Let’s get on to the nitty gritty shall we?

Here is what I believe:

Yale, North Dakota, Boston College, Miami, Denver, Merrimack, Michigan, Union, Minnesota-Duluth, Notre Dame, Western Michigan, New Hampshire and either RIT or Air Force  are all in.

That’s 13 teams.

There are three spots left out there, and those three spots will go to three of Nebraska-Omaha, Colorado College, Rensselaer or Cornell.

If Cornell wins the ECAC, one of these three teams will be out, and it all depends on other results.

The key games to look out for to see who gets in:

Cornell-Yale.  Obviously a Cornell win puts one of those three teams out.  Which one?  It all depends. Assuming a Cornell win, then we have…

Colgate-Dartmouth.  A Dartmouth win here seems to put CC into the tournament.  A Colgate win here almost puts Rensselaer into the tournament.

Notre Dame-Michigan.  A Notre Dame win here seems to hurt UNO.  It hurts UNO even more should WMU win.

  • Toothpaste guy

    I’d rather have us lose to Dartmouth than RPI in the NCAAs. They don’t deserve it.

  • Guest

    Jayson Moy, you are such a homer that your blogs become more painful to read with each passing day. Have you ever been to a college hockey game more than 100 miles from your comfy little world?

    • After Further Review

      You could put the same things into the Pairwise Predictor and get the same results… why does it matter where Jason watches his games? It’s all in the numbers. Why is that so hard to comprehend? Wait, comprehend means understand… just trying to help! If it’s too painful, DON’T READ!

      • Bill

        AFR, there’s a lot more hockey than the ECAC and HE, which is basically all he writes about. That would be fine if it were a blog devoted to just those conferences, but its a Bracketology blog that implies that he has some insight into the national college hockey scene, which he obviously does not. Your all caps comment was nice. Are you 12?

        • But it wasn’t obvious until just yesterday that any of the WCHA teams would be on the bubble, other than CC. Why should a bracketology column focus very much on the teams that are already in?

          • GeauxSioux

            Well said.

          • Rob

            The comment made were not a reaction to this specific blog but his blogs over the last several weeks

          • Matt

            Who cares about some column written weeks ago? Anyone who checked in to *this* column was here to see what the bracketology looks like, now. That’s really not such a hard concept to grasp, is it?

  • After Further Review

    This blog simply states who is in and who is out and why. It mentions ECAC because it has the implications on who makes it much more than any of the other conferences. It has how the CCHA games may affect UNO too. Basically, the WCHA game means pretty much nothing as to who makes the tourney, just possibly seeds.
    I don’t always agree with what is written on here or CHN, but this one is easy, plug in who wins and loses.
    Yup, 12, times 3 or 4.

    • After Further Review

      By the way, it wouldn’t let me hit reply to you, “Guest.”

    • Guest

      The comments made were not a reaction to this specific blog but his blogs over the last several weeks. Why do I have a funny feeling that AFR and Moy are the same person?

      • After Further Review

        Nope… I do agree with you about some of the other posts and I did make some comments too, especially when Moy decided to re-do his bracket because everybody was upset. I do agree, he writes more about the east than the west, but I usually decide not to bother to read them.
        We are not the same, I am just a college hockey fan that attends a regional and the Frozen Four every year.

  • Matt

    why the silly attacks on Jason? He’s just stating what the scenarios are. It is useful. Until his post, I thought it was just RPI on the bubble depending on the Cornell-Yale result, hadn’t thought that the ECAC consolation game in tandem with the CCHA game effectively put UNO and CC on the bubble as well. The attacks by “Guest” are incoherent, and should stop.

  • DU_Fan

    The WCHA game means nothing, will not effect the seeds. ND will remain a #1 seed and DU will remain a #2 seed. Sort of like this blog, irrelevant. Let’s get real and have some hard and fast rules on how teams are sent to Regionals. Put them strictly by PWR rankings. Eliminate the Selection Committee and put 1/8/9/16, 2/7/10/15, 3/6/11/14, and 4/5/12/13 in each bracket. Only exceptions would be designated host teams or those within a certain mile radius of a regional. I know this would never happen as it would be too UNBIASED and would remove the current, sometimes valid, arguements.

    • Simon

      Point is ..UND wins it all!

      • DU_Fan

        You really are an idiot. All you are doing is proving the point why people hate the Sioux and their fans. As a true hockey and WCHA fan, you are just wrong and cause more anymosity to those who support western hockey. Whether you want to admit it or not all leagues have good and bad teams; including the ECAC, HE, and the CCHA.Just shut up and write on blogs reserved for 12 year olds. Next time you have a coherent thought will be the first time.

        • SIOUX

          WCHA top conference top to bottom by far.

          • booooring

            And the WCHA will get the most teams into the tournament. What’s your point?

  • Jimdahl

    I ran simulations of all the remaining possibilities last night and compiled the following notes on how Colgate-Dartmouth, Notre Dame-Michigan, and Western Michigan-Miami affect which teams gets left home if Cornell wins. Warning, the possibility of ties in the two consolation games makes it ugly…

  • Dave Hendrickson

    I’d like to counter some of the venom in these comments and thank Jayson for his hard work and insights. This column might be termed irrelevant for fans of those teams that are already locked in, but it sure isn’t for those on the bubble. And to call him a homer because he began this edition with the ECAC is absurd. The bubble discussion HAS to begin with Cornell winning the ECAC because without that the bubble teams are all in.

    • bracketology

      You’re making sense. You have no business here!

  • Guest

    I am with the Toothpaste guy, if RPI makes this thing after their epic collapse, the pairwise system needs to go. No way they deserve it. And ff they get in, I hope they draw North Dakota and get blown out. And I am an ECAC guy. It pains me to say this, but go Cornell and go Dartmouth.

    • Matt

      The pairwise system is based on the full season, so really RPI’s collapse matters only to the extent that it impacts their W-L record.

      And, not to overstate the obvious, but the same thing happened to Yale last year — epic collapse against Brown… And then they went out and beat North Dakota in the tournament.

      RPI doesn’t need to make any apologies if they end up in the field, no more than UNO, certainly.