With Bemidji State losing, that collective sigh of relief you heard came from Nebraska-Omaha, Rensselaer, Boston University and Maine.

One less chance of someone outside the Top 16 getting an autobid.

Perhaps a few more sighs coming in the next hour or two after Colgate and Northeastern results.

  • JG

    How about some inter-conference play. How would Yale’s record be if they had to play some games against Hockey East opponents?

    • Bob Loblaw

      Indeed. And when I suggested the WCHA spread out their non-conference slate (e.g. North Dakota played two non-conference games against WCHA teams) I got the typical “Why should we play anyone else? Were the best league in the history of time!!!”

      • Hey, why bother playing Eastern teams?

        Look how they did against mighty Robert Morris this year?

        (Of course, let’s not mention getting swept by MAINE this year…Or the loss to Yale in the NCAA’s last year…Or the fact that the only ranked Eastern team they beat in the tourney since 2006 is Princeton – you know, the goalie dominated Zane Kalemba Tigers…shhhhhhh.)

        Think they just got the internet out in tumbleweed land…Of course, those of us in the East who WATCH games on satellite or other such modern technology were aware of this shift & the fact that schools such as UND, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. have been giant FLOPS against East schools – esp. when they have to travel.

        Mention last year’s NCAA’s to any UND troll and you get , “We had to play a lot of games…” “We had to travel…” etc.

        Of course, Yale losing a 3 goal lead to AF at the end of a 5 game trip, in the last 5 min’s of a game, is evidence of it’s “weakness”…

        I’ll take Yale over UND any time, any place, any where, for any amount of $.

        Because they’re better…

  • Guest

    Agreed. Yale is a very, very solid team

  • CC fan

    what about cc? any news if we loose in semi’s vs Nothing Dakota?

    • Bryanhollon

      lost 6-1

      • CC fan

        lol shows your intelligence

    • DU_Fan

      Lost 4-3 but solid for bid.

      • CC fan

        good luck agaisnt UND take home the broadmoor trophy

  • CollegeHockeyRules

    In a best of 3 I would pick ND since that have produced a similar record while playing a significantly tougher schedule. That said in a 1 game series anything can happen. Yale is a good team. They played a very tired ND team last year and snuck by, but they proved that they can play.

    • Ummmm…no.

      For those of us AT THE GAME, they DOMINATED a very CHIPPY UND team.

      They kept their poise and the ONLY reason UND even SCORED was because they lost their poise in the 3rd period.

      The only thing they lack is experience…which clearly showed against BC – a team that can actually SKATE.

  • Sioux is a girls name


  • BSU Beavers

    Saint Cloud and Minnesota suck. Nothing at all to do with this story…just for the record.