USCHO’s Jim Connelly joined on TSN 1260’s The Pipeline Show on Saturday to dissect the PairWise Rankings. Listen here:

For more information on the PairWise, check out our explainer and see our FAQ on the NCAA Division I men’s hockey tournament selection process.

  • Typical North Dakota Troll

    But Yale hasn’t played anyone! They play in the EZAC! Have they ever been to the Frozen Four? Do they have SEVEN titles?!?!?

    • UNDalumCHITOWN

      no, but they did lose to st. lawrence tonight to go 2-3 in their last 5 against weak opponents (minus union)

      • Anonymous

        *Waving bye to Yale*

      • Just askin

        What does losing to St. Lawrence have to do with the Hobey Baker Award?

        • UNDalumCHITOWN

          I was just replying to the “Typical North Dakota Troll” comment which also had nothing to do with the article. My apologies for taking the topic off track.

          • Just askin

            You probably should have just kept your mouth shut because by taking the bait you revealed what everyone already knew. Some of you have become highly obsessive about Yale.

          • UNDalumCHITOWN

            Wow. I’m not even going to dignify that with a response. Theres a difference between obsessive and speculative. Get a grip homer.

          • Just askin

            That makes no sense.

          • UNDalumCHITOWN

            Wouldn’t expect you to understand. You said some of us have become obsessive about Yale. I disagreed and said there is a difference between obsessing over Yale and being speculative of their performance this season. I can bring in a 3rd grader and have him explain it to you if need be. Let me know.

          • Just askin

            I knew you’d come back with this sort of bs. What I meant was what is “speculative” about your very first reply on this thread? Here, I’ll quote you so you remember:

            no, but they did lose to st. lawrence tonight to go 2-3 in their last 5 against weak opponents (minus union)

            That’s not speculative. That’s stating facts about what has already happened. In fact, nothing you posted in the past two months has been “speculative”. And yeah, you’re obsessed with Yale. You and UNDNorthStars show up in the comments to every article about Yale and ECAC.

  • Fanforum

    18th in ppg.. not a chance at winning the hobey. how about an article about polachek as the ezac’s only shot at the award.

    • UNDalumCHITOWN

      i agree. polachek should be considered

      • Elliot Olshansky

        I’ll be watching Mr. Polacek this afternoon against Cornell on the NHL Network, and will comment afterwards.

  • Guest

    Yale is first in the Pairwise Rankings. First in RPI. Say what you want about a weak schedule, but those two rankings factor in your opponents and Yale sits at the top.

    • bored to tears

      And they were number one in KRACH for a long time. The UND trolls were asked repeatedly to outline some alternate criteria or Strength of Schedule threshold that must be met for a team to be at or near the top of the polls. None of them answered. It was pointed out that a few weeks ago (when BC took over the top spot in the poll) that Yale’s KRACH SOS was about 27th while BC was about 20. Apparently 20 didn’t bother them as much as 27 did but I can only assume this is true because again, none of them bothered to reply. Now they seem to have moved on to bashing Merrimack and by extension BC be arguing that the bottom five teams in Hockey East are weak. Again, it completely avoids the question of just how good your SOS needs to be to satisfy them. Of course, they never say it outright but it is implied that they think they are the best by virtue of their record and SOS.

  • I was a student at RIT. I am still RIT fan. Congratulation for a new hockey arena. RIT Men’s hockey would go to CCHA in 2013-14 for 18 scholarship players.. RIT has a new best hockey arena. They would be on best league. go to CCHA instead of AHA.
    FOR women’s hockey move up to Division I on CHA with 18 scholarship players. Both of them should be the best teams with their new arena.
    Look forward in the future. Good Luck !

  • BC Jacket 5

    You do realize the CCHA is all but defunct beginning in 2013-14 right? The only 3 teams that haven’t found a new home from the current CCHA are Notre Dame, Bowling Green, and Western Michigan. BGU is almost 100% going to the WCHA, and WMU will either end up there or the ney NCHC. Notre Dame will be going to the NCHC or Hockey East (I really hope not though). No chance RIT leaves the AHA, which is a perfect conference for them and gives them a chance to compete, win, and promote their program.