit back they dont talk trash. Why dont they try that against Duluth or the Siouux but they wont cause they know they would be knocked off their horse and get beat down look at the past when they try to pick fights its two or three gophers against one opponent. Anyway the gophers wont be there in the end they will get their’s in the end and not to mention in the big 10. Go UNO MAVS

    • Mr Hockey

      Usually the Gophers vs UMD and Gophers vs UND games are played with respect by both teams. Go back to the CHA and keep losing to Bemidji and Huntsville.

    • Anonymous

      What you have written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point during your rambling, incoherent response were you anything close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul… The Gophers are very proud of their prestigious program and respect their all of their opponents (Especially North Dakota and Duluth) so I don’t know what you are talking about.

      • how original, did you take that from a movie as dumb as you. By the way this is rhetorical so don’t respond you gopher garbage.

        • Anonymous


        • guest

          It’s funny how everyone hates on success, we understand you are jealous and that’s ok. I grew up in Duluth and watched a lot of Bulldog hockey and to be honest saw more fights there in 2 years compared to 4 years of college at the UofM. 

    • B Ho

      Were you watching the game? The Gophers didn’t start any fights. It was completely obvious that Tech was extremely angered by getting overworked with the Gopher’s speed all night. And wow, WCHA newcomer UNO fan already is an expert on WCHA play/teams. Have you ever watched a Gopher/Sioux game? Can there be any more fights then there already are during those games? The Sioux even decided to go after Blake Wheeler during the handshake when every player got into it. Please save your basic hockey knowledge about your new conference after you’ve been here a few years.

      • Exactly how do you know what happens out on the ice? are you there? of course not, so before you point fingers know the facts. Finley was pulling on Wheeler but wheeler talks a lot of trash and everyone knows it.  Cocky gopher……just about every Sioux great that is from minnesota was recruited hard by minnesota  but they chose NORTH DAKOTA!!! because of sioux pride

        • B Ho

          Why are you so mad? I wasn’t bashing UND at all, which is unusual for me. I was using it as an example that UM doesn’t back down, especially to UND. Sorry that you took it the wrong way…

        • Phoenixfyre1313

          just like the previous poster knows nothing about what went on, on the ice.  You know nothing about what occurred in the recruitment process, so save it.

      • nogofer

        Give it a rest.  Bjug will NOT get the Hobey…

        • Phoenixfyre1313

          No your right he won’t……but possibly next year.  I would think that Patterson has a much better chance, especially if he continues to play as well in the second half, as he has in the first half.

          • Philipvanschepen

            Unfortunately I don’t think Bjugstad will have a chance  next year. He probably wont be back. Florida GM has hinted they would take him now if they could. Gopher D has to tighten it up on friday for Patterson to have a chance at Hobey. It would be nice but a long shot at best.

          • nogofer

            My son played in the same association as young Mr. Patterson so we saw him frequently through bantams.  He is a quality kid, a quality goal-tender, and he carried his teams back then too.  As I have repeatedly stated, my tirades are not directed at the Gopher’s players (though I think K. Rau embellished the high stick saturday) but at the gofer-faithful (aka rodents, rodentia…) who likely have never been to campus (and yes, I have been).  You have proven yourself a smart hockey fan who admits his bias.  I respect that. Mr. Patterson is definitely a candidate.  And if anyone has yet to wonder who I cheer for let me just say KEEP FIGHTING SIOUX.

    • Philipvanschepen

      The Gophers didn’t start anything. A stick to the head while you’re skating off for a change, will prompt retaliation every time. As for the Flickertails and the Bulldogs, did you notice  the GOPHER SWEEPS?

  • Guest

    I am sick and tired of Minnesota’s (and their fans) arrogance.  The last I checked the weekend was split.  And what’s this about being a fluke start?  Really?!?!  Oh and Mel Pearson has way more class than the smug Lucia (or his lackey). 

  • Mr Hockey

    Arrogance is what losers call it

    • nogofer

      Mr Hockey you’re not…

    • FightingSioux4Ever

      Then what were you calling it last year after UAA swept the Goofs out the door at Mariucci?

