Well, the NCAA just announced this year’s NCAA Tournament and I hit it on the button.

For an explanation as to how I came about with the bracket please refer to last night’s Final Bracketology.

Just to follow up on a few points that have been floating around in regards to why and some answers to questions.

Five Team Rule?
Some people mentioned that they could enforce the five-team rule, which says that the committee can keep intra-conference matchups in the first round should there be five or more teams from one conference that are selected to play in the tournament.

Because of this, people thought that they could keep the Michigan-Michigan State matchup and just let bracket integrity play out.

The key here is that this rule gives the committee the right to do it. It is not a hard and fast rule.

The way that I have always interpreted this rule is that if you can avoid the intra-conference matchup, you don’t invoke the rule.

This year, you could avoid it, and thus, you didn’t need to invoke it.

How To Break Ties
Once again, we saw a strong indication that ties are broken by the RPI.

How else do you explain Michigan State getting the last at-large spot when it was tied with Northern Michigan and Merrimack in the comparison?

Or how Boston University is the nine seed and Maine is the 10 seed?

I think we now know that ties are broken by the RPI, and not a combination of the comparison itself, or any other factors.

Protecting The Number One Seed
We see that this is the case once again. Or else you could have just switched Michigan State with Air Force. Instead, the committee left the 1-16 matchup and switched Michigan State out.

Thanks again for a great year, I’ve loved making you guys think and I hope that it helps you in your understanding on how the selection process works for the tournament.

Have a great Tournament!

  • Fox5 2

    Paula, Your picks this past weekend were not very good.A little advice,stop picking the ohio buckholes.10 straight games now without a win.WOW!GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wolverines are HOT.

    • Yost is a DUMP

      If you don’t have anything nice to say…  Got any proof how your picks did?
      …screw blue

      • Jmakreta@yahoo.coM

        Thank you, you are so very kind and correct.

      • Fox5 2

        GO BLUE!Yost is a Cathedral among hockey arenas.And packed every weekend.My 1 pick MICHIGAN swept Miami.

      • Geoffrey Chiles

        You only hate Yost because Michigan’s won, like, 80% of our games there the past two decades.  You can only wish your team had a home-ice advantage like that. 

        It’s considered the toughest place to win for visitors in college hockey for a reason.  Meanwhile, O$U has yet to win in 2012, and we all get to travel to Munn Memorial Library on Friday, yay.

        Go Blue!

  • Streaker

    Irony. Michigan plays @BG to conclude the season after grinding through LSSU, OSU, ND, Miami, ND, MSU  and NMU in the second half of the schedule. It may be a good thing they could be playing for the CCHA regular season title just to keep them from overlooking the Falcons.

  • Guy

    Good luck playing the Nanooks in the playoffs as well.  Beat ND last weekend, and beat Western this past weekend.

  • KAW

    Actually, the bulldogs are up by two points on the Broncos right now, so they would have held first place even if they hadn’t tied the game. However, the extra point may prove useful when the two teems meet up again in a few weeks.

    Another note is that during Friday-Saturday series, WMU is 8-3-2 on Fridays, and 5-6-2 On Saturdays, if I counted correctly. Does Western get the tiebreaker because of head-to-head if they split and wind up with the same points total after the series?

    • Broncobri79

      Not a very good effort by the Broncos on Saturday. Alaska just flat out played harder, and WMU was not very smart with the puck. The lack of offense is a concern. WMU out shot Alaska 38-18, but the quality of the shots the Broncos were getting was just not very good. The tie breaker order is 1. conference wins 2. wiining % against team(s) tied with 3. goal differential among games against team(s) tied with 4. winning % of co-champs against the remaining highest ranked CCHA team 5. coin flip

      • Anonymous

        I felt the same way on Saturday. The number of shots by the Broncos are deceiving, it just never seemed like they were close to putting the puck in the net. Paula, I hope you are correct in that the CCHA title will come down to the final weekend against FSU, but I’m definitely not taking these next two weekends for granted with how our offense has looked as of late.  I know OSU is reeling, but they have to break their streak at some point and going up to Taffy Abel for two on the road against LSSU is not going to be an easy task. One bad weekend is all it’ll take for my beloved Broncos to find themselves back in the middle of pack.

  • JJME

    Finally – BG Falcons get some very deserved recognition – Nice to see the team coming together… Congrats boys! and great work coaches!!!! Go Falcons Go