I think it will be difficult, if not impossible to get Maine into the tournament.

After the afternoon games, Maine sits at number 18 in the PairWise.

It means that Maine has to pass at least three teams to get to 15.

Let’s take a look at who Maine might be able to pass.

Teams that can still lose twice, Maine can pass those teams.  That would be Dartmouth and Western Michigan.

But Maine still needs to pass one more team.  All the other teams that it can pass have at least a four comparison lead on Maine, except for BU.

So can Maine find that last team to pass?

  • Snoopycol

    Doesn’t Maine have a 2-1 PWR advantage over RPI?

    • Twirl

      Won’t matter, because they can’t pass RPI in the PWR.

      • dual.RPI.&

        RPI fan here, but my nephew is a Maine grad and we both are Black Bear fans. Glad RPI backdoored into the NCAAs, they had a good season until a big fold at the end. Still, it doesn’t look right to me for RPI as the #25 team in KRACH to make the NCAA while Maine and 8 other arguably (I know many would say no agument) “better” teams sit and watch. The big thing to me is the strength of schedule column in KRACH. The ECAC teams have weak SOS ratings.

        RPI had a good year, but was overrated in polls and PWR all season. Yale is very good, but not #1 in country. Union is good and deserves their rating in PWR and polls. Colgate was easily the best last place team ever and messed up RPI and Union big-time. But Maine and UNH have legitimate gripes about the PWR system. Maybe some adjustment will be made next year or soon after. How would a Big 10 conference impact this whole selection process?

        • Robfoote4

          my mistake, UNH is in, I meant BU being left out

  • Northeastern was the key. Their loss means Maine is out.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think there was much hope of them getting in anyway. They didn’t get it done when they needed to. If they had beaten Merrimack in their playoff Round, their chances would have been alot better. But they didn’t so they are done.

  • Sioux is a girls name

    Michigan choked

  • Jepiii44

    Maine has a zero chance

  • JG

    How could we have gone so wrong with such a great coach?