  • Guest

    For the benefit of you youngsters, Michigan Tech and Minnesota have a bitter history that goes back to the 1973-74 and 1974-75 seasons when they were #1 and #2 in the US. I remember a game my freshman year at MTU in 1976 when the fights started as soon as they dropped the puck. Gloves were dropped, punches were thrown and helmets were flipped into the stands. Big Gord Salt was pounding on UM players. It was a battle both nights! By the end of Saturday’s game, each team had only two players and a backup goalie left on the bench because all of the other players had been ejected.

    • Guest

      correction, 1974-75 and 1975-76 seasons

      • Philipvanschepen

        I was talking to Doug Woog after Staurdays game, he mentioned the same thing. 

    • SUEH8TER

      the gophers and tech played in 3 championships in a row.  the gophers winning in 74 & 76 and tech winning in 75

  • guest

    Haha it’s so funny to come to this site mainly because of the Gopher hating. After a long time of us beating you it’s understandable that you naturally hate us, and I’m okay with that. We have the 2nd best offense and tied for 5th best defense in the nation, I don’t think I need to say anymore to prove we are a dominant team. Are we perfect? No, and no WCHA team goes through a season without losing a few to lower level teams, that’s just the way the conference is.

  • Suckitgoophs

    What I would love to know is why, if the goophs are so great, why do they bring in the crappiest teams to play non conference and that retarded holiday tournament against? Come on, Vermont? Sacred Heart? Niagara? Look out for these guys. What a line up of $hitty games. They must bring them in so they can try and stomp them 15-0 over the weekend and try and look all that better.

    • guest

      You probably don’t understand hockey so that’s fine. Every year they play their holiday tournament and those lineups for such tournament are set years in advance giving no one the slightest idea of whose going to be good or not. Also, when most top ranking non-conference teams have their own tournament it’s tough to get those schools to come play in your tournament.



    • FightingSioux4Ever

      Your caps lock button is stuck.

      • SUEH8TER


        • nogofer

          I live (unfortunately) in the twin cities, but I went away for my education.  What junior high do you attend?

          And your caps lock is still stuck on…

          • SUEH8TER


          • nogofer

            CAPSBOY appears angry with me.  I win…

  • Anonymous

    Connelly are you joking?  NO ONE up in orono had high expectations for this team. We all expected to be near the bottom of the conference this year and it’s proving right. Where do you get high expectations?

    • The Unsilent Majority

      Revisionist history.  A lot of Maine yahoos thought the Blackbears were going to be great this year.

      • Anonymous

        Uh, no we didn’t. The only Yahoo who thought so was Whitehead.  Because he’s completely lost touch with reality.

        And it’s Black Bears, not “Blackbears”

  • Anonymous

    No one expected Maine to being at best a .500 Team…and they will be hard pressed to do that…with 6 wins they’ll be lucky to match that total after the Florida Classic…change is needed up at Orono…Whitehead needs to be Fired or Bought out and the rebuilding will begin come 2012-13 season….hopefully.

  • 18secondsbeforesunrise

    No slight to Brian Flynn, but Spencer Abbott is having a better year numbers-wise for Maine. He is POTY-worthy. He, Flynn, and Diamond need a lot more help putting up some points or the second half of the season will mimic the first half of the season.

  • Anonymous

    Frankly. I’m surprised that Maine has even 6 wins at this point.  And, with 6 straight games against BC BU UNH coming up in mid-January, we’ve probably seen the best of this team.  Again.

    • After Further Review

      Should be a real thriller at Fenway… yawn… cold, dark and UNH/Maine.  At first, I was kicking myself for not going, now I am so happy I didn’t buy tickets.  I’ll be up north enjoying the weekend and with any luck, maybe the cable/satellite will go out so none of the bars will be able to show the game!  Good Luck, BBear94 and I do enjoy the posts from Maine fans, just shows how passionate you are for your team, would like to see more from UNH fans, but since we are 6-9-2, I guess people have just given up!
      On another note, Grayson Downing has had a great first half… not even a mention for rookie of the year?

