Thank goodness there were no tied games this week. Why, you ask? Because I’ve been calculating my win percentage wrong … and I knew that I had to have been doing so all season. I am surprised that no one wrote to correct me until this week.

Frankly, I’m just as surprised that someone claiming to enjoy my weekly column wrote to correct me. I knew there had to be at least one single non-blood relative who enjoyed the column. Well, I’d hoped anyway.

Last week’s picks: 7-3-0
Season: 39-14-7

According to David Chute, a reader who very kindly wrote to me and lied about liking the column, I’ve been calculating the picks all wrong. According to David, the ties bring down my percentage, significantly.

(I am horrible with the maths. I’m not proud of this. I did scour the internet to find what I thought was a correct formula. Now we know how that worked out for me.)

Last week, my picks percentage was .700. Not bad, considering the chaos of last week’s results. My overall picks percentage? Using the formula that David sent, not so good: .582.

Ah, well.

This week, everyone one but Ohio State plays.

LSSU at UM. In net for the Lakers, Kevin Kapalka blanked Ferris State twice last week. The Wolverines, true to form, split the weekend, losing to the Irish Friday and winning Saturday. The last time the Lakers beat the Wolverines was Feb. 10, 2006. UM ended LSSU’s season last year by downing the Lakers in second round of the CCHA playoffs, outscoring the Lakers 11-2. The long-term odds are against this, but I’m not calling the Wolverines to win on Friday night, given what they’ve done this season. LSSU 3-2, UM 4-2.

Miami at BGSU. First-year BG head coach Chris Bergeron faces off against the program he helped build when the RedHawks and Falcons meet this weekend. Each team split a weekend series Nov. 12-13. Miami rides a seven-game win streak over the Falcons into this series. Any bets on how many goals Carter Camper will score? I say three total. Miami 4-2, 3-1.

MSU at ND. Each of these teams split a series last weekend. (Are you detecting a theme?) The Irish are 5-0-3 against the Spartans in their last eight meetings. Saturday’s game is at 5:05 p.m. ND 3-1, 3-2.

NMU at UAF. Each of these teams also split a series last weekend. The points Alaska earned kept the Nanooks where they were the week before, fourth place. The points Northern earned, however, moved the Wildcats into fifth place. NMU is 6-0-4 against UAF in their last 10 meetings. Northern last lost to Alaska Nov. 30, 2007. UAF 3-2, NMU 3-2.

WMU at FSU. Finally, two teams that did not split anything last weekend. The Broncos were idle and the Bulldogs were scoreless twice against Lake Superior. This series pits first-year Western coach Jeff Blashill against Ferris skipper Bob Daniels, the guy who coached Blashill when the new WMU coach was a Bulldog goalie. FSU is 8-2-3 against WMU in the last 13 meetings. FSU 3-2, WMU 2-1.

  • Paula we love you column!

    @SkippyG4 on Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Boom! Here come the Sioux! Ready or not!

    I hope the rest of the country saw the score of this game, because the sleeping giant has awoken and the Sioux are ready to light up the 2nd half of the season once again, only this time with a great 1st half of the season.

    • Olse0170

      Unfortunately I agree. UND does this every year about this time. It’s not out of the question for them to go undefeated the rest of the season. Regardless of what the polls say, this is the best team in the country. I think we’ll see a much better game (Bulldog Win) when these teams meet in the playoffs. Fortunately for me, I think UND just may have awoken the sleeping giant in Duluth as well. Very poor outing by the ‘Dogs last night.

  • siouxfan

    Way to go Sioux!!!!!

  • GoDOGS

    Quite the statement win by North Dakota. They looked the better team in every facet of the game. Dogs looked extremely rusty and had pretty much zero energy. In all fairness, UMD was missing their best two defensemen (Dylan Olsen and Justin Faulk) and had not played in almost a month. Regardless, I still think UND would have won this game even if UMD had Olsen and Faulk. Maybe not 5-0, but they still would have won. Cannot wait for playoff time! I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw both of these teams at the X in April.

    • Arcticrep1

      The Sioux were missing 4 of their top players also.

  • Jdorf40

    Sweet looking facility. The arenas in the WCHA are far superior to those elsewhere around college hockey. I think this will only solidify the recruiting capabilities of Sandelin and the Bulldogs. I am of course still partial to the Ralph though. That place is beautiful. What are they going to do with all of those Sioux logos though? SIOUX YEAH YEAH!

  • Sgman

    Michigan Tech must fire Jamie Russell, we have only won 1 league game this season to date – by far the worst coach I have ever seen, I am a fan and alumni – been watching the Huskies since they played in the Dee Stadium in the 1970’s. Fire the coach, the athletic director and even the President of the University if they do not turn this team around. The other option is to play Division II or III, or maybe just get rid of Division I hockey altogether and be politically correct and give the Scholarships and money to women’s sports!

    • J

      as a sioux fan i was excited when the huskies started out well. i want your program to do well and alot of people here in north dakota do too. ik the huskies are goin to be a problem for the sioux at the end of the season, huskies always play hard at home against the sioux. i hope the huskies can turn it around bring the program back to what it use to be

  • LincolnJim

    absolutely the right weekend for a sweep of UND. barely beat Robert Morris the second game, lost on Friday to the Gophers, and had one strong game finally on Saturday

    • J

      just voicing my opinion, i was at all of the games you mentioned and the sioux completely dominated every game. They did lose one but the sioux made critical mistakes in the games that were close. they wont do it again because thats what hakstol does, he has them more prepared as each week goes by. I consider the sioux unbeatable right now. everyone is finally healthy and eidsness is gointa play again. If there was a week for the sioux to get dumped it was against minnesota and i think minnesota is getting really good. they could deff get high in the pairwise before playoffs. Sioux sweep all the way dont forget the sioux crushed duluth three weeks ago

      • Ssiuocukx

        Good call on the Sue being ‘unbeatable right now’…… UNO 8, Sue 4.

  • Ssiuocukx

    UND has as many players from the city of Edmonton as it does from North Dakota (2). It’s new nickname should definitely reference Canada…the actual team has nothing to do with North Dakota.

  • Shortraker

    I’m still hoping for Pts. tonight. Keep fighting UAA. Nice job last night. We came up a little short. Great game, against a great team. Lets see what happens tonight. :)

  • Sgman

    Mich Tech got blown out by UMD Bulldogs 6-0, gave my seats away for tonights game. Such a sad situation