After Friday night we can welcome four more teams into the tournament, and tell you that there are six teams battling for three spots in the NCAA Tournament.

The Locks (13)
13 teams are now in.

Boston College
Boston University
Ferris State
North Dakota
RIT/Air Force

The Bubble (5)
Western Michigan
Northern Michigan
Michigan State

Win And In (1)

Let’s take a look at the simplest scenarios. There are three spots.

If Harvard and Western Michigan win and Cornell wins or ties, those are your three spots.

If Cornell wins or ties and Western Michigan win, they get two of the spots, Michigan State or Northern Michigan gets the other spot if Harvard does not win.

If Cornell loses, Cornell is eliminated.

If Cornell wins, Merrimack is eliminated.

Number One Seeds
Boston College and Michigan have locked up number one seeds. In fact, BC is locked into number one overall and Michigan into number two overall.

As for the remaining two spots, you have six teams that can still be number one seeds.

Union, Denver, Ferris State, Miami, North Dakota and Maine.

Union will gain a number one seed with a win, in fact, a win will lock Union into the number three overall seed in Bridgeport.

North Dakota also will gain a number one seed with a win, most likely in St. Paul.

  • Squarebanks

    Wrong about UAF’s last two wins being against BG. We split Michigan in the last series before the break.

    • Paula Weston

      You’re totally correct, of course.  I should know better than to rely on the CCHA’s weekly release, which is where I found that note.  I should have double-checked the facts myself.  Thank you!

      • Fox5 2

        It’s Now 8 losses in a row for Ohio State Buckholes hockey team.Will they still be ranked in the top 10?Stick a fork in them they are Cooked.