So, I don’t make a habit of simply re-releasing PR pieces by individual teams, but this video from Michigan deserves a bigger audience. Senior Louie Caporusso is hilarious, and according to my esteemed colleague Jeff Arnold, this was done in one take.

Caporusso looks so slick and silly at the same time. I don’t know how he kept in character, so to speak.


    • Hard to argue against Yale, this weekend notwithstanding. They’re the team to beat, until they’ve been thoroughly beaten.

        • What does anything we just said have to do with the WCHA? The only part of this entry that addressed anyone outside of ECAC Hockey was the ballot, and your comment clearly doesn’t pertain to that. Please try to keep your contributions somewhat relevant, if you care to engage others in something resembling a reasonable discussion.

          • Please! This comment is absolutely silly…
            “I think so. Yale has more margin for error than it — or we — may believe. The Bulldogs are still atop the PairWise, and could likely lose out the rest of the way and still pull a No. 1 seed in the NCAA’s.”

            Second your post is nothing but chest pounding arrogance. Like I said if you team actually played in a league that was tough top to bottom we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

          • @ Goon maybe ECAC teams would be more willing to come to the Ralph if they were more willing to reciprocate a series the next year on the road. You can’t complain about teams not scheduling you when you go out of your way to ensure they won’t schedule you.

          • That is an incorrect statement as well, UND has played @ Harvard and they had played at REA before. Also, Harvard is coming to the REA next season, UND also traveled to SLU and had a home and home with Cornell the last two season. Harvard also coming to UND next season. UND played QU two or three season back at REA. I am sure if the Yale coach asked Coach Hakstol they would be happy to have them come to UND as well as travel out to Yales home rink.

          • Not going to argue with you on that point: UND has been good at reciprocating. One of the ECAC’s biggest problems is that half its teams – the Ivies – play restricted schedules, with only seven non-conference games on the docket. Add in universal challenges to arranging a reasonable schedule, and you get the current arrangement.

    • Paula hardly has a love affair for Michigan. Have you truly been reading her posts over the years? No one really wants to be positive about Michigan–why should you? They have only made the NCAA tournament every year since 1991.

    • Nameless “guest,” when your team makes a video worth posting and it comes to my attention, I’ll post it. Let me know.

  1. I’m just surprised they didn’t delete the guest’s comment. Usually anything perceived as negative towards Paula, no matter how factual, is quickly scrubbed from the comments section. Though oddly enough Paula’s mean spirited comments are never removed. [remainder of post edited for policy violations]

      • Then why have criticisms of Paula’s articles that contain no personal attacks been deleted in the past by USCHO? Not to mention there was no policy violation in that post seeing as Paula described herself as that in her article this week.

          • So pointing out that your writer calls 3-1 games shutouts and thinks it’s possible to have a 4-2 double overtime win is considered grounds for deletion? Pointing out factual errors by one of your writers is now considered derogatory or a personal attack. Interesting.

    • Dear FirePW,

      When are my comments mean-spirited? Seriously, I’m asking. I don’t respond to people in a negative way. I am concerned when readers display real anger about something written here at USCHO. Seriously. Life is short. I don’t understand the level of vitriol. What has happened to civil discourse? I don’t get it.

      I saw the rest of your comment that was scrubbed. I will say this about what I saw that you wrote: You do not understand the tone in which some information in my columns is presented, nor do you understand the long-running history behind much of what I write. I’m not saying that in the spirit of anything other than pointing out that you misunderstand some things. In fact, I ran into several people tonight at the OSU-UM game who made comments pertaining to what was edited from your comment — long-time readers and fans of both teams — who laughed at the jokes contained in my annual Valentine’s Day column, jokes that are very much of a long-term, running nature and clearly at my own expense.

      I do make mistakes and I hate that I do. I’m grateful when readers point out the typos and I make an effort to come back to the blogs and columns and fix mistakes. I always own my mistakes. I’m not making excuses here, but I will say that I deliver the best writing I can in the time that I have. You are entitled to disagree with me.

      I am grateful that you’ve taken the time to read and share your thoughts.

  2. Pointing out factual errors is not grounds for deletion. Attaching snide derogatory comments or personal attacks to them like you have and then lying about not doing so as you did tonight is grounds for deletion, and if repeated, being banned.

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