As the regular season draws to a close, here are 15 seniors whose contributions made the CCHA a more interesting place during the last four years. Most of these are guys who won’t show up on any end-of-season league awards radar, but who will be missed nonetheless.

  • Nanooks defenseman Bryant Molle (Penticton, B.C.) and forward Kevin Petovello (Sparwood, B.C.). Shared team honors for most improved players in 2008-09, each of these guys is an integral part of what makes Alaska tick.
  • Falcons goaltender Nick Eno (Howell, Mich.) and forward David Solway (Green Bay, Wisc.). Two players on a team that never gave up, on a team that sometimes did.
  • Bulldogs forward Mike Embach (Orland Park, Ill.). Quietly and steadily improved every year.
  • Lakers forward Will Acton (Stouffville, Ont.). Workaday forward who emerged as one of the top LSSU players in his junior and senior years.
  • RedHawks defenseman Vincent LoVerde (Chicago, Ill.). An excellent stay-at-home defenseman often overlooked on a team with an explosive offense.
  • Wolverines forward Ben Winnett (New Westminster, B.C.). Another workhorse on a team with headline names.
  • Spartans forward Dustin Gazley (Novi, Mich.). One of the most tenacious forwards to play the game, and sometimes the only guy on the ice for MSU who showed a spark in dark times.
  • Wildcats forward Jared Brown (Gardner, Kan.) and defenseman Erik Spady (Deroche, B.C.). Brown played in over 120 games his first three seasons and defines the term “role-player.” Spady is the prototypical stay-at-home defenseman – who happened to score a goal in the NCAA tournament.
  • Fighting Irish forward Ryan Guentzel (Woodbury, Minn.) A role-playing captain who leads by example on a team that is practically nothing but role-players.
  • Buckeyes forwards Peter Boyd (Cambridge-Narrows, N.B.) and Sergio Somma (Pittsburgh, Pa.). Boyd’s another role-player and Somma’s the never-say-die player who has never received accolades – and never complained about it.
  • Broncos goaltender Jerry Kuhn (Southgate, Mich.). Known this season because of Western’s incredible run, but worked hard in obscurity for a long, long time.
  • Child of Yost

    This is stupid. I can’t think of anybody who will miss Ben Winnett more than he will miss Louie or Carl at UM. Why would I miss a player who doesn’t make a big impact offensively or defensively more than a player like Carl Hagelin who excels at both ends of the ice, or Matt Rust, whom I could see playing on an NHL third line in a few years.

    • True Blue

      As a Wolverine fan, I’m embarrassed by you Child… She states right at the top that she’s leaving the big name players for the official awards at the end of the season, and focusing on guys that fly under the radar. Of course Louie and Carl and Rusty are the top guys from the class, but Winnett deserves some recognition for his hard work over the years too.

      • Child of Yost

        Well, I certainly will not miss him. I will barely remember him, and I went to every home game this year and last. The biggest memory I will have of him is wondering why Red put him on the point for the powerplay last year. Just a strange decision. ESPN2Classic is right. I will miss Chad MUCH more than I will miss Winnett.

  • Espn2classic

    What about number 7 – Langlais – He’s on the ice in most all of the important moments. I like the way his freshman partner plays but not sure anyone moves the biscut better than Langlais.

  • redhawk fanatic

    I would add Justin Vieve to the list. He has never racked up alot of points but he has always been the heart and soul of the team all 4 years.

  • BroncoFan13

    Kuhn really came out after being behind Gill’s shadow for 3 years, then having to play behind freshman Pesillini. I think having to start the season on the bench really lit a fire under his “arse” and really helped propel WMU to their standing. His contributions to keep WMU in these games not only helps the Broncos now, but for future years as these young players gained confidence and key experience that can NEVER be replaced. I’d like to personally thank Kuhn for reviving WMU Hockey after years of futility

  • Hoffman Ryan14

    FYI- Braynt Molle is from Anchorage, AK NOT Penticton, BC.
    Paula you’ve got to do your homework before you write these blogs.

  • Puck169


    I can’t lose in this one – I went to BU for undergrad and UW for grad school!

  • Joe C

    I was hoping that Candace would pick against BU for the third straight game. I thought she would say 7-1 Wisconsin ;)

    As a BU Alum, let me say how impressed I was with BC’s tournament. Great game against UMD and one critical mistake against Wisconsin.

    Hockey East may not win this year but we have come a long way! GO BU!

  • Jeff

    Is this on TV? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any info

  • Guestssss

    Its been a rough start for Hockey East so far.  UNH hasn’t won a game yet.  But remember Miami started a season recently going 1-4-1 and ended up ripping off 23 wins that year and making the tourney.  I’m not comparing this year’s UNH to that Miami team, but I think UNH is better than 0-4-1.  

    BU and Maine are also solid programs, and Merrimack looks like it hasnt’ missed a step after losing Da Costa and Cannata.  In a small sample size of 4-5 games a piece anything can happen, even “unthinkable” upsets.  

    It might be a down year for Hockey East, or they could be as good as always.  We don’t know yet.

    And BC should be thankful that there are enough good teams in HE that warrant them getting high rankings when finishing so high in the league.  

    • RENCEB

      While MC may miss Da Costa, Cannata is still there!

  • Joe C

    Congratulations to Holy Cross. However, as a BU Alum I learned a long time ago that October and November can produce weird results. No program in Hockey East should be too excited or too concerned, except for UNH. 0-5-1 is no way to through a hockey season.