After two WCHA games on Thursday night, here is basically what happened.  Colorado College bolstered its chances of getting into the tournament, in turn dampening the spirits of Maine, Boston University, Rensselaer and Nebraska-Omaha (in that order).  Bemidji State winning makes everyone’s hearts jumps because Bemidji can take away on of those Top 15 spots.

The results of Thursday have an impact on those bubble teams which are idle this weekend.  CC’s win basically means that this is one more team for teams like Rensselaer, BU and Maine to jump in order to get an at-large berth.

A CC loss on Friday night will bring CC to the same place that it was before the weekend started, which was ahead of Rensselaer, BU and Maine.

So, a tough mountain for those teams to climb.

What should those three teams look for?  Who can these three teams pass?  Two easy choices are Western Michigan and Dartmouth.  Two losses by those teams will benefit these teams.

So simply put, Rensselaer, Boston University and Maine fans, root against WMU and Dartmouth.

Oh yes, and Maine would like a UNH Hockey East Championship too.

Here’s how I see it after Thursday night:

East Regional (Bridgeport)

16 RIT vs. 1 Yale

9 Notre Dame vs. 6 Merrimack

West Regional (St. Louis)

13 Nebraska-Omaha vs. 4 Michigan

12 Western Michigan vs. 7 Denver

Midwest Regional (Green Bay)

15 Dartmouth vs. 2 North Dakota

10 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 5 Miami

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

14 Colorado College vs. 3 Boston College

11 New Hampshire vs. 8 Union

  • Ridingtimes

    Being a CC fan i am so shocked how well this team has done this year. I had hopes but you never know with as many Freshman this team has…I never imagine a NCAA berth. Damn and this team only loses 4 players and one is the the 3rd string Goaltender. Mostly Fresh and Sophs.

    • Dubbie31

      I think CC gets in the tourney. They have done remarkably well for how young they are. I make fun of Scott Owens a lot…because he’s a goofy lookin guy….but he is a hell of a head coach.

  • Jdorf40

    I like it.

  • Racketology

    It will change.

  • Poker Face

    As an easterner, it really pains me to see these repeatedly poor brackets every bracketology out in Bridgeport. Some jagoff is going to get a trip to the Frozen Four unless a good team gets placed there. I mean, ok, you have Yale and the 16th seed, so automatically half of the bracket blows chunks. Yale’s stinkability is well-documented. Then you pop in Merrimack and it’s a disaster at that point. Good team but certainly not great. The 3 seeds right now are average, and one is UNH which is guaranteed to be in Manchester. Notre Dame being there doesn’t bother me… they’re my pick to come out of that bracket right now. Put Yale on upset alert even against #16. Nevermind they might forfeit the game if they play that Cahill kid that should be ineligible.

    Hopefully there is some moving around in the PWR after these next two nights and someone like Denver can head out to Bridgeport so they can get a nice easy trip to the Frozen Four. At least they’d deserve it after playing all year in the WCHA.

    • B.D.

      It is obvously the weakest bracket, but I am not sure what can be done to improve other than send Minnesota Duluth there and broaden the scope.

    • nejc

      I doubt you are from the east. No person from the east would ever refer to Bridgeport as “out in Bridgeport”.

    • Bob Loblaw

      So if Denver wins a weak bracket they “deserve” a trip to the Frozen Four? But if Yale or Merrimack won the bracket they don’t deserve it? Got it.

    • Typical hater…some tired drunken UND alum leaks to a bubble head former beauty queen about Cahill…WHO WAS CLEARED BY YALE AND THE NCAA MONTHS AGO!

      UND guys should be in JAIL…there have been so many arrests!

  • Nm156dsf

    If attendance rules, which it does, Jayson’s would be the bracket. Sad. Two “eastern teams” brackets, and two “western teams” brackets. The issue is the 2-3 seeds. I’d like to see DU v. Notre Dame in Bridgeport, Union v. UMD in Green Bay, Miami v. UNH in Manchester, Merrimack v. WMU in St. Louis. That would be better bracket integrity, but I acknowledge it would be weaker on attendance.