  • Drewpdrawers

    Keep in mind that a few of these teams are playing w/o young stars due to the World Juniors. Cornell: Iles, who has started every game in goal; BU: Clendenning; Notre Dame: Tynan and Johns; BC: Arnold; and UVM: Brickley.
    That and a couple of weeks rust make it tough to handicap the games this time of year. Probably evens out things in bu-nd matchup and helps umo vs cu. Can’t see bc slowing down,’though Arnold is #2 scorer.

  • Cats Rule

    Fortunately, someone at USCHO believes in UVM, cause every  time I see that ad for Frozen Four tickets, it shows a UVM Catamount!

  • Anonymous

    Check out the cover story at collegehockeynews dotcom. Finally a write who at least attempts to address the real issues….

  • 40-Year Big Red Fan

    You left out Cornell v Massachusetts on Thursday.

    For Drewpdrawers, I think Iles is with Cornell in Florida; he was only an emergency third pick.

  • Anonymous

    Go Maine go

  • Luiz Fernando Valente

    Brown 5 – New Hampshire 2
    Brown 5 – Providence 2

    Paul, the World Cup Octopus, was a better prognosticator.

    Over the past two seasons Brown is 3-0-3 against Hockey East teams, scoring 29 goals and allowing 18.

  • Ms London

    I have to say I’m not amazed at the results. This seems typical for top teams right after the winter break. All players are trying to get back in the right mode while the ones that have nothing to lose bring it all. After watching SLU this weekend it made me wonder why was this team so bad on the first half??? Granted, they do not have “exceptional” talent… they have a solid defense, great passing and most importantly great positioning. Great technique overall! With that said, neither BC or  NU gave a great performance. BC players looked like they were still waking up from a nap, like a Van on a NASCAR speedway on a Sunday race… no connection, bad passing all dump and chase to the point of frustration when you start seeing the “I wanna be a hero” behavior from their players to try passing two defenseman on their own and wasting lots of shots when they had open teammates with better chance of scoring. Newsflash birdies, if you keep on shooting right at the goaltender it ain’t going in! How about better aim and some creativity? Like Dru Burns on the winning goal against Clarkson.
    BC and BU are much alike, they have a great overall talent but you never know when they decide to bring it or just show up because they have to. Hence why I agree that Minnesota and Wisconsin should be on top, they actually know the meaning of consistency!
    NU on the other hand.. Esposito was on fire! Two amazing goals (priceless!) even though they lost. You can’t blame Desjardins for the SLU goals.. where was the defense that allowed players completely open in front of the net?
    As for BU, I expected a close win since I knew Poulin would be back but Watchorn and Menard were out on top of Kohanchuk. I expect this team to get back to its powerhouse mode soon.. very soon.
    There is not much to say for the Gophers but the fact that they set their mind to win both games and they didn’t stop hustling till they did! Like I said, mental toughness defines great teams. No D-I hockey player made it there because they didn’t know how to play the game.. but yet they seem to forget quite often. Like the NE Patriots say “Do your job”.
    Take care and play smart hockey!

  • Jmm410

    the latest womens D-1 poll shows what a joke these voters are, UW goes on the road gets 2 points in a shootout win Friday and loses 1-0 Saturday and somehow they lose 12 votes??????? If they had lost both by 2 or more goals I would have no problem with that but that clearly did NOT happen. 

    • Ms London

      Jmm410 : Honestly, the polls mean nothing till the last week. I didn’t watch the game but I’m sure the point they were trying to make was that if you don’t allow the Powerhouse to beat you on regulation on the first game and you beat them on the second this far in the season, then you (Gophers) deserve to be on top. Granted that doesn’t mean that the Badgers can’t come back and win, but as of this week out of those 2 teams that are so closely matched .. the Gophers came out wining.

         On the plus side, this will make the Badgers become stronger and will also give other teams the hopes of a possible win if they work hard. It makes the competition stronger and therefore a better game to watch!

  • You give UCONN the sweep yet have AIC as #10. While that is true, you forgot to note that it leaves SH and AIC tied with AIC with the tiebreaker.

  • does anyone seriously care about the AHA lol

    • ritalum

      You’re an idiot. Go away.