Our field is set. Air Force and Rensselaer get the final two spots.

The teams in the field:


North Dakota

Boston College







Western Michigan

Notre Dame


New Hampshire

Colorado College


Air Force

There you have it.

Bracket prediction to come.

  • Patrick Oneill

    What are the chances ND will come east to Brudgeport?

    • RPIfan4life

      Not likely. Yale is the host team.

      • RPIfan4life

        Unless you mean Notre Dame instead of North Dakota.
        Jist estatic that Rensselaer (aka RPI) is in!!!

        • My prediction for the #1 seeds: Yale is going to Bridgeport, BC to Manchester, North Dakota to St Paul, Michigan to Green Bay.

          I live in NH and I have tickets, so I will only hazard a guess for that one regional: #1 BC vs. #4 Notre Dame; #2 Miami vs. #3 UNH

  • Khryx

    I think either ND going to Bridgeport is low with North Dakota being nil as RPIfan4life mentioned.

  • Und184

    Notre Dame is predicted to either play Union in CT or Merrimack in St. Louis.

  • Falcons Soar

    Where is the big RIT fan who was loving life as a 4 seed playing Yale. Before you get excited you might want to make the tournament. Oh well, congrats to the Air Force Academy…..

  • SpartyOn

    Bridgeport, CT Regional
    1-Yale vs. 16-Air Force
    8-Union vs. 9-Minnesota-Duluth

    Green Bay Regional
    2-North Dakota vs. 15-RPI
    7-Denver vs. 10-Western Michigan

    Manchester, NH Regional
    4-Miami vs. 13-New Hampshire
    6-Merrimack vs. 11-Notre Dame

    St. Louis Regional
    3-Boston College vs. 14-Colorado College
    5-Michigan vs. 12-Nebraska-Omaha

    • Khryx

      Sparty, this assumes that UND wins. The picture is a bit different if Denver pulls out the OT win. Assuming UND wins, I agree except that I wonder if they would swap AF and RPI for attendance/travel reasons.

      • LGR03

        Can’t swap RPI and AFA. You’d have ECAC v. ECAC in Yale v. RPI. You’d also have all three ECAC teams in one regional.

        • Khryx

          Good point, I don’t know what I was thinking…

      • Air Force would probably be a better school to move around for the simple reason that its alumni are everywhere. (Ditto for Notre Dame.)

    • Colgate fan

      If it’s like this, my Frozen Four is: Duluth, North Dakota, Miami and BC.

      • guest

        unh will kill miami take a seat

    • Benty1

      where do you come up with this? is it just a prediction?

    • Jim in Omaha

      I prefer UNO to Green Bay, since I have already rearranged my travel schedule to be in Chicago that weekend en route to Atlanta on Monday. But, I have family in Chicago as well, so the trip won’t be a loss.

      We’ll know tomorrow.

      • Khryx

        No matter who wins UD or UND, I have UNO in St. Louis against UM.

    • DU Fan

      there ain’t no way North Dakota and DU are in the same regional…

      • Timk

        UND fan here…Unbelievable after that game they punish us both…

  • Rensselaer-is-in

    Any chance RPI plays in NH or CT?

    • Khryx

      I think there is a chance if the committee doesn’t protect integrity and places RPI against Yale in Bridgeport (i.e. 1 vs 15). I don’t see RPI going to Manchester…

      • mdumont

        RPI and Yale are both ECAC teams and they will not put two teams from the same conference facing each other in the first round.

    • RPIfan4life

      Probably not. Yale is the host school (and can’t play RPI since the NCAA does not allow league opponents to match up in the first round and UNH will probably be the 4 seed in Manchester. Just one question: If they play in GB like SpartyOn says, what day are those games?

      • Khryx

        Northeast Regional: Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H., March 26–27
        East Regional: Bridgeport Arena at Harbor Yard, Bridgeport, Conn., March 25–26
        West Regional: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, March 25–26
        Midwest Regional: Resch Center, Green Bay, Wis., March 26–27
        Frozen Four: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, Minn., April 7 and 9

        Read more:

      • Khryx

        Green Bay is March 26-27

  • OTF

    Bridgeport – Yale vs Air Force, Denver vs W. Michigan
    Green Bay – North Dakota vs RPI, Union vs UMD
    Manchester – BC vs Colorado College, Michigan vs UNH
    St. Louis – Miami vs UNO, Merrimack vs Notre Dame

    I agree they don’t put Denver with North Dakota and with one swap they move Union away from Yale and Denver away from ND. UNH shouldn’t be a 3 seed, but if they want to keep BC close to home then UNH becomes the 3 seed and UNO drops from the 12 to 13 overall as the 4th seed in St. Louis. This configuration leaves 3 regions with a 1 and 3 seed from the same league. The only way to avoid that would be to move BC to St. Louis and reseed the teams like this:

    Bridgeport – Yale vs Air Force, Denver vs W. Michigan
    Green Bay – North Dakota vs RIP, Union vs NotreDame
    Manchester – Miami vs UNH, Merrimack vs UMD
    St. Louis – BC vs Colorado College, Michigan vs UNO

  • Timk

    Why would the powers that be punish UND and Denver by puting in same bracket and leave one regional devoid of WCHA teams? Are they afraid of an all WCHA Frozen Four? Which would sell out the X

  • Curious

    You say “bracket predictions to come.” Any idea on when?