  • JW

    How can Yale continually keep the #1 ranking over UND? I’ve watched Yale get beat twice this year by a sub .500 team and stay on top both weeks….not to mention UND’s strength of schedule? Granted, both teams will more than likely receive a #1 seed, however it continually goes to show how hockey east gets the advantage over the WCHA year after year.

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      Yale keeps the ranking because of the winning percentage over TUC’s, and the fact that they beat CC and we went 1-1 (possibly 2-1 after tonight). UND has played vastly more TUC’s and has a great record against them, but Yale played less of them, went 12-3 and therefore the percentage is better. Also, Yale plays in the ECAC, not Hockey East. Whether UND is the 1-2- or 3 seed won’t matter. Yale will play in Bridgeport no matter what, and UND will be in STL or Green Bay. Yale will be exposed once the NCAA’s start, so don’t worry about it.

      • Bill Mooney

        will yale be exposed like last year when they beat the unbeatebale Sioux? amazing you guys cannot give credit where its due, they are an excellent club……and I am a BC alum not a Yale grad

        • sorry sioux

          Didn’t you get the memo? It wasn’t fair. ND had to travel. They had just played six games in 10 days. Their schedule was longer and more difficult. The sun was in their eyes. And they outplayed Yale for 40 minutes. So technically they won.

          • Bos67worth1

            They didnt “technically” win anything, they LOST! Scoreboard sorry sioux Scoreboard!!!!!

          • sorry sioux

            Are you drunk or is your sarcasm detector broken?

          • And those of us AT the game saw UND DOMINATED for the 1st 40 & then Yale’s lack of tourney experience resulted in 2 softies…and UND STILL lost.

            Again, for UND folks, 2 questions:

            – Name the last ranked Eastern opponent you’ve beaten in the tourney in the last 4 (soon to be 5) years?

            – What day is summer this year?

            Have a nice day…:-)

      • last minute

        so don’t worry about it.

        Hilarious. You and your pals have been on Yale since December. If only you had taken your own advice. And the advice of countless others.

    • Lennyak1

      How does HE enter your comment?

    • Yeah…it’s because Eastern schools keep whacking West clubs since 2006. And if you paid attention to schedules, you’d see that ECAC is going to get 4 in the tourney.

      BTW – Yale whacked UND last year & lost to BC b/c they hadn’t settled on a goaltender. This year, Rondeau posted 5 shutouts.

      More like UND & the rest of the West teams will get exposed again…you know, the team that got SWEPT by Maine, who won’t even MAKE the tourney…:-)

  • Brian the Brain

    Agree with the Union-Merrimack switch, disagree with Denver-Miami. Assuming no upsets, switching UMD-WMU leads to better bracket integrity (2 vs. 7, 4 vs. 5).

    • DU_Fan

      “Bracket Intergrity” is a joke the way it is currently. Until they set some hard and fast rules on which teams go to which regionals, it will remain a joke. Let’s take this method out of the hands of the Selection Committee and place teams strictly by PWR. Put #1, #8, #9, #16 in one regional: #2, #7, #10, #15 in another; etc. Make the ONLY exception is a qualified team is designated a Regional Host. This would make it totally unbiased and get rid of all this complaining. Damn this attendance BS arguement!!!!

  • BTW – some of us think YALE got screwed in the brackets last year. 1st UND, then BC (which is the ONLY team that can skate with them BTW).

    As I said to Badger fans last year (& my neighbor UND alum) before Yale-UND & Wisconsin-BC games, I’ll take Yale, BC vs. ANY other opponent (except each other) for $100 / game.

    I came out $200 richer last year & guarantee I will this year too…I actually WATCH the teams from out West & it’s like they’re skating in cement.

    The name of the game is speed…and that game came East about 5 years ago.

  • Sigg

    The darkhorse may well be Union. The only reason they lost to Colgate was an obvious missed interference call. They are resting this week and are madder than hell.